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Dec. 27 post-practice quotes

<b>RB Montee Ball (28) speaks with a reporter following the Badgers' practice at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., Dec. 27, 2010 (Brian Mason photo).</b>

RB Montee Ball (28) speaks with a reporter following the Badgers' practice at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., Dec. 27, 2010 (Brian Mason photo).

Dec. 28, 2010

CARSON CITY, Calif. -- The Wisconsin offense met with the media following the Badgers' practice at the Home Depot Center on Monday. Below are quotes from some selected players.

Running Back James White
On his stellar play this year: I just went into the season with a full head of steam and whatever happened, happened. And I have been blessed and have had a lot of success this year.

On the role the offensive line plays in his success: The offensive line plays a big part in it. We wouldn't be as big time as we are so we thank them every time there is a big run and we celebrate with them every time there is a touchdown. We practice hard together and we gel as a team. It is the combination of the whole team.

On the possibility of having three running backs with 1,000 plus rushing yards: We are powerful. We have three great running backs and they all have production out there. I don't think any team has ever done that before. That would be one of our goals going into the game as well as winning.

On TCU's defense: They have a lot of speed and they are a very physical team. They are the number one defense in the nation I believe. It is not going to be an easy game and we may not get big runs every time, but as long as we keep banging, the big runs will come.

On the size of TCU's defense: They are a little undersized, but their speed makes up for that. We just need to come out and execute. Everybody has to be on the same page as an offense.

Wide Receiver Nick Toon
On the play of the TCU defense: They do a little bit of everything. It is not overly complicated; you just need to know your game plan and your adjustments.

On Wisconsin's offensive speed: I think we have plenty of speed on offense. Obviously, the Big Ten is typically more of a power conference, but there is no lack of speed on offense. I am not worried about that.

On not playing a traditional Pac-10 team in the Rose Bowl Game: We are just excited to be out here. Regardless of if it is a Pac-10 team or not, TCU is a great team and it is going to be a great game.

On the Rose Bowl Game: We went out and looked at the Rose Bowl on the first day we were here and it was pretty cool. I have been in the Rose Bowl before and it is a really cool stadium. I am just excited to get out there and get the chance to play.

On playing a great TCU defense: That is what you expect when you play in big time games. I think I will get some opportunities to make some plays and catch some balls. I am really excited to go out and play.

On TCU's defensive scheme: It is really not overly complicated. It is a little unorthodox and you don't see it every day, but you just need to go out and make your adjustments just like any other game.

On if he looks at this game to improve his personal status: Definitely. When you are playing any game, you are trying to improve your status, your stock, especially at the end of the year, how you perform in your last game is what carries over to the next season. The better you play, the more hype you have coming into next season.

On being healthy: Feels good to be healthy. Wish I could have been healthy all season, but that is just the way it goes sometimes. Happy to get out there and play.

On the play of quarterback Scott Tolzien: I think what has brought Scott so much success is his efficiency and ability to make plays. And when you can do that as a quarterback, you are going to have success. If you don't make a lot of mistakes, you usually can play pretty well and Scott is a great player.

On the atmosphere of Southern California and the Rose Bowl Game: I love it out here. Obviously it is better than the weather in Madison, so I am taking everything in. It is a great experience.

Running Back Montee Ball
On the possibility that he may start the game: At first it came down pretty heavy on me, but I have focused more and done some studying and I would be ready to go.

On facing the best defense in the country in TCU: We love it. It drives us every day. This is why you play football. It is going to be a great game.

On having scored 70 points in the final regular season game: Of course it motivates us. We are carrying that into this next game. We are practicing just as hard as we have been, keeping our heads on right and moving forward.

On having to share touches with White and Clay: Right now, we aren't worried about that. I am sure the coaches will work with that, but I am sure whoever is producing the most on the field will get the most touches. We all have that in the back of our minds and make sure we are practicing hard.

On the play of fellow running back John Clay: John had a great practice today. I am glad to see him come back from his injury.

On the possibility of having three running backs with 1,000 yards rushing each: Of course we talk about that. But that is not what we are shooting for right now. We are shooting for the win. But it would be nice to have all three of us with 1,000 yards.

On if the Rose Bowl Game has the same feel even though it isn't a traditional match-up: Yes, it does have the same feel. That is what brought a lot of us [to Wisconsin], to play in the Rose Bowl. We are all just grateful to be playing here. This is our National Championship.

On if there are distractions for the team this week: Of course there are a lot of distractions, but we are all men out here. We know when to lock in and focus on football and when to have a little fun.

On the play of TCU's defense: Speed. Hands down, speed. They have two great defensive ends that shoot up the field really well and their linebackers find the ball really well.

On TCU's defensive scheme looking like Michigan's: When we are watching film on them, we are thinking about Michigan. But we are watching more film on them working to get the win.

On TCU disguising their defensive formations: Yes. They do a great job of disguising things. This is why we need to make sure we are really focused.

On the speed of TCU's defense: Of course they are fast and have a lot of speed, but who doesn't? We have a lot of speed and we have a lot of power too.

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