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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Indiana



Oct. 15, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Indiana
Oct. 15, 2011
Camp Randall Stadium – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema

Opening statement:
“I thought our guys handled the bye week very well. I thought they stayed engaged and in tune with what we were asking. We had a lot of guys healthy and then jumped into our Indiana prep a little early and they carried forward playing. We were able to adjust a little bit on defense and our offense was obviously performing very well.

We had those three time outs and I told the offense I might burn these three time outs to give you guys a two-minute opportunity. You never know how down the road those things are going to be able to help us. We get two-minute during the week, but for Russell (Wilson) and the offense to be able to work out there against a strange defense and be able to adjust and handle it as well as they did, I was pretty excited about that.

Second half, we got a little stagnant. We put our twos in there the entire fourth quarter. Some guys did some really good things. Some guys need to get a little better. Hopefully we’ll learn from it and move on to our Michigan State prep.”

On the complete effort:
“I’ve really wanted to get Abby (Jared Abbredaris) to return (punts). He’s pretty special. He competed obviously the first 40 yards. That was pretty good. He made the rest of it happen.  We thought that that big field return was going to be there if we could finally get one caught without traffic. Abby did a nice job doing that. Defensively, they were talking turnover when we had them backed up down there. Again, great punt by Brad Nortman. A great heads up play by Antonio Fenelus. Obviously we capitalized on the turnover and then our offense just continues to play well. ”

On Russell Wilson and Montee Ball’s throwback pass:
“Russell, as great as he is at everything, he might be, this might sound weird, the best ball-fake guy I’ve ever seen. He just carries it out. He’s so thorough and so detailed. So what it does is it makes people adhere to, ‘Hey he might be running a pass play or something along that line.’ It draws the backside safety corner or whatever to him.  This might allow Montee Ball or James White to have a big hit on the front end. That was actually probably Montee’s worse throw since we’ve been running that play. I said just get it in the area, Russell’s a pretty good athlete, he’ll come down with it. Montee was actually running that pretty clearly, he got the jitters.”

On Antonio Fenelus’ interception:
“Coaching point there, I told him he should have knocked it down. It was fourth down and we probably lost 15 yards of field position there. I was probably being overly critical. The guy made a great play and got carried into the end zone. Antonio really just competes on every play. Any ball that’s thrown in his area he’s going to get his hands on. He’s going to be the one that gets truly rewarded in the end. He’s playing himself into an NFL opportunity by playing so well at our lever.”

On the road games to come:
“To play on the road in the Big Ten and win is a totally different ball game, one that we have learned. I think we learned it last year at Iowa and carried it forward into some of the games we won on the road last year. We did talk a little bit about it for Northern Illinois. But to win Big Ten games on the road, that’s when you win championships. That’s when you have an opportunity to put yourself in a bigger position. I think our guys will embrace the opportunity, it’s very unique and one where you have to play disciplined football.”

Sophomore LG Travis Frederick

On the schedule being a hazard to the team:
“I don’t think so. We have a lot of room for improvement, so it’s something that we constantly focus on. I think that when we’re focusing on getting better, that keeps us moving in the right direction.”

On if last year’s loss to Michigan State was harder to swallow than the Rose Bowl loss:
“I think so. I think that just because of the way that we lost, the things that happened, I think there were some mistakes here and there. Everybody did their best, but I think that hurt just because we knew we could have won that game. We could have won the TCU game, too, but that hurt because it was the first game in our conference schedule. It just kind of put a damper on what we thought we had.”

On if he was surprised by Russell Wilson’s scrambles in the game:
“You never really know what he's going to do. You have to have one eye on the blocker and one eye on him, so you know if he's going to come back. It keeps you on your toes.”

Sophomore RB James White

On him getting action during the game:
“It felt good to go out there and help my team. I just wanted to do whatever I can to help them get a victory. When I go out there I just try to make the most of each and every game.”

On his touchdown run:
“It was good. Whenever I get (the opportunity) I try to make somebody miss, because Coach (Thomas) Hammock says I'm the best (at it), and, in the situation, I just make the most out of it.”

On running the Ball-to-Wilson pass play in practice this week:
“Our defense fell for it and was wide open, so we knew that we would use that in the game.”

