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Oct. 22, 2011

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Head coach Mike Eaves:

On Joel Rumpel’s performance:
“Well it started with Rumpel. He gets the game puck. Without his effort in the net we don’t have a chance. I thought that he competed really hard for loose pucks, he fought the puck. He fought to see the puck through lots of screens. His rebound control was pretty good, and when he had a chance to handle the puck he did a nice job as well, so it was a pretty complete game for a young freshman.”

On having different players step up and score:
Well, it speaks to the formula that we’re going to need to have this year. We’ve said that since day one it was going to have to be by committee that we get some goal scoring with the loss of the people that we did lose. This is going to be our formula for winning—spread out kind of production by both forwards and defensive. If we’re going to be successful this is going to be the formula.”

On explanation of tonight’s success:
“We were opportunistic in the offensive zone. In our own zone, we have the saying, ‘bend but don’t break.’ We were like a big weeping willow tree being blown by a mighty wind. We didn’t break, we actually spent too much time in our zone but the time we did spend we did a decent job doing our tasks-blocking shots. We hampered ourselves by once we got the puck not making the right plays to come out with the puck, which was why we spent too much time in our zone.”

On learning lessons from the ups and downs of last weekend:
“No question. Well, when you win, you find a way to win like we did tonight. The atmosphere of what we learned was a lot lighter. I think that they are ready for feedback.  Even if it’s in a negative situation, they know that they’ve won, and I think that they can take that feedback even better.”

On John Ramage:
“Well, John’s had no luck. It’s just one of those times where he’s swimming upstream right now. He’s doing a lot of good things. He just needs to continue working, he’ll get through this and he’ll be alright.”

On what the win means for the team:
“I think that the win gives us a nice positive boost in terms of our and willingness to come back and win. In the same breath, I’d tell you that we’ve got a lot of work to do. “

On the North Dakota series:
“That’s the seed that’s been planted, and we just have to work toward that. Yeah both teams want to[continue the series.]”

John Ramage
On the formula for tonight’s win”
“We talked about it a little after the game. We didn’t play the best game, but we bent quite a bit and we didn’t break. We gave up some stuff, but we had guys like Joel making big saves, guys clearing pucks out, so when push came to shove we figured out a way to get the puck out and get it done.”

On what series meant for the team, in terms of confidence:
“I think there are some weekends it’s been frustrating when it’s been so close and we’ve lost those games. Coming into this weekend sweeping it kind of just wipes that frustration away. The team battled through and we got the win.”

On what the win means for the team:
“I think it just proves that our team can play with the best. I know North Dakota’s No. 5 coming in and we just had a big weekend, and we swept them, so I think that it proves that our young team can play with anyone.”

Mark Zengerle
On shot on goal in the third period:
“It’s frustrating. I mean I know it was the line. We weren’t really generating very much offense. We just tried to get back to the basics.”

Ryan Little
On the team’s confidence in their goalkeepers:

“You know as well as I do— I don’t think so. They have both given us a chance to win every single game, so no I have confidence in both of them. “

Joseph LaBate
On moving forward after last weekend:
“I think it started with practice. On Monday, coach really emphasized just forgetting about the weekend and we’ve got to focus on North Dakota. I think we just went in with clear minds, and we just focused on North Dakota. We just kept fighting back today and we got the W.”

On going up against such a powerful defense:
“You just got to keep your head up and keep moving your feet. We just tried to chip on some and get the puck in deep. We work on getting it down low and just trying to generate some offense from there.”

On how the game stacked up to team’s preparation:
“I think our coaches did a good job telling us what their systems would be like. Obviously they’re a pretty tough team with big bodies and older guys. We all went in there with just a lot of intensity and tried to jump up our game.”


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