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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Mississippi Valley State



Dec. 23, 2011

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Wisconsin vs. MVSU
Dec. 23, 2011
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.


Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On the key to getting to the free throw line:
"They were just real physical. They were either going to get you to turn it over or they were going to foul you. So you try to get to the line as many times as you can or take advantage of overplays or things like that. I thought we did a pretty good job of that considering, because it was a game that was played a little bit differently than like what we will see in the league, in the Big Ten. I think we did what we needed to do to close out the non-conference season."

On difference between this game and league game:
"The size of the team, they are pretty quick at every position, a lot of hands. I think some of their players in the league would have fouled out or be worried about getting certain players in foul trouble, but that wasn't a concern of theirs. They were going to play physical; they were going to use their hands, a lot of bumping and that's okay we've played in those games."

On if he was pleased with the non-conference season:
"I see some good things. I see some things that I know we will have to get better at, but it's no different than the other seasons I've coached, you take it for what it is. As the song says, `now you know what you don't know.'" 

On starting conference play with an unfamiliar opponent in Nebraska:
"That is kind of interesting that you go on the road. Basketball is a little bit different I think than other sports. That the first game you have is at a place where you haven't been. So it's just like a non-conference game basically. Kind of unfamiliar with the team. It's not like you have past scouting reports. It's not like you have information on players from year to year, so we are going to have to learn in a hurry and they've got to do the same for us. So it is what it is, we play 18 of them. We might as well start in Lincoln."

MVSU Head Coach Sean Woods

On the foul difference:
"I can't [explain it]. I get a technical just because I reiterated to the referee that the foul discrepancy at that time was 25-12. I have no chance with that. My team has no chance with that. I thought that because this was such a short turn around from the Florida game that my players really did what they were supposed to do defensively.  They went to the line. You're not going to beat any Wisconsin team of this magnitude when they're going to the line that much. We have no chance to win or to even stay close."

On how difficult it is to play on the road so much:
"This has been a whirlwind. I'm giving my guys time off until the 27th and we're not going to practice until the 28th. It's rough, everybody can tell. I'm very proud of my guys. They don't stop playing. They play hard until the last second. When you put so much into something, something good has to come out. Our real goal is to win our league and get to the NCAA tournament. I think we're on the right track to that with the energy and toughness and the experiences we've gone through from Notre Dame until now. We have one more at Iowa State and hopefully we can continue to get through this until Jan. 3 when I play my first home game."

On how mentally deflating the stops Wisconsin's defense makes was:
"It becomes mentally deflating. The name of the game is basketball and good offense beats good defense any day. When you're not scoring, it deflates you. My guys never stopped playing they got a few back cuts here and there, but for the most part they had to earn to shoot over us. They're bigger than us, but as far as preparing for their stuff, I think we did a good job. Unfortunately, when we get into a one-on-one situation and I think we're playing good defense but we're getting called for fouls, that deflates you. Like I told my guys, we're just going to keep playing. We're going to play until the finish, but we can't control the referees, but what we're looking to do is get better. We're looking at the bigger picture and taking these experiences into our league."


UW Players

Senior G Jordan Taylor
On the team’s record after non-conference play:
“I think we expected to be 13-0, thought we were going to be 13-0. The two games we lost obviously tough games, but I think we responded to that tough week in a good way and learned some new things that were positive and negative.”

On his shooting today:
“I just have to keep shooting. Everybody hits rough patches  I think I had more of a glaring rough patch than others maybe. But I think the key is, like Ben (Brust) said a couple weeks ago, with shooting amnesia, just keep shooting. Just keep working hard when you’re not at practice or in the game, and try to correct things that you need to. Let it fly.”

Sophomore G Josh Gasser
On the team’s record after non-conference play:
“We always go in looking like we are going to win every game and that was our mindset going into the season. We won the Chicago tournament and that was one of our goals, so that was a nice one to get. The two games we lost, we played alright and learned a lot like Jordan (Taylor) said. We definitely take things from both our wins and our losses.”

On going 31-44 from the free throw line tonight:
“The 44 [is good], but the 31, we could get that a little higher I think. We knew they would pressure us like they did, to offset that we just have to drive hard into them and get to the free throw line. We did that. We’d like to shoot a little higher percentage like I said, but it’s definitely good to get to the line a little more and pound the post with (Jared) Berggren and Ryan (Evans) and those guys. So, it’s definitely good to see.”

On the Devils’ hands-on defense:
“They just wanted to get up and pressure us and make it difficult for us to get a flow in our offense. I guess they did a good job of that and forced us to the line to make free throws. We made some, but it’s definitely a different team than what we are used to.”

Junior F Jared Berggren
On playing a Big Ten team that they have never faced (Nebraska):
“It is definitely a little bit different, usually in the Big Ten you know the guys and know what they run for the most part, things like that. But with Nebraska being there first time in, first time facing them, it is a little bit more unknown. It almost feels more like a non-conference game right now, to where you’re not entirely sure what they are going to do. But I’m sure our coaches have been working hard in the scouting report and getting stuff ready. When we come back on Christmas and get to practice, we will learn what we are going to do and prepare for them.”

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