On the first half:
“That's what we were hoping to do. In the second half, we wish we would have came out a little stronger. The coaches got on us a little bit about that, but it's over now, so we're going to focus on Michigan State.”

Junior RB Montee Ball

On his pass in the touchdown throwing play:
“It was terrible because he was wide open and I was nervous. I was nervous when I let the ball go, but he did a great job tracking it down.”

On Russell Wilson’s play fakes:
“He does a great job in every aspect: throwing the ball, running  the fakes, and also handing the ball off. He does a great job putting it in the pocket.”

On the touchdown throwing play to Wilson:
“It was put in last minute this week during practice. Coach Chryst walked to me and asked if I could throw the football, I said ‘yeah,' and he decided to do this play.”

Sophomore LB Chris Borland

On the defense:
“I think we’re doing well. We had one lapse today in that big run and a couple small things. But I think our hard work is paying off.”

On going on the road against Michigan State:
“I was watching that game in my living room last year and it was pretty tough to watch. Everybody remembers that taste in our mouths, so we are excited to face Michigan State. It will be a road test for sure.”

On being considered a championship-caliber team:
“That’s a possibility, but that’s an entire season’s work. We haven’t done an entire season’s work yet. Hopefully we can get there.”

Junior LB Mike Taylor

On the big win today:
“First of all, on defense we came out and played sloppy the first half by giving up a lot of rushing yards. We came out of half time and played like it was 0-0. We felt like we had something to prove and we came back in the second half and played a better game of football.”

On first Big Ten road game coming up:
“Michigan State, they are a tough team. We went there last year, that was kind of the road bump in our season last year. We know what they bring; they are a tough team, and it’s a night game. Should be real competitive and a big challenge.”

On his play the last few weeks:
“It all just comes down to being healthy, being confident, knowing what you are supposed to do, reading keys, playing quick and playing fast, just believing in what you see and reacting.

Senior CB Antonio Fenelus

On being matched up against Indiana WR Damarlo Belcher:
“I definitely think he’s a great receiver. I went up against him last year and just seeing him on film, he’s a pretty good receiver. I took it as a challenge to go up against him today.”

On being ready for the fade pass he intercepted:
“I prepare that way every day. I know I’m going to get tried, so I try to work hard and make sure I’m in good position every time.”

On the interceptions from the defense this season:
“We take it as a challenge. We bet each other for who gets the first pick, and then when Aaron (Henry) and I both had one, it’s who is going to get the second pick. We just keep it fun and make sure we entertain out there.”

On going up against Michigan State:
“First of all, in practice we have got to have good preparation. We are going to treat it like it’s any other game. We can’t just say that we have to do this different and do that different. We just have to come out there ready to play.”

Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson

On Indiana’s offense:
“We probably caught them a little off guard as far as lining up. Houston ran really well and followed his pads. I thought the line came off the ball a little bit better. I thought this one day this week our receivers had their worst practice as a group all year, and we backed it up with our play today. When we get the run game going and the pass game, it will be nice to put it all together. It’s definitely what Wisconsin does and they’re a pretty complete offense right now. We’re just misfiring on the offensive side.”

On Wisconsin’s running game:
“They do some creative, really nice stuff. They basically have four really good running plays and executed them well. Then off of that they have some great pass action. Bottom line, if they get out in space, those two backs are pretty good. I don’t know if they have blazingly great speed but it’s pretty good speed. They run through trash and they’re always moving forward. They had a bunch of nice eight-, nine-, 10-yard runs, and then some big ones.”

On Russell Wilson:
“Wilson is a good player. I watched him from afar when he went to NC State. Now he’s up here playing with a pretty complete offense. He has nice awareness as a runner. He has good sense about when to step up, avoid and extend. He’s a quarterback that can run.”

On Wisconsin’s run and pass protection:
“We’re not great pass rushers and they have those big guys. Sometimes defensively I think it’s holding, but if you’re not fighting to get off a block, then they aren’t going to call holding. Sometimes in their boot game, they are doing it with seven or eight blockers. It’s heavy play-action with tight ends on the edge. They present some good, solid problems because they have a great run game, a solid big line and I really like their tight end and fullback group. I think that’s the group that complements it all.”

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