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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota



Dec. 28, 2010

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan
On Jordan Taylor’s performance:
“You have to love his character, his demeanor and his work ethic. I’ll never get tired of saying those things about a young man that handles himself that way Jordan Taylor does. If you get tired of hearing it, plug your ears. Jordan is the real deal. He’s that kind of guy. You have to like a guy with that kind of pressure, with that good of a team, who can disrupt and play a game with just two turnovers and to go 7-1, that’s pretty good. He’s definitely our leader on the court. I think he inspired the other guys, and I’m glad he’s on our team. ”

On last offensive rebound:
“I think that was pretty key, because then they had the foul and we got to the line to make our free throws. I thought that was a great job stepping to the line and closing the game out. You have to give everyone of those guys that got to the line a lot of credit. That rebound there was huge because then they knew they couldn’t let us run the clock out and it was only a two point game at that time.”

On the two turnovers:
“I thought we did a great job of taking care of the ball. I thought they were pretty active and we got ourselves into some situations where I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to attack, retreat, get it out, get it over, but we did. They’re a tough team to score on, they always have been. I thought our defense made all the difference in the world. We took the high-low away because our players committed to it.”
On Jared Berggren and the bench:
“He had fire and passion and will. All the players that have ever played for us know what we like and he definitely gave it. I think he should do that every game. I just want our guys to be steadier. Passion and energy is something you can bring every time, because talent is not involved. Jared is getting there. We’ve always felt he’s going to be a good player. He’s starting to do that, right here in front of the public.”

On what won the game:
“The shots that they got in the paint were more from offensive rebounds. We took away some of their lobs. We showed the guys clips during the scouting reports and they thought we were showing reruns of Rodney Williams 360 slamming back over his head on a lob, Ralph Sampson and Trevor Mbakwe. We took that away, so defensively you keep them under 40 percent shooting. I would say the percentage on those is pretty good and we took those away from them. That’s what we did. We took the high-low away, the lobs and we chased the shooters hard.”

On strength and leadership of team:
“Going back to the scout team, you know how physical, tough and hard-nosed. Jordan Taylor puts up the numbers that he puts up because everyday in practice there is a guy getting after him and never lets up. I think that helps Jordan be that much tougher in games. I don’t have any qualms if I have to use Wquiton Smith at the point. He’s ready, he’s been around and he knows. He’s a great leader on that team we have to go up against everyday. To me the game isn’t just won in that 40 minutes, the game is won with what everybody on the team does to prepare. We have to figure out now how to prepare for Illinois with what they have. When you’re getting ready for them you look at size, you look at shooters and you look at athletes.”

Senior F Jon Leuer
On Taylor’s and-one late in the game:
“It was a time when the game was really close. He drove and I didn’t even see him because both of their big guys jumped. I just saw the ball hit off the backboard and it was an and-one. I was very excited at that point. Then we hit free throws down the stretch to close it out.”

On his offensive rebound late in the game:
“I saw the shot clock was down, I always try to go to the glass as hard as I can, and that was a case where nobody blocked me out. Fortunately, it just kind of grazed the rim and fell into my lap. At that point, I just thought, get it out, and know the time and score to work the clock a little bit. It should have been a lay-up, but they fouled Keaton (Nankivil).”

On what kind of statement was made with this win:
“It was a big win for us. Like you said, they’ve kind of had our number over the past couple of years, so to get this one felt good, definitely. Like Coach Ryan said after the game, we’re 1-0 in the Big Ten and we have 17 more to go. That kind of put it into perspective for us that it is only one game. It was a big game for us, and we’re going to try to use it as momentum into the Big Ten season. Right now we have to start focusing on Illinois. We’ll enjoy this one but look to Illinois.”

Junior G Jordan Taylor
On his three-point play at the end of the game:
“Earlier, I got in there and tried to go up but Ralph (Sampson III) blocked my shot off the glass pretty hard. Coach preaches a lot about shot-fake and making good decisions once they’re down that deep, so I just try to learn from it the first time. I do think it was a momentum swing, but I still think the biggest play of the game was Jon’s offensive rebound. We were up by two and that rebound allowed us to get the ball and shoot free throws the rest of the game.”

On his shot that led to Leuer’s big offensive rebound:
“I don’t know if it was tipped, it wasn’t in my opinion, but I missed the shot. Coach is always talking about going to the glass hard and Jon (Leuer), Keaton (Nankivil), and Mike (Bruesewitz) have all been doing a great job of that this year. It was probably the biggest offensive rebound to this point in our season. It was only one out of four, but you have to keep working, keep trying. Like I said, I don’t think it’s going to be talked about that much, but I still think that it’s the biggest play of the game and allowed us to get the victory tonight.”

On taking care of the ball and getting to the free throw line:
“We stressed making more free throws than them. I think they came into the game shooting 28 free throws a game, or something like that. That’s a really good team, especially rebounding. They have some monsters down there in Trevor (Mbakwe) and Ralph (Sampson III).

For us, we were just trying to match their physicality and neutralize that and get the line ourselves. We wanted to keep them off the line. We got out-rebounded 42-24, but they only shot 15 free throws, so for the most part we did a pretty good job. We’ll see that again with teams like Michigan State, who are going to be good rebounders. We just need to keep working to get better and keep teams off the board.

Turnovers, I remember mine, but anytime you have two turnovers in a game you give yourselves a pretty good chance to win. They probably should have counted the blocked shot off the backboard because it turns into a lay-up. We took care of the ball, made good decisions for the most part, and scoring 68 points off that team is a pretty good accomplishment. They have some long, athletic guys who can really defend. That’s a good team. We’re just happy to have the win.”

Sophomore F Keaton Nankivil
On what kind of performance Taylor had tonight:

“All season I look at Jordan as a floor leader in the way he controls the tempo of our team. Not only in terms of actual basketball, but the kind of aggressiveness, how he plays is really controlling of how we, as a team, end up playing. Tonight, I saw him pushing through some fatigue, and a lot of minutes against some very tough guards defensively. As a teammate, to see him do that it really inspires us to keep going.”

On he and Taylor hitting 3s after Minnesota got the lead:
“I think it was just taking advantage of open shots. Jon (Leuer) was able to draw two defenders into the middle of the paint, so I just stepped up behind him where I thought he’d see me. It was an open shot and a good look for us. We go down, whatever it was, one point, I think we picked up a sense of urgency and kind of made a little push there to get back in the lead and hold that for the rest of the game.”

Minnesota Head Coach Tubby Smith
Opening Statement:
“First off, I thought it was a very hard fought basketball game, certainly a compliment to Wisconsin. They did the things they had to do to win the basketball game. We certainly didn’t do a good job of defending the 3’s, and that was a problem for us. We made some mistakes and couldn’t finish around the basket in late game situations. We did some good things, but we need to do a better job. We need to go back and work on some things.

“I thought Jordan Taylor was outstanding today and played extremely well. We couldn’t contain him or control him.”

On the team’s feeling down the stretch:
“I think we were just missing shots. We also took some ill-advised shots early in the game, but late, we had some opportunities inside and didn’t capitalize and we gave up some open 3’s. I thought we just had some defensive breakdowns.”

On what concerned him the most down the stretch:
“We rebounded well, but we didn’t really finish. We missed people. I thought we had opportunities to find people and we didn’t. I thought it was the defense that really had some breakdowns. We tried a lot of different things that Jordan Taylor took advantage of when we switched. He took the big guy to the basket or shot over him. He did some good things, and they made some clutch shots.”

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