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Five Things to Know: Dan Fahey

ON WISCONSIN <b>Aside from having a fraternal twin brother, Dan Fahey comes from a long line of Badgers.</b>
Aside from having a fraternal twin brother, Dan Fahey comes from a long line of Badgers.

Jan. 8, 2013

Chicago, Ill., native Dan Fahey has appeared in 17 games for the Badgers. The left-handed walk-on is known for his grit and all-out-effort mentality, both on and off the court.

The senior scored the first basket of his career and matched a career high with 2 rebounds against UMKC on Nov. 22, 2012.Fahey recently took the LSAT exam and is planning on attending law school after graduating from Wisconsin this spring with a degree in political science.

Here are five things to know about Fahey:

He grew up around Badgers...
"I've been coming up to Madison since I was five-years old. My grandparents lived here and my dad played baseball here for a few years so I've always been a big fan of Wisconsin athletics and it definitely helped in my decision to attend Wisconsin. Having one of my sisters here when I was a freshman didn't hurt either.""

He knows a thing or two about black eyes...
"I've already gotten two in practices this season -- both on the same eye. It's really a pride thing for me. I'm all about effort and leaving it all out there. Mike (Bruesewitz) got one right before he got hurt and Ben (Brust) got one, so I think I'm the third one. I think mine looks a little tougher though."

He's not afraid to go crowd diving, as he clearly displayed at this year's Red/White scrimmage...
"We work on diving for loose balls all the time and that situationplayed itself out perfectly. I didn't expect to miss the free throw thatshort so I wanted to get the ball back at least. It's my last year and
I'm going in with the mindset that I'm going to leave it all out there-- whether it be a water cooler or whatever, I'm going to take out everything in my path."

He has a fraternal twin brother but no good stories to tell...
"He's at Marquette and I'm here but we are still really close. We really don't look much alike so we couldn't get away with much when we were younger. We often come up with excuses for each other but nothing crazy -- no swapping class schedules for a day to see if someone would notice or anything like that."

The Badger basketball tradition won him over...
"Academics played a huge role in my decision to come to Wisconsin but the whole tradition of the basketball program did it for me. I love everything about Madison too but when I visited, the coaches were great -- they didn't promise me anything, which is part of the walk-on deal. It's hard not to love the campus and having the chance to play
basketball put it over the top."

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