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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Savannah State



Dec. 15, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Savannah State
Kohl Center -- Madison, Wis.
Dec. 15, 2011

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Savannah State’s difficult road games:
“I did it when I was at UW-Milwaukee. It’s all part of it. Most of the teams in those leagues know it’s a one-pony show; the team that wins their conference tournament. That’s the scene that exists. Actually, what a great experience for these guys. If you’re leading to the fact that isn’t it too bad, actually, it’s a basketball game. These guys get to travel to some pretty neat places and go to some pretty neat venues. It’s all about the college experience. Are they going to be better people because of the trips that they’re taking? Usually. It’s okay. They’re getting ready for their league, and we’re getting ready for ours. With our guys having so many tests this week, finals start on Saturday, but our guys have had an awful lot of tests, we can’t be traveling on a week like this.”

On Jared Berggren’s efficiency the past two games:
“He’s been solid. As a coach, I just think of that one shot he threw up that he could have done a little better job at, but he’s out there for a reason. He’s getting better, he’s learning during each and every game how to read the defenses, are they doubling down, are they doubling from behind, what kind of looks he’s going to get. He’s also finding people at times. He’s getting better as a player, and that’s what we like to see.”

On defense’s third time this season holding a team to 33 points or less:
“I know our defense made them work to get a good shot. That’s all you can ask for, no matter who the opponent is. I’ve seen some of these teams come into places, in the past week or so, and hit shots like crazy and get on a hot streak. I thought defensively, we stayed consistent, especially taking away their 3s, not that they were hunting down that many 3s. They were trying to work the post. They were very patient. They used this game to work on a lot of things that will help them in the long run. We were trying to do the same thing, too. We weren’t trying to push it down with a lead or take bad shots or do things that we won’t be required to do against bigger teams. As far as grit inside, they took it at us. They really imposed their will on the offensive glass. We just need to do a better job keeping them off.”

On Rob Wilson’s play tonight:
“Rob played hard. He did a good job defensively, and he showed some flashes of things he’s going to have to do to help us from off the bench. You have to be eight, nine, 10 deep when you get into the conference because a lot can happen when you get into the Big Ten Conference season -- injuries, flu’s, foul trouble, things like that. That’s what he’s been trying to do and that’s why we saw minutes tonight.”

Junior Jared Berggren
On his recent efficiency shooting the basketball:
“The last two games I’ve shot the ball pretty well. There were a couple moves in the post today that were kind of questionable and I could’ve made stronger moves or maybe kicked it out and reposted, but overall I was hitting some shots and have felt pretty good the past two games.”

On what it means when the substitutes on the team are playing tough defense as well:
“It’s encouraging to see guys playing hard to the final buzzer. It’s something that Coach Ryan is going to make note of them on. He expects guys to play at a high level regardless of who’s on the floor and regardless of what the score is. It’s encouraging to see guys get out there like that and make good plays.”

Senior Jordan Taylor
On Wisconsin’s quick start:
“No matter the circumstances we have to try and come out with some energy. I think we came out kind of sluggish in the second half, which was disappointing, but we got it going there a little towards the end.”

Sophomore Josh Gasser
On why he believes they’ve been able to slow team’s scoring defensively:
“We try to force teams into tough shots, and shots that they don’t really want to take. Early in the shot clock, teams are looking to get to the hoop, and I think we do a good job of cutting that off, forcing them to work clock a little bit and maybe get a shot they don’t really want to take. I think our defensive principles have been working well so far, and we’re looking to keep that going looking forward."

Savannah State Coach Horace Broadnax
Opening Statement:
"First of all, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bo [Ryan]. Just seeing how patient his guys are in running their offense, I was telling him at the end that I thought Jordan [Taylor] could have looked for tremendous opportunities to score: they could have looked for a lot more scoring opportunities but they patiently ran their offense and did things extremely well. They didn't play much pressure defense, but they stayed in position and we turned the ball over, eight times in the first eight minutes. It's just amazing how year in and year out he [Bo Ryan] produces way above average basketball programs without the mega-stars that you see at other programs."

On Wisconsin's defensive effort tonight:
"It doesn't look special, but at the end of the day they stay in position and they allow you to get jump shots, but they contest the jump shots. So they don't put themselves out of position, and as you get close to the basket they play really tough and really physical. They don't burn a lot of energy, which almost makes me want to rethink my own philosophy. We turned the ball over eight times early, and they didn't really pressure us--but sometimes staying in position is pressure. If you stay in position and stay between the basket and the man and the ball, you're going to be successful. So they really stayed in position--they don't double, they don't pressure, they don't hedge. They switch everything for the most part, but they just stay in position, which is what defense is really all about."

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