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Field of 64: Tweeting 64 observations until tip-off - Completed

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March 18, 2010

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Leading up to Friday’s NCAA tournament game between No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 13 Wofford, @BadgerMBBall will be sending out 64 Tweets with observations and commentary from the Badgers’ stay in Jacksonville. Follow along here to get the updates in real time.

If you’re not a follower, here’s what you’ve missed…

1. Game time for No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 13 Wofford!!! Thanks for following the 'Field of 64'

2. And, of course, a win today would give Bo a nice round 600 for his career .. he's shaking hands with Wofford coaches now

3. Couple of notes on Bo Ryan's UW teams in the NCAA tourney: 7-1 in 1st round games and 10-2 as a higher seed

4. Spirit squads take center stage now as teams head off to locker rooms for final preparations ... just over 10 min from tip

5. Into pregame activities at 'The Vet' ... the Badgers warm up in front of the Wofford bench and vice-versa

6. Cornell-Temple is in the books ... it's Badgers-Terriers next. Follow along with the Gameday Blog: http://ow.ly/1oB0Q

7. Looks like Badgers and Terriers will be playing for right to face Cornell ... rolling past Temple now with 5 min to play

8. Director of Ops @jdr21 had his doubts about completing our 64-tweet countdown by tipoff ... the end is in sight now!

9. Lower bowl pretty much full at 'The Vet' now ... Wofford section has a few empty seats but is expected to fill in

10. And the officials: Anthony Greene, Jeffrey Clark and Lamont Simpson ... Simpson is only one to call a UW game this year

11. Starters for Wofford are in the book, too: Salters, Diggs, Loesing, Johnson, Dahlman

12. Official starting lineup was just submitted for the Badgers: Hughes, Taylor, Bohannon, Leuer, Nankivil

13. The Badgers are now in the arena and taking in the second half of Temple-Cornell before final game prep

14. Equip man Gary Poels put the blue NCAA patches on jerseys last night but didn't have 1 for the blood jersey until just now

15. The spirit squad has entered the building ... same for the previously mentioned Mike Leckrone ... feels like game day now

16. 'The Vet' starting to fill up as we hit halftime of Temple-Cornell ... nice crowd for first game of an afternoon session

17. Badgers' bus pulling away from the hotel on their way to 'The Vet' ... we're 1 hour, 45 minutes out from game time

18. Badgers should beware of the underdog ... 12 seed Cornell all over 5 seed Temple late in 1st half here in Jacksonville

19. Salters says goal for Terriers is not to try and stop Leuer, but to 'slow him down'

20. Wofford's Junior Salters says coach Mike Young calls Jon Leuer 'a perfect player'

21. Temple's band director letting his opinions on officiating be known loudly ... not expecting the same out of Mike Leckrone

22. Wofford has a band here in Jax but get this... they don't have a fight song. They can borrow On Wisconsin if they want.

23. Howard Moore & Gary Close sitting courtside taking notes on Temple-Cornell. They have the scouting reports if Bucky wins.

24. Lots of empty seats for Cornell-Temple pregame. Badger fans haven't arrived yet. Still tailgating?

25. Badgers tailgates in full swing in lots near arena

26. Badgers radio crew of Matt Lepay and Mike Lucas headed over to Arena to get a look at Temple-Cornell.

27. Badgers did shoot around at Big Ten tourney and went on to shoot season-low FG pct.

28. Badgers and rest of Jax pod teams elected not to use their alotted shootaround time this morning at arena

29. After 4 days of prep, Coach Gard is leading the Badgers' scouting report on Wofford with the team at the hotel.

30. In the Bo Ryan era, Wisconsin is 10-2 against lower seeded teams (like No. 13 Wofford) in the NCAA tournament.

31. UW enrollment: 42,041. Wofford enrollment: 1,450, the third-smallest school to ever make the NCAA tournament.

32. A. The Badgers will be playing in Veterans Memorial Arena today. B. Bo Ryan is a veteran. A+B = Karma???

33. Players gameday routine begins now with cold breakfast (toast, fruit, etc.) available.

34. It's gameday in Jacksonville!

35. Now that Marquette game is over some of the UW players have turned their attention to the movie 'Walk Hard'

36. Media Celebrity watch from UW's practice today: John Feinstein, Stephen A. Smith, Ray Ratto.

37. The players are at the hotel glued to this Marquette-Washington game right now. Going down to the wire.

38. Still on the look out for Wofford alum and ESPN reporter Wendy Nix.

39. Bumped into former Badger footballer Don Davey tonight. Davey played for the Jaguars for years and still lives in town.

40. First one to find the the Field of 64 Twitterer gets 2 tickets to Friday's Badger-Wofford game.

41. A table of Gators & W. Virginia fans was converted to UW fans. By the end of the UW Fan Fest they were dancing with UW cheerleaders.

42. Jordan Taylor and Wofford's Cameron Rundles were AAU teammates in MPLS. No scouting reports needed.

43. Local flavor... According to Mike Lucas, Gator Tail tastes like chicken

44. Badger band playing at The Landing... Can hear the Beer-Barreled Polka all the way across the river.

45. Talked to at least two people at UW's public practice who are Badger fans living in Jacksonville. Bucky is universal.

46. Still time for Badger fans (or JAX residents looking for a new team) to join Bucky at Chicago Pizza in the Landing.

47. Current weather in Jacksonville is 59 degrees and cloudy. Current weather in Madison is 62 degrees and sunny. Go figure

48. In his first 8 trips to the NCAAs, Bo Ryan's teams are 7-1 in first round games.

49. No. 4 seeds are now 0-1 after Vandy is shocked by Murray State. Purdue, Maryland and Wisconsin are taking notes.

50. Bo Ryan: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. And Wofford is the Terriers!"

51. Jim Nantz says "A tradition unlike any other" from courtside and everybody's head turns.

52. Bo Ryan, Coach K, Pitino & Montgomery joked that in terms of coaching age, this has to be 1 of the oldest NCAA sites ever.

53. Trevon Hughes nails the half-court shot to end the open public practice. Would you expect anything else?

54. Big time coaches at pre-tourney meeting. Pitino, Coach K, Montgomery, Dunphy and of course Bo Ryan.

55. Asked why so many Philly area coaches are successful. Bo Ryan: "have you ever met a fan from Philly who doesn't think he's a coach?"

56. UW players asked in press conf. if they're wary of the underdog 12 or 13 seed. They said, "Yes we are. We're used to being underdogs"

57. Guys went thru a tough practice this AM and are now back in uniform for public practice. Good thing we have 2 sets of unis.

58. The name 'WISCONSIN' won't fit on the scoreboard at Jax Arena. Badger fans will have to look for 'WISC' to find our score.

59. Jax traffic is much more painful when you drop out of the police escort. 60. Coach Ryan picked up some reading material on the history of Jacksonville U hoops after practice.

61. Practice at Swisher Gym on the JU campus. Didn't do shooting drills to start practice but the starters hit their first 6 shots.

62. Palm trees line the Boulevard outside the Arena and the sun is out... starting to look like Florida after all.

63. Wofford chose to take the 6-hour bus ride to Jacksonville instead of using the NCAA-provided flight.

64: If you are in a hurry to get to the arena don't take the drawbridge over the St Johns River.

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