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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. RIT, Jan. 6



Jan. 6, 2012

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Head Coach Mike Eaves

On his 200 career wins:
"A really interesting thing happened. The game is over and the players come over and shake my hand and congratulate me. I completely forgot about it. Honestly, Its one of those things. When we played before in Duluth, Minn., I knew it was hanging there but it's been such a long time. The kids did a really classy thing when we handed out the game puck and it happened to go to Mr. (Justin) Schultz, he scored two goals and two assists. He said `we'd also like to recognize you coach' and he threw me a puck with the 200th win on it and my name. That's pretty cool. The one thing about recognizing something like that is it's a chance to thank a lot of people, the coaches that have been here in the past, the past players, current players. I'm very blessed to be around those kinds of people that help you get to something like this. Now it's done. We move forward."

On Justin Schultz:
"He has an innate ability to skate. He has specialness with his ability to see the ice and his shot. It's something you don't see a lot from defensemen, being able to snap it from the point like he can and get it into areas where it can get tipped and pure score. He's really special, the fact that he's gotten over 100 points speaks to that. I think the guys were talking about how he's only around seven goals behind Craig Norwich, the all-time goal getter for a defenseman. Craig was a heck of a hockey player, having played him.
    "He's one of these young guys that are wired in such a way that every day he comes to practice and pushes himself. He could go 80 percent and still be one of the fastest guys in practice, but he's not wired that way. Every day he wants to come to the rink and get better, every drill is at top tempo. Everything he does he's trying to get better at, that's a credit to him. It's a great thing for our guys to have [him] on our team because even though he might be quiet if you watch him you're not going to be outdone by him. He leads in a quiet way but a very definitive way."

On how Landon Peterson was chosen to start:
"Paper, rock, scissors. No. That's an off the cuff comment. Really it was in an individual meeting. We were like `we have these two games. It's a dress rehearsal, who is going to step up here, one more chance.' In the beginning of the year we had started Landon on a Friday night. So we did that. I can tell you right now, which is not usually the case; Mr. (Joel) Rumpel is going to be in tomorrow night as we get ready to play Saturday. We will see how he does."

On Derek Lee being back:
"When you take a look at your line-up goaltending is the first thing you look at. You want to be solid defensively. As far as forwards, you want to be strong down the middle and Derek gives us experience and repetitions. He's an offensive guy down the middle, he made a great pass on Schultz's second goal on the power play."

Junior Justin Schultz

On what it means to hit 100 points tonight:
"Obviously, it's pretty cool. Not many people do it, especially as a defenseman. It's quite an honor, but more importantly we got the win."

On if he knew [Michael] Mersch touched the puck on the second goal:
"I knew right after the huddle. He told me he tipped it. But no, I didn't know right away."

On if he has hard feelings about losing the hat trick:
"No, I couldn't care less."

Sophomore Keegan Meuer

On how the team feeds off Justin [Schultz]:
"I don't know what else to say, the kid's just clutch. When we need a goal, when we need momentum our way, he's always making big plays, whether he's coming up the weak side on a breakout, or leading the rush being the fourth guy in our zone, or if it's on a power play and he's picking corners out there, he just seems to find the net. He's got a release like I've never seen before."

Sophomore Mark Zengerle

On if the win in the exhibition game carried over in tonight's game:
"I think it was more important to shake off the rust after break. Obviously, to get a `W' against them is a good thing. It does carry over, but one of our goals was to get home ice and get some wins in 2012 and that's the most important part."

On his point streak:
"It wasn't the prettiest of points. I just passed it to over him [Justin Schultz] that one time and he shot it in and the other was another shot from the blue line on a power play. That's how it works sometimes with points. Obviously, it's nice to keep it going, but if I'm not on the board I'm not doing my job."

On how it feels to pass Mark Johnson:
"That's definitely pretty cool. I think it will sink in more probably years down the road when I look back at what I've done, but he's the best or the second best in Badger history so it's pretty cool."

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