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Postgame Quotes

<b>Head Coach Bret Bielema</b>

Head Coach Bret Bielema

April 17, 2010

Wisconsin Post-Game Quotes
Wisconsin Spring Game
April 17, 2010
Camp Randall Stadium – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Bret Bielema

Opening Statement...
“Obviously it was a great day out there from the standpoint that we stayed relatively healthy. A couple of guys weren’t able to start the scrimmage, but those who started were able to end it and that’s a positive. I really go back to January and we really hit these guys up—as many players as we have coming back—about how much experience we have, that they had to attack this out of season, which they did, that you have to attack spring ball, which they did. Now we’ll carry that forward into these next three weeks until we break for the summer, and just challenge them to be at their best. Whether you’re the third string right guard or the first string right tackle, or wherever you fall, try to play your best football and prepare everyday to do that. I think they’re hungry, I think they understand where they’re at. A lot of people were saying good things about them, but nothing that we’ve done to this point will guarantee us any wins next year. It’s going to be a personal challenge that they have to all accept and hopefully we’ll move forward.”

On offensive drives...
“I think in the first half in particular when you got down there in the red zone area you’d like to see them finish things off, but I also really feel that Scotty (Tolzien) probably has a better handle on what needs to happen, especially on those two third down situations.”

On the wide receivers’ production...

“It’s just pure numbers. They’ve been running a lot the last two weeks. We’ve only been practicing five or six guys, and at times we have three guys on the field. One of those guys is Chuma (Chukwuma Offor), who just moved over less than two weeks ago. Not to make excuses for them, but yes, they need production and they need to be better at catching the football and doing some fundamental things that we need out of that position.”

On the corners' improved performances...
“I thought with the three corners coming in that we should have some healthy competition. We started Niles (Brinkley) with the second group because he was sidelined with a hamstring (injury) for about two weeks, but I think Antonio (Fenelus) has probably been our most consistent performer all spring, but Devin (Smith) really competed this last week very, very well. And Niles stood out to me today, just on the pass break ups he had and some of the stuff he was doing. We probably won’t put him back there as a punt returner, but he did a good job on the defensive end.”

On Antonio Fenelus...
“Coach Cooks, when he was leaving, I asked him to fill out a bio sheet on all the defensive backs and one of the things he said was that Antonio was probably our toughest competitor in that group. I know that about Antonio. He’s hungry. In the recruiting process I could tell that he was a very dedicated young man to try to get everything that he wanted, and he didn’t want anything handed to him. That shows up in practice more so than it does in a game.”

Wisconsin player quotes

J.J. Watt, Junior Defensive Lineman

On the defense’s player overall…
“We really shut things down when we needed to. Especially in the red zone, that’s something we’ve been working really hard on. It’s always nice to, after a big play or after a turnover, to be able to shut teams down like that. We’ll just hope we can stay sharp with that and it will carry into the fall camp and the upcoming season.”

On what the defensive line still has to work on…
“I think our defensive tackles would like to be a bit more stout. Obviously, we want to get to the passer as fast as we can, but we just need to get a bit quicker. We just want to keep building up our team chemistry and work extremely hard, and we’re confident that everything will fall into place for us this season.”

Culmer St. Jean, Senior Linebacker

On how he felt in today’s game…
“After that ankle injury, I wasn’t really playing as well as I wanted to be and wasn’t making plays that I should be able to. But getting that pick felt really good for me. It’s just good to get back on the field and get back into the pads and be able to play.”

On his fellow linebackers’ performances…
“Injuries sort of hurt us today in that aspect, but it allowed some of the young guys to get out there and get some valuable playing time and experience. You never know what’s going to happen in the season, so getting those reps for everyone is huge for us. It’s good to see what everyone can do and see if they can step up. I’m satisfied with the performances today, but we still have a lot of work to do before the fall.”

Jon Budmayr, Freshman Quarterback

On his play in the game…
“I was just frustrated with myself for making the same types of mistakes. On the first interception, Culmer [St. Jean] made a great read on the ball and made a good catch. There are just some things I need to do individually to be able to perform at the highest level I can. It felt good to get out there and get a lot of reps and get to go live, but I definitely will work hard this summer to prepare myself for the fall.”

On the spring overall and his opportunities…
“It was definitely good. I got a lot of reps and a lot of experience. I’m taking everything I’ve learned from this spring and taking it with me into fall camp. I want to grow and keep working on my game, and I’ll be ready come this season. It just feels good to be healthy and make it through spring ball without any injuries.”

John Moffitt, Senior Offensive Lineman

On the team’s progress in the spring…
“I’m definitely pleased overall. I know, as well as the rest of the guys, that we all still have a lot of work to do to get where we want to be this fall. But we’ve definitely got a good start to things. We’re going to come into the season with a target on our backs, so that should really motivate all of us to keep working hard in the offseason. I’m confident at where we stand right now.”

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