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Postgame Quotes: No. 14 Wisconsin vs. No. 8 St. Cloud State



March 8, 2013

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UW Head Coach Mike Eaves

On if the Badgers' loss was because of bad luck or if there was more to it:
"It's part of it, I don't think it's all of it. Part of it was the third goal was our fault. Part of it was the second goal was hitting a stick, kind of floating up in the air and can't see it, and it floats in the net."

On what effect Ryan Little's penalty and playing without him had on the game:
"It's hard to quantify. We shortened the bench. We seemed to handle penalty killing pretty well without him. I thought Mark Zengerle and Nic Kerdiles did a good job. (No.) 14, 18 and 12 jumped in there and did their part too so we sucked it up and got it done."

On having to win Saturday's game:
"That was the talk in the locker room. Before I walked in there, (John Ramage) had already taken that lead. Nothing changes for us. We have to win."

On how well Tyler Barnes has been playing during the past few games and what he liked out of his play tonight:
"Good energy. Good energy and he contributed offensively. You knew when he was on the ice and he worked hard and contributed offensively. He had good energy and those are things we notice from the bench at least."

On what he thought of the atmosphere of the Coliseum:
"It's tough for me to sit back because I'm thinking about the game so much. I did notice that they were playing Varsity when we came out for the third. I thought the crowed kind of filled in as the game went on. That was a good thing. I think once the game starts you're so involved that you don't really pick up on the atmosphere."

On what impressed him most about the St. Cloud team during the game:
"They just stayed with it. They were dogged. They stayed with the plan that they wanted to do and eventually got it to work for them."

Wisconsin Players

Joel Rumpel
On how he responds to the loss:

"Reflect for a little bit. Learn from it and just short memory. Comeback tomorrow and go back to work."

On what happened during St. Cloud's two goals in the third period:
"The second one, I don't know if it went off our D-men. It kind of went far side on me. I'm not sure, I'll have to watch it."

On if he lost sight of the puck during St. Cloud's third goal:
"No, just slid on my blocker side. I think it hit our D-men, changed direction and went in a wide open net."

On the third goal:
"My foot wasn't on the post as much as I thought and it just squeaked in on me. Definitely my fault. I would like that one back."

Tyler Barnes
On if the Badgers lost any confidence tonight:

"We've been do-or-die for two or three months. We've had a late push this whole season so no, nothing is lost at all. It was a tough one tonight. We got a couple bad bounces and we just have to come back tomorrow and refocus. I thought we played fairly well today. We had a little more turnovers than we would have liked, but on a small sheet that's going to happen. I thought we played pretty well tonight and we just have to come back tomorrow and do the same thing."

On how the Badgers have been improving on their power plays and if that affects the team:
"You can take it however you want. We`re just sticking to what we've been taught all year. We're getting pucks and the net and now we're getting some good bounces. That's what we are going to stick with."

On if the Badgers have gained confidence in their power play opportunities because of playing well during the past several games:
"Yeah, definitely. It's always good to be rewarded for your hard work and getting a few goals. Both units are playing well."

On the atmosphere of the Coliseum and how the ice effects the play:
"You can look at the ice however you want. We had some bad bounces. The glass is a little bit jumpy, but that's something we knew coming in. The ice is the same for both teams and it is definitely a great atmosphere. With the way the roof is it really gets loud."

On how the Badgers have not lost back-to-back since November and if that helps them feel good about their chances for Saturday's game:
"A statistic like that is nice to look back on, but we just have to go back to the drawing board. Fix what we did tonight and just come out and work hard. It's something that we're not too worried about right now, we just have to get back to work."

Nic Kerdiles
On St. Cloud's comeback:

"They worked hard all night. Their second goal was a little bit fluky with a couple bounces. Other than that they worked hard. They made the most out of their chances on the rush and that's where they got most of their goals. They worked hard, I can't take anything away from that, but I thought we had a good game too. Maybe it was one that the hockey gods didn't want us to have, but we're ready to go back tomorrow and try to win the home ice, so we'll go for that."

On if he likes where the Badgers are at:
"Yeah, I think so. We've been rolling through the second half of the season here. We've been playing good hockey. We're just trying to carry that to the playoffs. This one game is not going to change anything. We are going to go over the tape and change what we need to, but overall, we are really excited going into the playoffs. Tomorrow is a big game for us and we have to try and get that home ice."

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