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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota State



Jan. 22, 2011

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Wisconsin Post Game Head Coach and Player Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Minnesota State

Head Coach Mike Eaves

On Scott Gudmandson’s play:

“Goodie (Scott Gudmandson) has been playing well for quite a period of time. If you want to talk about the things he’s doing well, he’s stopping the puck well, controlling most of his rebounds, his puck handling has been the best it’s ever been in terms of the actual passing and actual reading of the ice and taking what’s given. He’s been like a defenseman in that sense, a third defenseman at times. When you put all those things together, you are getting a pretty complete package. The bonus that he has going right now is his confidence level. For a goaltender, that is as important as the glove hand. If that’s working for you, it gives you a good chance of being a good goaltender. “

On communication during the power play:

“Last night we were scrambling and we weren’t as concise as we wanted to be. Coach Butters did a good job, as well as the penalty killers. It was a great meeting, and the players were talking and asking questions, they got up at the board and were apart of the process. Going through that helped us to be more concise and detailed tonight. We score one goal and they don’t get any in the specialty teams, and that’s the difference in the game perhaps.”

On the team’s recent success:

“In this stretch, it’s been a combination of things. Always when you talk about the game of hockey to start at the goal line and in the nets, and he (Scott Gudmandson) has been one of our best players. Defensively, if we take a look at the scoring chances we’ve given up, we’ve done a pretty good job. Tonight the defensemen in our lower four should be complimented, because when Goodie (Scott Gudmandson) gave up any rebounds, they were there in clearing the puck so the opponent didn’t have a lot of clear shots. So it’s a combination of things, and even though tonight and last night we were in one-goal situations, we know that this is playoff hockey, this is tournament hockey, and we are getting experiences that we are being successful at. It’s always good to watch video when you win because you take it with a lighter step and there’s things we could do better and we will go back and look at those things but it’s been a combination of things that have allowed us to have this success.”

On the second goal:

“It was interesting, most times when we get scored against, it’s the coaches that are saying “let’s respond, let’s respond.’ But in this case, it was the players. That is a sign of growth. It was a matter of let’s respond and we spent a lot of time this morning working on the neutral zone and that kind of play. It’s still about what taking what’s given and Jake Gardiner saw what was there and made a pinpoint pass and one of our game breakers makes a great play on the goal tender.”

Craig Smith

On his goal:

“That shows how we work in units here, we get a goal scored on us and we use it to respond pretty well. You can go back and look at the camera in the Canisius game and we got down on them and came back and scored a goal right away too. Our team responds very well in those situations.”

On Scott Gudmandson’s play:

“He made some huge saves tonight. Late in the game they were making some pretty good rushes on him. He stood his ground and made some huge saves for us and we’re happy about that.”

On the penalty kill:

“Compared to last night, there was a lot more communication. Last night we had a couple guys running around, including myself, and we really didn’t feel out as well as we thought we had. We came back, and with the help of video and we made sure we had communication on the ice.”

Scott Gudmandson

On growth of the team:

“The best word to describe our performance is growth or maturity. I think a lot of guys have matured and a lot of the freshmen are coming into their own and a lot of guys are finding their roles on this team.”

On winning one-goal games:

“When we lose one-goal games, we try to learn as much as possible from our loss. Every one of those games we use as a learning experience. We felt how bitter we were after every one-goal loss we had and now we feel how happy and excited we can be when we win.”

Jake Gardiner

On the second goal:

“We worked on that play all week in practice. Obviously Smitty (Craig Smith) has the ability to get open which is good. He is a very skilled player and it shows how we completed a simple D-to-D pass and found Smitty down the middle. It was a good goal.”



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