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Wilson meets media to reflect, look ahead to Ohio State

ON WISCONSIN <b>Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media Monday.</b>
Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media Monday.

Oct. 25, 2011

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MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin senior quarterback Russell Wilson reflected on the Badgers' loss to Michigan State and looked ahead to Saturday's trip to Ohio State during his weekly press conference Monday at Camp Randall Stadium.

Archived video of the media session is available through the link above, and a complete transcript of Wilson's remarks can be found below.

QUESTION #1: How many times have you seen the play at the end, is it kind of one of those plays that’s kind of just entrenched in your memory whenever you close your eyes or think about it?

WILSON: Well, when I watch the Hail Mary play, I’ve seen it a few times on ESPN, it’s one of those plays. You practice it every once in a while, and they came up with it. It’s one of those things where it’s just an unfortunate situation for us, and so it’s a tough game.

QUESTION #2: Russell, can you talk about, in your role as a co-captain and a senior, how you want to help this team re-group going into the Ohio State game, just what you’re going to do or what you’re going to say to help in that process?

WILSON: Well, in terms of re-grouping, I think the main thing is just staying positive. There’s a lot of great opportunities for us, and we have a great opportunity in playing Ohio State at Ohio State. It doesn’t get much better than that, one of the greatest places to play in the country. It’s going to be a great environment and so I think the main thing is just staying positive, keep working hard like we do every day, and keep leading.

QUESTION #3: Russell, do you think the offense was as efficient overall as it needed to be Saturday night?

WILSON: I think we were efficient at times, definitely, we are not quite as efficient as we have been in the past, but you’ve got to remember we were playing a great defense, too. So it’s going to be back and forth. And I think we missed a couple opportunities here and there, for whatever it’s worth, but the main thing is we came back, and we gave ourselves a chance. We gave ourselves to go into overtime. Didn’t work out that way, but I think the main thing is we kept fighting, kept believing.

QUESTION #4: Kind of a follow-up to that. Did you feel, if you would have gotten the ball back, say, in the last 45 seconds regulation, whatever, I’m sure you had a feel for how the offense was going. Did you feel hot, that if you guys got a chance, you’d be able to get in position and score somehow?

WILSON: Yeah, definitely. I definitely knew that if we got the ball back, I truly believed that we were going to win the game. And it just didn’t happen. And Coach Bielema obviously believed that, I mean, he called some timeouts and stuff, and that’s a good thing. You know, he trusts in our offense. And our defense was doing a great job of stopping them. They came out with a couple of big plays there at the end and it just didn’t work out.

QUESTION #5: Russell, what’s your process for turning the page after a tough loss? Is it difficult for you or not?

WILSON: Yeah, it’s always difficult, especially when you’re one of the leaders on the team, play quarterback, and all that, it’s definitely difficult just to say, ‘Ah, that’s OK.’ It’s not that way. But in terms of how I do it, I watch the film. I just chart myself and just see what I can do better, and figure out how I can get our offense better, and just the team just in general. And then I move on, and grow from it, and start the next week, and start watching film of the next opponent.

QUESTION #6: You mentioned Michigan State’s defense. I don’t know how much film you’ve watched of Ohio State’s defense yet, but do you see any similarities in the type of plays they can make and the type of stress they can put on an opposing quarterback and an opposing offense?

WILSON: (There are) a lot of similarities between Michigan State and Ohio State. They’ve got a lot of athletic ability obviously, starting up front all the way to the back end of the defense. And so, I think the main thing is just capitalizing on opportunities, just like any other game, and just playing great football.

QUESTION #7: Russell, the depth charts showed last week, for a couple minutes, showcased your friendship with Nick Toon. And I’m just wondering how were you guys able to become such fast friends? And also, how important is it for the quarterback of a team to be friends, or that good of friends, with one of the team’s leading receivers, if that makes a difference on the field?

WILSON: Well, I think it definitely makes a difference in terms of our relationship between Nick and I. And I have a lot of great relationships with a lot of other players on the team. But in terms of, that quarterback-wide receiver connection, you always want to have a positive connection, you always wanting to be talking, communicating with one another, always wanting to get extra work, and that’s what we do.

QUESTION #8: Now that you’ve had a chance to go back and watch film, what are some of the specific things that you think you could have done better?

WILSON: I think more than anything, you never want to turn the ball over, playing quarterback, no matter what the situation is. I think that’s the main thing. And then, other than that, just capitalizing on a couple plays here and there. Whatever it is, if it’s just a missed throw, just barely, or maybe just going to a different guy here and there, just little things like that. I always critically evaluate myself pretty hard. And so, I try to be the best every single day. But I think that’s a good thing.

QUESTION #9: Russell, the pass rush forced you to be creative in a lot of circumstances. How do you think you handled that? Do you feel pretty good about how you responded to that?

WILSON: Yeah, definitely. They brought a lot of different pressures, and the offensive line did a great job of giving me enough time when they needed to to make some decisions and some big plays. And, in terms of coming back, when we were down by 14 with not too much time left to go, the offensive line did a great job, and I had to scramble around a little bit and come up with some big plays and guys made some big catches, and that’s what we needed as an offense.

QUESTION #10: Does it seem like there were more mental mistakes as a whole on the offensive side against Michigan State? What do you attribute that to, and is that easy to correct when it’ s a mental mistake, or are those harder to correct?

WILSON: I don’t think there were too many mental mistakes, to be honest with you, when you watch the film. It just a couple things here and there. And the game was 31-31with 40 seconds left, that type of thing. So it’s one of those games where two great teams are going after it and we came up on the short end.

QUESTION #11: You mentioned after the game dealing with adversity. Obviously, you know this point is going to come, right, the season wasn’t going to go all great like the first six weeks. Do you almost, in some ways, relish the chance to, you know, deal with adversity, show what you can do?

WILSON: Well, I think the opportunity presents itself in terms of, all the things you go through during the season, and we faced some adversity, we came back from it. And the last Hail Mary play, they come up with it. And so that’s the type of thing now that our university is going to Ohio State. We just lost a game and just getting through it and being positive, and just having a great week of practice, a great week in terms of just everything outside of just football, just in general, and just have a great time and go and try and get a win.

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