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Oct. 21, 2011

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Head coach Mike Eaves
On how big tonight’s win was and what he learns about the team from it:
“First of all, the first lead of the season lasted about 12 seconds. It was short lived. In terms of the third period, I think we only allowed five shots, and I think we might have blocked 10 shots. We seemed to play with some nice poise and confidence. I think the play that optimizes what we did in the third period was the face off where (Mark) Zengerle won it, rimmed it around, (Tyler) Barnes was there, and he took the check and got the puck out. That’s the kind of sacrifice that we had in the third period that limited them to five shots.”

On how much this game was a measuring stick:
“This early in the season, with this young of a team, I don’t think it’s a huge measuring stick. I think it’s a nice step, and there are a lot of good things I hope people are proud of, but to say it’s a measuring stick, we’re still too young of a team to say we measure up to that team and what they’ve done. I think it’s a nice step and we’ll try to build off it.”

On (Landon) Peterson’s save as a turning point in the game:
“All I know is it was as good a save as we’ve seen in this building in a while. The thing is that Landon has been around hockey long enough to know that guy was there and his leg was already loaded to push off and get there. He actually got one of the game pucks tonight. His performance allowed us to do what we did.”

On Brendan Woods’ goal:
“He’s such a big body and there’s been little glimpses. There was a play up in Tech where he protected the puck and made a nice little pass out to the slot, and that was nice to see, and then tonight to make a move like that, the boys were saying they’d have to get up early to see that play on ESPN the way the coaches were yelling, ‘Good play, good play.’ But it was a heck of a move. I’m very excited for him.”

On how Jake McCabe is doing:
“It’s an upper body injury, as you can imagine, but I haven’t talked to the doctors yet. The fact that he didn’t come out, there’s a slim chance he’ll play tomorrow.”

On how it didn’t seem like the typical atmosphere for a North Dakota-Wisconsin game:
“A little bit. I don’t know if it’s because of the youth on both sides or what, but at the end of the game, in the third period, it started to heat up. I think we’ll see a more typical game tomorrow night. They sent a little message at the end, when they tried to get the puck in the zone and there were penalties at the end. They sent a message that they’re coming back tomorrow and they’re going to be ready to play.”

On the crowd atmosphere lacking tonight:
“I thought about it when the game first started because it was more empty than usual. The thought ran through my mind, ‘Is it because it’s early in the season and hockey really hasn’t started,’ which could be a factor. I know for a fact tomorrow night will be better, because, typically, Saturday night is better. So, I’m not quite sure. The thought that it’s early in the year might be a bigger contributor than you might think.”

On the difference during power plays shown tonight
“It’s just time. I think we get into a season like this with a young team and we really don’t know what the chemistry is. You look at the stats and you think, ‘Oh, they’re really struggling on the power play.’ That’ll change. Tonight was having another week of practice and executing and doing some good things. It’s going to get better because we’ll be together as a group and get more repetitions.”

Eric Springer
On whether Brendan Woods’ goal or Landon Peterson’s save deserves to be on Sports Center tonight:
“We had a lot of good plays tonight. Woodys’ goal was really key for us there, but I think the team effort in general is what we want to focus on today.”

On how much they talked to the young guys about the rivalry with North Dakota:
“The coaches talk about it especially going into play (at North Dakota), I know, because it’s a hostile environment and we really need to rise to occasion there. It’s the same at the Kohl Center when a really good team comes in, you need to really elevate your own game. It’s not so much about them. As long as guys keep it simple and we play the way we want to play, we’ll be good no matter who we play.”

On how big of a measuring stick this was for the team:
“It was a big win for us. You know they’re going to have a good team, and coming out and doing what we want to do is really key for us. It’s a whole weekend and we need to take care of business tomorrow. That’s what’s most important right now, and then we’ll look at the weekend.”

Landon Peterson
On his save:
“I saw the puck hit on my left and then I saw their guy go backdoor. I just anticipated the pass, just knowing he was probably going to pass because it was a bad angle, so I was expecting it. I had it covered and it all came natural.
“I didn’t get a chance to look at it. I tried to keep my focus on the game and just try not to worry about it. It gave a pretty huge confidence, so it was pretty good.”

On how pleased he was with the team’s defense and the lower amount of shots he faced as the game went on:
“It was huge. Right off the get-go guys were blocking shots. That’s crucial, especially against a good team like North Dakota. Overall, our team played really good. Very good systematically. Overall, our defensive zone coverage was pretty good. I was really happy with them.”

Brendan Woods
On what his expectations were coming into the game and how they played out:
“Me, being on the fourth line, I wanted to keep it simple. Coach at practice was always making sure we were keeping the details, playing smart, and getting the puck deep and not making any blue line turnovers, because those have been the main keep points that have led to our loses. That’s what we were looking at.”

On his goal:
“It all started with Ryan Little’s amazing blocked shot and it bounced to me. I saw we had two-on-two, and usually I would probably dump it in but I kind of lost the puck a little bit, and tried something a little fancy and got lucky and tried making something happen.”

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