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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Alaska Anchorage, Jan. 20



Jan. 20, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves
On Mark Zengerle's play:
"Well I think with the puck he is playing to his strengths and his strengths are his ability to see the ice, and he really has the innate ability to know what he is going to do before he gets the puck on his stick. That's what good offensive players do because they know that people are going to be coming to them taking time and space away so by knowing that he is able to bounce the puck to a space or an area before he gets pressure. Once again, last Saturday night he gets shutout in Mankato, but he had as many chances as he did tonight, but tonight the puck found the back of the net. The other side of the coin with Mark that a couple people commented on is the fact that he did some really good things without the puck, back checked, helped us in some situations so he is playing very well with and without the puck and that's a great thing for our team."

On what has changed in Joel Rumpel's game this year:
"Well in talking to Coach (Jeff) Sanger, who works with the goalies, he says the one thing that has raised its level in Joel's game is his compete. I think that when guys come to the next level the definition of hard changes, the definition of compete. In his own mind when he was training off ice he was training what he thought was hard until he came here, now Coach (Jim) Snider has changed that. The compete level on the ice on the college level is another level for Joel and he has adjusted to that so I think that is the first thing, and his attention to detail in his rebound control and his puck handling. Those are areas that have improved for him."

On tonight's effort appearing methodical:
"You know the first period seemed that, very methodical, but that's not the level of energy we need to play with. We said to the boys, `you know fellas you battle so much harder against each other all week' and then you come out in the game and they want to do things right, but there has got to be that level of compete and energy. It started to raise itself in the second period, but that first period was okay and methodical is a good word to describe it."

On what raised the level in the second period:
"Well we raised our level. I don't know what the word would be that we raised our level of energy. The scoring chances that they got the thing that was disappointing in the second period was because we made bad decisions or we executed poorly with the puck in the neutral zone and they were down on our net getting some scoring chances and that's where Joel raised and met their challenge."

On how important it was for Justin Schultz to get back on the score sheet:
"You know what, I don't think he was worried about it at all. I think those guys like Mark (Zengerle) and Justin they know they are going to be back on the score sheet. It is part of who they are, the fact that they weren't is a rare thing. They know that they are going to get back on the score sheet one way or another because that is who they are and that is them playing to their strengths." 

Wisconsin Players 

Sophomore Defender Mark Zengerle
On what part of his game is leading to his success right now:
"I think it starts by winning the puck battles. It's something our team really stresses, win races and win battles and when you do that you create offensive opportunities for not only your line mates, but for the defense too. That's how most of the goals I was in on started, and most of the goals the whole year. We just try to win battles and get it out to the open guy, and my teammates have been doing a great job when they've gotten the opportunity."

On how Joel Rumpel's game has changed so far this season:
"He looks a lot more confident, for sure. He looks patient in there and his rebound control has been really good. There were some shots today that were tough shots and a lot of deflections that he moved and got the save on. He was doing great before break for us, and ever since break he's been locking the door for us."

On how important is to get the win tomorrow and be two games over .500 for the first time this season:
"It's huge. After we beat Mankato in Mankato last Friday we were talking about how we really need the win Saturday, and we didn't do it. I think now we kind of know how to do and what to do right. We've kind of had this 1-0 mentality that the football team has had, and just worrying about it day-by-day and not going into a weekend saying we have to win both. We're just thinking about one game at a time. Friday night's game is over, so we have to have that 1-0 mentality and get ready for tomorrow."

Freshman Goaltender Joel Rumpel
How do you prepare for tomorrow's game after a shutout:
"You have to just stay prepared and have the same focus you had for tonight's game. You don't have to do too much differently, just try not to think about it and go out there and play your game."

Freshman Defender Jake McCabe
On he knew there was a large amount of NHL scouts in the building tonight and if it affects his play:
"No, not at all. You don't really think about that when you go and prepare for a game. You can't think about it. Obviously, it's in the back of my mind being my draft year and all, but when it comes down to it we're focusing on home ice. We look at the board in our room trying to climb up those standings and get every point we can. These first two points [this weekend] were really huge for us. We talked about before the game that as of today, this game was our most important game of the season. We're going to stay in the present. Tomorrow, that's going to be our most important game of the season. We're just taking it step-by-step, game-by-game."

On if he feels he's completely back:
"100 percent. My hand is completely fine. It was just frustrating at first. I was just trying to get into the college game five games in, and that freak accident happened against North Dakota. Game-by-game my confidence is growing and I'm 100 percent back now. I feel like I'm starting to figure out the college game finally, like I wish I would have if I wouldn't have gotten hurt."

On how Joel Rumpel has evolved this season:
"Joel's my roommate and I feel like I know him pretty well. He's one of the most laidback goaltenders I've ever played with, and I think all the guys would agree with that. It was kind of scaring us at first. Usually your goalie is all nervous before games, but he's all nice and relaxed and I think it has started getting us relaxed. We see him in the net nice and confident. Even in practice you'll go down and he'll stop you and he'll chirp you and then you'll score on him and chirp him, and you battle back and forth. It's fun. You can see his confidence has really grown throughout this year, and it's fun to see."

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