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Postgame Quotes: No. 3 Wisconsin vs. Northern Michigan



Oct. 11, 2013

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UW Head Coach Mike Eaves

On if there is such a thing as a typical first game of the season:
“Well, I think a lot of that has to do with whether you win or lose. You go into the locker room after tonight’s game and we drew a ledger on the board. You are going to have pluses and minuses, but we had more pluses than minuses tonight, starting with goals for, and the message was to the boys that we haven’t played in five months. So, there were some things that we know we can do better, but we did more good things than poor things tonight. We will come back, look at video, and will try to be a lot more solid in what we did with and without the puck as opposed to tonight.”

On how key goalie Landon Peterson was in stopping Northern Michigan’s power plays:
“Peterson got the game puck. If you take a look at it, there were only 20 shots, but he had to be good. Of those 20 shots, there will be a lot of scoring chances for them. So he was given the game puck by the staff and the team because of that performance. He was key.”

On how he thought his freshman performed tonight:
“From the bench I noticed them in good ways. Jed (Soleway) had a real presence in front of the net; you can tell he is a big strong lad. You were able to see a little bit of the gifted hands that young (Grant) Besse has. So I thought for their first college game, it was very positive.”

On the importance he places on the first game of the season:
“Again, it is an odd game to coach, just because it reminds me of craps, you roll the dice and see what happens. We have had four practices and then we go right into games. You really don’t know what you are going to get. You hope because you are an older team and you’ve had more repetitions over the course of a couple years that that pays dividends for you but you really don’t know what you are going to get.”

On the importance of getting off to a fast start tonight:
“We have said it since day one here that we always want a great start. The statistics say that 68 percent of all teams that score first win games, so you want to put those percentages in your favor. So having a great start, getting that start tonight, was a good thing.”

Wisconsin Players

Mark Zengerle

On how junior goalie Landon Peterson played in goal tonight:
“Good. It is kind of tough for him to be in that situation, not get tested that much and you are just sitting in there, getting cold. You have to stay on your feet and be ready at all times because he didn’t get too many shots at a lot of times. But to be in that position is kind of tough, so he did well in that spot.”

On if winning the opener is a big deal:
“I think so. Just my previous years, freshman, sophomore, and junior year, you start off 0-1 and you start in the gutter a little bit mentally as far as your record goes. All the seniors were talking about that previously, that we were 0-3 in our first games, so it is nice to get that start. Our goal for the weekend is to go 2-0, so we have one more to close it out.”

Nic Kerdiles

On the importance of the team getting off to a quick start:
“I think coach (Mike Eaves) said it best, we need to establish the fastball, and that’s what we did. We went out there and got the puck deep and went after the defenders, just pounded the puck. Being aggressive like that scared them a little bit I think and put them on their heels and it turned out a lot of chances for us.”

Jake McCabe

On the importance of killing their penalties against Northern Michigan:
“To start, we had way too many penalties, that is for sure. We have to tighten up there. That is our best penalty kill, to not get penalties, first of all. But we adapted throughout the game, throughout our rotation there and that was good to see.”

On if there is a typical first game of the season:
“I’m not really sure. The first game of the season definitely takes a few shifts to get into. That is what we were talking about in the locker room before (the game). You either got to get hit or make a hit. I think that is a lot of our philosophy, to really get in that game mindset. We did have a great start, we put the puck behind the defenseman, we were winning races and battles. It was good to see, that is the start we needed. The first game is always a little surreal, but the first shift couldn’t have gone any better and we got the first-game jitters out and we are ready to go for tomorrow.”

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