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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Alaska Anchorage, Jan. 21



Jan. 21, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves

On the what the play was during the timeout:
"The play was to get the right line out there that wasn't tired to win the faceoff and then it was in their hands. We made a play. Justin (Schultz) still had some juice in his legs as you saw he went down the wing, took what was given, dropped the pass and Joseph (LaBate) was able to bang home. The play was to get the right lineup out there to get the faceoff because we had a tired line out there."

On what sweeping a conference opponent does for the team:
"Our hope as a coaching staff is the fact that we hope it helps us mature as a team. One of the things that we felt was frustrating after the first period tonight we didn't come out and play nearly as hard or as effective as we need to, which was disappointing. We played well last night-- we had 63 hits by our count which is one of our season highs. We're winning races and we come out tonight and we are flat. To me that was a sign that we still haven't matured to the point where we can come back to back and do the things necessary to be the type of team that is going to get ourselves to where we want to be. To play championship caliber hockey you got to play consistent. It was disappointing and we talked about that. They went out and they took the reigns a little bit more, but forging the win the way we did tonight we were hoping that leads us to some maturity and understanding of what we need to do before we get into this type of fix." 

On Justin Schultz's fitness level:
"I think one of the things Justin has going for him because he is such an effective skater he doesn't work as hard as some people do when they skate. His mechanics are so good that he is able to get a short rest and then go back out there and perform again. On top of that he is in good shape anaerobically and aerobically. It reminds me a little bit of (Chris) Chelios. We use to talk about Chelios that at the end of the game he hardly had a sweat going because his mechanics of how he played the game and his natural make up physically was so efficient he didn't exert that much energy and he could play all day it seemed."

On the series being about big players making big plays:
"No question. It's interesting I know we played against them before and the Mankatos. They play every bit as hard as we do, they have the systems in place that we do and a lot of times it comes down to your play makers making plays and finding a way to get it done. Tonight and this weekend was an example of 9 (Mark Zengerle) and 6 (Justin Schultz) doing that for us." 

Wisconsin Players

Freshman Forward Joseph LaBate

On what was said during the timeout and what led to the winning goal:
"Coach just told us to get pucks in the net and get pucks in deep and go from there. I got the puck in the center from [Mark] Zengerle, a great pass from him, and I gave it to [Justin] Schultz who was streaking down the wing and I just went to the net, he put it on my stick and I put it in. It was a great play by both of those players."

On playing with Justin Schultz:
"I learn stuff from him everyday. He's a great role model in the locker room. On the ice he does stuff that I only imagine doing. He's a great player and he's playing at a NHL level right now. I'm really happy for him. He's doing great."

Sophomore Forward Tyler Barnes

On the second period:
"The first period I think we came out a little flat and coach got on us. In the second period once they got that goal on that power play I think it sparked us. We were just focused on working hard, getting pucks in, going to the net, and we got a couple fortunate bounces with my goal and [Derek] Lee's goal. Sometimes that's what it takes to win games, just hard-nose hockey. That's what we were focusing on and it paid off."

On the first two periods were more a heavy weight punch or sloppy points:
"I think it was a little of both. We're both very good system teams. We're both trying to play defense so there was a lot of chipping it in and going to get it and trying to roll the corners for both teams. Sometimes that's how you have to play. The game doesn't seem as flashy as it could be, but that's how this game went. We're happy to get out of there with a win."

Junior Forward Derek Lee

On getting first WCHA sweep since October:
"That's huge for us, this sweep. That's the one thing about the WCHA, you're playing the same opponent on back-to-back nights. After you win on Friday night they go back to the drawing board and they come after your strengths and they want a little revenge. Sweeping in the WCHA is huge for us, and especially this time of year. In the new year we want to get to the top six and get home ice for the playoffs. It's huge for us right now."

On what it takes to fight through a tie and find a way to win:
"It's a good learning experience for our team in that we showed that we're able to win in tight situations like that. We had a faceoff in the D zone with 12 seconds left and it's a big faceoff win there. It's the little things we did this weekend and a lot of guys stepped up for us."

On if he can tell when Justin Schultz is tired:
"I don't think he gets tired, to be honest with you. It's just so effortless when he skates, and the biggest thing is he's so competitive that he wants to be out there. It showed tonight. It shows every night. He's a game-changer. It was a real nice pass over to [Joseph] LaBate and it was a good finish for us. I don't think the guy gets tired."

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