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Postgame Quotes: No. 3 Wisconsin vs. Northern Michigan



Oct. 12, 2013

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Head Coach Mike Eaves

On Grant Besse’s poise in the third period and getting the goal:
“Well, his confidence just got greater because of the result of the play. But if you’re looking and it’s 1-1, you need to get a goal and he has that innate ability. Not only did he make the shot, but he followed the shot to net and got his rebound [with] his shin pads and [got it to] his blade, and he knows what to do with it. Good offensive players, it’s interesting, if you watch enough hockey, they make bad passes, bad decisions, but somehow, someway the puck goes back to them. How do you explain that? It’s the thing they have and you can’t explain it. So Grant has that and it was a goal-scorers goal.”

On what happened leading up to Grant Besse’s goal:
“They had the momentum. That goal gave them jump and it was tough for us in our own defensive coverage to get the puck back from them because of the size of the sheet of our ice. We talk about bending but not breaking, but sometimes it’s hard to get the puck back on the big ice because there is so much space. They had jump. They had momentum and it was good talk on the bench and the guys stayed with it. As we say Andy, this great game is a riddle with a non-text book answer and we found that answer tonight with a young Grant finding the back of the net.”

On if Nic Kerdiles is playing where he left off a year ago”
“He is skating well. Yes. Now he is doing a lot of good things and he is doing a nice job in faceoffs. He had that great back check in the third period where he deflected away that pass. He is playing well for us.”

On how Joel Rumpel played:
“Average. I thought he struggled later in the game. I thought earlier in the game, he made some big saves with his size and position. But it seemed many times during the night when he went to put his glove on the puck it squirted away. He had to make three or four more saves because of that … It’s a good thing for him to win. Now he goes back to work this week and get some good repetition and becomes even more solid in the way he plays.”

On what opening the season with a sweep does for the team moving forward:
“There is the psyche of winning that allows you to press forward with your coaching and your teaching to be more demanding because the kids feel good about the fact that they won and get back to work and focus on the things that we can improve on. But they do it with a full heart so to speak and they are ready to get back because of the win. So from that stand point it’s very vital. I think you can get a lot more done when you’re uplifted.”

On if compared to last year, it feels different in what the team is able to do:
“It might be a little too early to say that to the respect that we had last year. I really like from the system standpoint, early in the game we did some really good things. In the second period, we didn’t get rewarded for what we were doing. The game gets tight and now we have to solve the riddle. In the third period, it was our will versus there’s and we found the answer to the riddle.”

On his analysis of the official’s calls and the penalties from Friday’s game and how that translated into tonight’s game:
“Well part of our video session today was looking at all the calls from last night and what we could have done different. Then we went on the ice and [Gary Shuchuk] talked to the boys about technique that we had talked about earlier. Dabbled a little bit on the ice and tonight we were a lot more confident of it as a result. Both teams, the penalties were down tonight significantly.”

Wisconsin Players Quotes

Grant Besse

On scoring his goal and how the play unfolded:
“Michael (Mersch) took that hit, took the defenseman out of the play and kind of left the puck there. That’s what created the two-on-one and ultimately created the goal.”

On taking the shot:
“I just took the shot, tried to shoot for  a rebound because I saw the middle drive going to the net. It kind of popped right out to me, hit off my shin pad, came right back down to my stick, goalie was out of the net and I was able to slide it home.”

On if adjusting to the college level is everything he thought it would be:
“Yeah, I think so. The seven games I played in the USHL really helped make the adjustment from high school to the collegiate level. I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable every shift I have out there.”

On if college hockey has surprised him at all:
“I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise, but definitely just the speed of the game from what I was playing against last year and in the spring in USHL. It’s definitely faster.”

Joel Rumpel

On his play tonight:
“I fought the puck a little bit early… I guess to be expected in the first game of the year, but I ended up making the saves after I was fighting it. It could be better, but I’m happy about the win.”

On if he was screened on the goal Northern Michigan scored:
“Honestly, it just felt like his whole body was going blocker and then all of a sudden… I don’t know (Mark Zengerle) said he might have touched his stick and it just looked like it changed direction and kind of handcuffed me a little bit as I was sliding blocker.”

On if the puck changed direction:
“I’ll have to watch the video, but from my point of view, it looked like it.”

On if he thinks the team got out of this series and opening weekend what they needed to:
“Yeah, it was the first game that we had a lot of scoring offense and it was good to see that our team can put the puck in the net. We were tested a little bit today and it showed us as a team we can battle. A 1-0 game and then 1-1 and we still battled back in the dying minutes in the game to pull out a tight victory which shows our character as a team.”

On the tribute on helmet for his uncle Roy Schultz, a 1980 All-American goaltender for the Badgers, and what it meant to have him present at the game:
“I went to breakfast with him this morning and I definitely wanted to get a win while he was in the building. It’s the first time he’s watched me play in a couple years now in person. It was nice to get a win and have him be here to experience that.”

Nic Kerdiles

On if he feels like he started off the new season at the level of play that he had last year:
“I feel pretty comfortable right now. Obviously last year, me, (Mark Zengerle) and (Tyler Barnes) finished off pretty well and the whole team did well, so I think we have a lot of confidence as a group. That’s translated to my game a little bit right now. Confidence is important to feel comfortable on the ice and I’m playing with two great linemen, two great wingers that make it easy for me, so I think things are falling into place for me right now.”

On if he saw vulnerability in Northern Michigan’s goalie Michael Doan:
“With a new goalie, he didn’t play yesterday, it’s always good to test them early. That’s what I did. I was getting tired to be honest, I was getting ready to make a change. I cut to the middle, cut back. I didn’t have a lot of speed but I knew there was a guy right in front of me, the defenseman, so you can use those guys as a screen and that’s what I did. It might have nicked off his blade a little bit, and changed direction so it was a tough one for him, but it found its way to the net. That’s all that matters.”


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