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Wisconsin-Michigan post-game quotes



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Wisconsin vs. Michigan
Culver's Camp Randall Hockey Classic
Feb. 6, 2010
Post-Game Quotes

Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves
On temperatures:
"My toes are good, we had a little heat down around our bench."

On power play and involving Brendan Smith
"It had more to do with what Michigan was doing, and trying to take advantage of it. We watched their first power play after the first period and thought there was something we could do to make an adjustment. We executed at a critical time, which says a lot about the guys on the team because Michigan played a tremendous game. We did not get as many pucks at the goaltender, which is partly us shooting ourselves in the foot and not getting in the zone behind the defensemen. It was about staying mentally tough and persistent. We took a couple penalties from Michigan and executed the power play at a critical time."

On ice conditions:
"I thought the rest of the ice was fine but the crease was an issue. It caused a few delays. That’s something that talking to the people who made the ice, they know how they could alleviate that, but we had to deal with it tonight."

On meaning of win:
"We had said at the beginning of the week that this was an important game, and to win it the way we did, I think our guys will be really excited about coming to the rink next week and getting back to the WCHA race."

Comparing to 2006 game at Lambeau Field:
"Similar but different. As we watched the kids leave the ice, at Lambeau we had the Lambeau Leap and here it was running up the tunnel and giving all the students high-fives. We were able to experience both traditions."

On "Jump Around:"
"I felt my knees start to buckle a bit, it was great. I looked around at one point, I don’t think people sat down at all until the third period. The biggest outdoor celebration in Wisconsin history probably took place today at Camp Randall watching a hockey game and that’s pretty cool."

On resolve of being down 2-1 and then reversing things:
"You got to find the answer to the riddle and we stayed with it. On the bench guys were saying the right things, it wasn’t like they got quiet or down, they stayed with it. We had good leadership on the bench. Getting that second goal really elevated the energy because we were rewarded for our hard work. We got the next power play and basically ran the same play and executed."

On the atmosphere:
"It was so different from being inside, it was an awesome atmosphere."

On playing an outdoor game again:
"I was talking to Scooter, the gentleman that helped create the rink after the game and he said that outdoor games make more sense at the college level than the pro level because if you do it every four years, you get a new crop of students experiencing it. After what happened tonight, I think that the administration will look into it."

Scott Gudmandson
On the win
Words can’t describe how it was. To be out on that ice, it was amazing.

On playing at night
I think I got a jump on it. We had a few practices here this week, and practiced at 4:30 to adjust to the light and lighting here at Camp Randall.

Expectations coming into this game
I knew it was going to be an unbelievable experience, but mostly we just wanted a win. When you get a win, it makes it that much better.

On how worried he was giving up the goal (made score 2-1)
Whenever I get scored on, I say in my head that they got lucky and I just have to keep going with it. It wasn’t a goal I wanted to give up, but we responded well with two goals there and it was a great win for us.

On how much he was able to enjoy the atmosphere since the game was so tense
Just being on the ice is exciting. It’s an unbelievable experience and I just want to thank all the fans here for coming out in the cold; they made the experience worthwhile.

On importance of win
I think we really wanted to win for the fans, they came out here in the cold, it’s pretty chilly. We plowed through for them and got the win. We looked forward to our next game, coming off our last loss, Michigan is a good hockey team and anytime you beat them it’s good for you.”

Brendan Smith
On two power play goals:
"It’s so exciting. I have to give credit to the power play. Michael Davies penetrated the lane so well, he’s so talented. Really, it was the backdoor to Blake, they took that away, so I was lucky enough to get open."

On getting the win:
"All we were thinking of was redemption for last time. When that ‘Jump Around’ came on, we all got so excited. Just to see 55,000 fans do it, I have no words to describe it."

On importance of the win:
"We’re trying to get No. 1, it’s going to take a hike because Miami and Denver are great clubs. I think this is going to help us out."

On playing in an outdoor game
"It brings you back to your childhood memories and the sound of your skates on the ice, when the puck hits the boards, it’s an unbelievable feeling. When a young player is on the ice, all they think about is winning the Stanley Cup on a backdoor rink, and this is pretty close."

On having to dig down deep at the end:
"A few of the bounces weren’t going our way, but our leaders throughout the year, McDonagh and Geoffrion, made plays and kept us in it. They kept us rallying and we’re all in it together."

On working on the power play:
"We’ve been working on it a lot in practice. We didn’t do very well against Minnesota-Duluth and somehow we got lucky with some great passes and it worked out."

In-game adjustment on the power play:
"They were kind of pushing us up and Mike said to go down to Davies so you either had him or me going backdoor. It was actually up to the weak side forward to choose who was going to go on me or Blake. He chose Blake twice so I was lucky enough to have that time to shoot."

Ben Street
Comparing this game to the game at Lambeau Field:
"I think this one is more special, it was on campus and the ‘Jump Around’ with the student section, and the way that we won it—to come back late. The crowd just kept getting fired up and we had goose bumps from how loud it was.

Redemption and the way the Badgers got the win:
"It’s a little of both. No matter who it was, we wanted to win this game. It just worked out that it was Michigan and it was a retribution game."

Jordy Murray
On walking out of the tunnel for the first time
"I figured it would be crazy, but I just had a chill standing in the tunnel. That first step out of here, seeing the crowd, students hanging over the side, words can’t describe the feeling."

On his goal:
"On that ice, you take it however it comes, and it popped right to me, it was a bit of a fluke. I had a wide open net and I was ecstatic at that point, it was a great feeling."

Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
Opening Statement:
I thought it was a great event that Wisconsin put on. These outdoor games are always classics and a great experience for all the players, coaches and fans.

As far as the game, the weather was perfect, I liked our team, we came back from a 1-0 deficit on Scooter’s goal and moved ahead on the third period on Lynch’s goal. If it weren’t for the penalties in the last five minutes, we’d be sitting here talking about a victory. But that didn’t happen; we couldn’t kill their power play.

On his team's late penalties:
"That’s a bad question to ask a coach after he loses the game on penalties in the last five minutes."

On the how secure he felt with his team's 2-1 lead:
"I thought we played well in the second period and well in the third period as well. It was an intense game. Both teams were playing hard, it was a battle. The ice wasn’t great, as the game wore on it deteriorated but the players fought through. It was a battle to score goals. Both teams had chances, both teams played well but I thought we had the momentum."

On UW’s power play:
"Wisconsin is good on the power play, so we knew we needed to do a good job to kill their power play, but we didn’t. They executed as good as it gets on the power play. We were prepared, but just couldn’t do it."

Michigan Junior Scooter Vaughn
On the atmosphere:
"When we play at Yost Arena (home arena), we have a great atmosphere, so coming into here, it was nice to play outside. It was a great atmosphere by the fans and we practiced here yesterday so we were ready for the game."

On his goal:
"It was a goal, I had a good pass and I saw the net was open so it was a good goal by our line."

Michigan Freshman Kevin Lynch
On the atmosphere:
"When we were walking onto the ice, I looked up and see how many people were here, and said “wow.” After a while, you forget about the large crowd and it just becomes a hockey game."

On his goal:
"The ice wasn’t too good, so our focus was just to get shots on net."

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