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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Green Bay



Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Green Bay
Kohl Center -- Madison, Wis.
Dec. 7, 2011

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan 

On Jordan Taylor:
"Well, he's been Jordan Taylor -- I mean 10 assists, zero turnovers. Not too many guys in the country that have that. So he found the open guy and he could have had a couple more -- guys missed the shots -- but that's all part of the game. He saw the floor well, got some opportunities, plus they were really hanging on him. They were trying to pressure him and he would get an angle and guys would help him and he would find the open guy, and that's being a good point guard."

On early substitutions:
"A couple guys just didn't look comfortable with some things that we had talked about. So a lot of times if you come to over to the bench and take a look, then you tend to do a better job and you go back in. So I thought that that was the case tonight."

On players responding to last two losses:
"Well, different team, different size, different experience. So it's hard to really judge that. I mean the numbers are right there on the page--the stats, that type of thing. What happens against other teams can have a lot to do with size, speed, experience. So I try not to read too much into any one game. But I like the way--especially in the second half-- I thought we really got some good looks. And we got to the free throw line because they had to play from behind, and a lot of times that's how you can get to the line--you have to be playing with a lead down the stretch."

On Josh Gasser's shot confidence:
"No, I don't think he's lost confidence. I think people have recognized--he was a guy that's on everyone's scouting report now as far as shooting, where maybe he wasn't before. So that's probably more the case than anything else. You can't play this game and not believe that when you shoot the ball, it's going in. Not anybody that I've known."

Junior F/C Jared Berggren

On denying Green Bay's Alec Brown in the post:

"That was definitely an emphasis of ours in practice the last few days. We know he is a good player. If he catches it inside it's not good for us. We just tried to focus on keeping the ball out of his hands and working to front him. We tried to force them to throw some lobs over top and have some back side help. Luckily, I was able to get some deflections. We had good help on him all night. I thought we did a pretty good job."

On help from the bench:
"It's always good to see when you have guys come off the bench. We know we have plenty of guys that can step in and give us some good minutes. We were able to show that tonight. Rob (Wilson) gave some good minutes. Trae (Traevon Jackson) came in and did some good things. He [Jackson] got on the offensive glass. Frank (Kaminsky)played solid, too. I think when we get guys going like that, we're going to be tough to stop. It's good to see. "

Senior G Jordan Taylor

On making improvements from loss vs. Marquette:

"I  think we did a good job of moving bodies and moving the ball and just getting good shots every time down. We did a better job of taking care of the ball this time around.  I think it's a matter of just trying to get better every game. It's behind us and there's nothing you can do about it now. We're just trying to win every one from here on out."

On settling less, attacking more:
"I don't know so much with settling rather than just trying to make good decisions every time down the court and get the best shot. Shots aren't falling for some guys right now, but we've just got to keep working, keep getting better every day and it will come. It just comes with staying aggressive. I don't think it's necessarily settling for certain shots, but just staying aggressive on offense and being confident about which shot you're going to take."

On turnover troubles in last game:
"Idon't know if it's the statistic of the turnover or more of the fact that it obviously didn't help our team win. I think there are sometimes when I kind of over penetrate and probably could've found an open guy but just tried to force some stuff. It all goes back to trying to get better and watch the film on that and just trying to make better decisions and UNLV's a team that's similar to Marquette in the way they pressure. It's a good learning experience, and we'll try to go forward and get better from there."

On being able to win despite 3-point struggles:
"I guess that's nice when you can go out and still put up 70 points when you shoot not a very good percentage [from 3's]. I guess it's nice to know you can go out and score. We did a good job of touching Jared (Berggren) and Ryan (Evans) down low, and they made some nice moves down there. We got to the foul line, and we did a little better job of making free-throws. We still have to do a better job of taking advantage of that, but I guess it's nice to know that you can still score when the 3's are not going down. It shows the different elements we have to our team."

Junior G/F Ryan Evans

On coming out on a mission:

"We felt we wanted to come in here and definitely get a win. I think we were definitely a little more focused coming into this Green Bay game. I mean we kind of put that past us, and now we're looking forward to UNLV. UNLV is next."

Green Bay Head Coach Brian Wardle

Opening Statement:
"We played a good team on a mission tonight. You could tell right off the bat that Wisconsin was coming out and I tried to address that with my team for the last two days. They lost their last home game, and we were going to see their 'A' game tonight. We definitely saw a team that was on a mission to win this game, and we didn't compete at a very good level. I'm very disappointed in our effort and how we competed. That ultimately falls on me, and that will get cleaned up tomorrow for our game at Marquette on Saturday night. We've got to come out better and compete better."

On his team's struggles to feed the post early:
"It's going to be interesting going back on film, but I remember it was probably a poor decision to try to pass in there. Wisconsin did a good job of helping from the weak side on Alec [Brown] all night. And then Alec's got to go get the ball, he's got to go get the ball with two hands, and we've got to make better reads and better passes. Each half we started out with turnovers and it killed us. Wisconsin penalized us for that, with 21 points off of turnovers. We had zero off them. You're going to lose to a really good team in their arena by 25 or 30 if you do that. Again, there's a lot to learn for our young club, and we just weren't ready to compete at this level tonight."

On what specifically Wisconsin did to deny entry passes to the post:
"What they did a good job of was three-quartering them [Green Bay's post players] high-side. Then on the weak side -- what we call the hold -- they were filling that really well and just sitting on that. We emphasize hitting the post, we want to get the ball inside to start games. Obviously we've got to be basketball players too, and just see that the help is there and skip the ball, then maybe try to give it a second look. We talk a lot about second looks, one more pass, maybe a little high-low. And we just didn't do a good job of that tonight, so we've got to get better at that." 

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