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Postgame Quotes: No. 13/15 Wisconsin vs. Alaska Anchorage

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Postgame Quotes
No. 13/15 Wisconsin vs. Alaska Anchorage
Jan. 3, 2014
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.
Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Mike Eaves

On taking Alaska Anchorage lightly:
“It certainly looked like the players did (take them lightly), but the coaching staff didn’t. They deserved that game. They were better than us in so many areas it was kind of a joke. The coaching staff was scratching its heads, wondering where our players were tonight. (Alaska Anchorage) won races. They were stronger than we were on their sticks. Kept pucks, made good plays. They deserved that game.”

On Alaska Anchorage not playing in a while:
“It didn’t look like they hadn’t played in a while. I don’t know what their practice schedule was, but they were fresh, they were flying around and they were strong. They made plays and their goalie was good when he needed to be.”

On tonight being a strange game:
“Very weird, very weird. We had some guys tonight that absolutely did not show up in the form that we are used to them showing up and I scratch my head as to why. Sometimes that happens in athletics—at all levels: pro, here. We said to the kids tonight, ‘We need to take an honest look at ourselves in the mirror and thank goodness we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves tomorrow night.’”

On goalie change between 2nd and 3rd periods:
“It was a wakeup call to the team more than anything else. I went in there and said, ‘Petey (Landon Peterson), this is not your fault. Mr. (Joel) Rumpel is going in. Let’s do something about this. We had 20 minutes. We had a chance to go out and either make a great story of this or be very disappointed and we fell a little short. Sometimes it’s just one of those nights for a goaltender. I felt that Petey didn’t deserve that, but it was a wakeup call to the team that we need to be better in front of our goaltender, no matter who it is.”

On Alaska Anchorage being all over the Badgers:
“They were better than us the whole game—in terms of winning races, being strong on their stick, puck battles. They just dominated us. I guess if you were going to make an analogy to basketball, they were really good on the offensive boards.”

On Jake McCabe’s penalty:
“In our opinion, as a coaching staff, I think that was Jake trying to get his team going and going over the line and trying to do too much. Jake lunges when he hits sometimes. He’s also done it the proper way, but we showed him the right away. I think he was trying to do too much to get his teammates going.”

On team trying to do too much:
“For Jake, yes. For other guys, they were just bad. For other guys, they never got anything going. It was a funky night for us, for sure.”

Wisconsin Players

Forward Mark Zengerle

On not showing up tonight:
“Just got the same question actually on the radio, but my answer is that we got outworked tonight. And it's not really part of our culture here at Wisconsin and we pride ourselves on hard work and they outworked us tonight.”

On momentum after killing 5-on-3:
“It's always an uplift when you kill off something like a 5-on-3. I honestly don't even remember what happened after that. We were sitting in a spot, down 3-1 going into the third. We've been there before with Lake (Superior) State and we've all been there in different times in our career here and in our hockey time, so we still believed going into the third period there. We didn't play our best hockey going up to that point, but we still believed and that's one plus out of this. But we still had a chance and just came up short.”

Forward Tyler Barnes

On feeling like they had an opportunity to come back:
“There's ebbs and flows to every game. There were times when we had opportunities and unfortunately there were more times where they were getting the opportunities. They were outworking us. That's going to have to change. Like Mark said, that's not our culture here and you know we are going to have to come back and get back to our roots.”

On players taking Alaska Anchorage lightly:
"No (we didn’t take them lightly). We knew they were going to come. We knew they have a good team this year. They've got a veteran team and with their new coach we knew they were going to come out hard. We just didn't have it tonight.”

On goals against tonight:
“What it came down to on a bunch of those were just defensive breakdowns. The first one they had a blocked shot and I didn't backcheck all the way and my guy was the guy that ended up putting it in the empty net. (Chase) Drake was talking to me before this and saying we're the ones taking that rush and he started cheating to the outside and it got off that guys foot.It's a lucky bounce, but at the same time when we play our game and we bring our all, that doesn't happen.”

Goaltender Landon Peterson

On recognizing why goalie change was made:
“(I) Definitely (understood). I think Coach just tried to give our team a spark into tomorrow, for sure. We didn't have our best game tonight and just maybe changing goalies would help the team get some energy going.”

On how he thought he played tonight:
“I thought I played alright tonight. Battled on the 5-on-3 that they had. They had some fortunate bounces go their way, but sometimes that's the way things go.”

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