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Postgame Quotes: No. 14 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Duluth



March 15, 2013

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UW Head Coach Mike Eaves

On how Jefferson Dahl’s line (Jefferson Dahl, Ryan Little and Sean Little) set the tone of the game tonight:
“Jefferson Dahl had five shots himself, Sean Little had two and Ryan didn’t have any, but he was working hard in the corner, so I truly hope they get rewarded at some point for their efforts. When the other team has to play in their own zone like that, it’s not fun. It wears you out.”

On if he thinks that Dahl’s line stepped up their play tonight:
“Nope, I think that’s them. They have been doing that for us, and they did it to another fine degree tonight.”

On what concerned him most about University of Minnesota-Duluth’s power play tonight and how Wisconsin handled it:
“It was key that, in our own minds, that we make sure we did a good job of lining up in the shooting lanes and take away that [shot]. We did it pretty proficient job there.”

On Nic Kerdiles and how he seems to play at a higher level during big games:
“He’s been skating and really pretty well. One of the things he does is he gets from A to B quickly, and when he gets there, he has an idea of what to do. Just the fact that its playoff games, I think he goes to a little bit of a higher level and tonight he did that again for us.

“That whole line was pretty good for us. I thought that they did better as the game went on in terms of making sure that they took care of play when they did have the puck. They settled in to that a little bit. They were so fired up about going on offense that they lost some of their balance that they needed, but they got better as the game went on.”

On Mark Zengerle’s play tonight:
“We needed his offense. One of the responsibilities he has, or the expectations that we have for him, is to help produce offense for us and he was in on every goal tonight. The empty-netter was a goal scorer’s goal, an offensive player’s goal. He kind of knew in his mind they were tired. He was either going to get it in the net or be an icing, which would have been okay, but he found the net. This time of year, to have an offensive guy feeling it from the inside out is a good thing for us. ”

On what the Badgers have to do to win the series, after having been up 1-0 during the WCHA playoffs in past seasons:
“Well, every year is different. I don’t think we can look back at the last two years and see what happened. I don’t think that would help us at all. We need to do certain things tomorrow that we did tonight, even to a higher level and that’s all the task will be.”

Wisconsin Players

Nic Kerdiles

On how the line of Jefferson Dahl, Ryan Little and Sean Little helped the team:
“That line, Jefferson’s line, they are really good at protecting the puck down low, working off the cycle and getting the puck to the net. We definitely feed off those guys like that, who do that so we did that, and we brought it to the net and we got some tips in front. We got some goals, so we definitely fed off of Jefferson’s line tonight.”

John Ramage

On if the game felt like a playoff game or if it didn’t because they have been in must situations throughout the season:
“Not really. We’ve been playing playoff hockey since November, when we started off the season 1-7-2. So it’s just another game. That’s the mentality we have. We know exactly what we need to do to win and we got the job done tonight.”

On if he thinks Wisconsin wore UMD down with their play:
“The way we played tonight, I do, but I don’t think that’s going to affect anything tomorrow. They’re going to be rejuvenated and get back to work. They are going to give us their best game. This is do or die for them and we know exactly what they are going to give us and we’re going to have to fight and keep doing what we did tonight and get the win.”

On what impressed him most about the line of Jefferson Dahl’s line:
“They wore them down and all game. They had a couple shifts that were a minute, a minute-thirty, just grinding them down. That wears on defensemen. Being a defenseman, it sucks playing at your own end for a minute-twenty and not getting any offensive chances, and mentally it really wears you down too.”

Jefferson Dahl

On if he felt like the team played at a higher level tonight:
“Yeah, definitely all around. This time of year, you can’t lose. We want to bring our best each and every night. An emphasis all week was to move our feet and get the puck behind the D and I thought every line did a good job with that and just outworking them down low and creating the scoring chances. It seemed like we were getting pucks more to the net tonight.”

On Wisconsin’s penalty kill and what they tried to take away from UMD’s power play:
“Basically, the lanes. They’re a skilled power play and they want to move it side-to-side and cross ice. Just taking away those lanes and a big thing was getting in front of the pucks because those top two D-men want to shoot it. They are a shooting power play and we just wanted to block shots and try to help (Joel) Rumpel out as much as possible.”

Mini Pack
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