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Get to Know... Mike Bruesewitz

<b>According to Bruesewitz, the scouting report on him would have to include his 'flaming red hair.'</b>

According to Bruesewitz, the scouting report on him would have to include his 'flaming red hair.'

Jan. 19, 2011

Sophomore Mike Bruesewitz might be best known for his new hairdo this season, but the St. Paul, Minn. native has also grown into a prominent role in Wisconsin's rotation. Bruesewitz has appeared in every game this season, starting 13, and is averaging 5.0 points and 3.0 rebounds per game.

Get to know Mike Bruesewitz...

What is your favorite basketball memory?
"Either the Duke game last year or winning the section finals my junior year of high school."

What would be the scouting report on you?
"The guy's got flaming red hair, a goofy-looking kid. But he gets on the floor and gets rebounds and has been shooting well from 3 lately. He's always looking to make the extra pass."

What is your favorite personal attribute?
"My dimples."

What is your least favorite personal attribute?
"I have gross feet."

Aside from basketball, what's your dream profession?
"Either a stay-at-home dad or a taste-tester of some kind."

What profession would you not like to do?
"Anything sitting at a desk, I don't think I could do it."

What can't you leave for a road trip without?
"My hair pick."

What sound or noise do you love?
"The swish, a perfect swish when the ball goes through. It's the best sound in the world."

What sound or noise do you hate?
"High-pitched girls' voices. It's annoying."

Where is your favorite place to study?
"Memorial Library."

What is your major and how will you use it?
"Life Science Communications, and I'm going to get a business certificate from the business school. I want to do something in business where I can get out and work with people and not have to sit behind a desk all day."

What is your favorite place you have visited?
"So far it has to be a place way up north (in Minnesota) called Two Island Lake where I went camping with my dad. That place is sweet. It's really calm and peaceful and there aren't a lot of people around."

What's hanging in your bedroom?
"I have a picture from my 3-year-old niece, a watercolor painting that's quite nice. It adds a little class. I also have a mullet poster showing several of the different mullet cuts ... definitely after the season I'm going to get a mullet. I also have my first No. 31 jersey from AAU."

What web sites do you have bookmarked?
"Sporkle.com, that's a good one, Badger Herald Shout-Outs and Twitter."

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