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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Milwaukee

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Dec. 11, 2013

Wisconsin vs. Milwaukee
Dec. 11, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On whether he knew Traevon Jackson was capable of a vicious dunk:
“We do some shooting drills on hard attacks to the basket. He’s done it. He’s done it at practice. He had the lane.”

On whether Wisconsin’s 28 points off turnovers were the difference:
“I thought defensively we did a good job of getting our hands on some passes and creating some turnovers. I thought we worked extremely hard in the post, because we watched (Milwaukee head coach) Rob (Jeter’s) and these guys offensively against a lot of teams where they were getting a lot of stuff high-low, getting a lot of stuff in the post. We knew we were in for a battle inside. I thought our guys did a pretty good job of getting deflections and turning those into points, and those are huge.”

On tonight’s effort both on the defensive and offensive ends:
“I thought we were opportunistic. They were shutting us off inside and so we stretched their defense a little bit. We had a lot of wide-open 3s, because of what they were concentrating on. In the second half, we weren’t hitting them, but in the first half we were. So you’ve got to pick your poison a little bit sometimes. There weren’t a lot of free throws shot; everybody kind of shut off runs to the rim. There were a lot of things offensively and defensively, where you may think they came so well together, but I can find quite a few things we didn’t do well.”

On the play of Ben Brust:
“He draws a lot of attention from other teams. He’s been opportunistic. He attacked pretty well, drew the defense and found a lot of guys. He’s been pretty solid. Defensively he’s been pretty solid. He’s just been good. I don’t know how you overlook good. We certainly haven’t overlooked him.”

On this being the best start in school history:
“Yay for the team. Our guys have played good teams and they get credit. You get credit for what you’ve done to this point. It’s like in class, you do your assignments and then you get credit for them. If you do them well, you get stars on your paper, or a pat on the back. But if you stop doing them well, everything just goes the other way. So far to this point, they’ve found a way to get a lot of things done. We’ve just got to find a way to keep developing players and keep developing our help-and-recover, our defensive reads. Offensively, better cuts. We’re 11 games into it, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Sophomore F Sam Dekker

On Ben getting it going early on and setting the tone for the rest of the team:
“Ben is one of those guys that can get hot real quick and he can change the complexion of a whole game just because he’s such a sharp shooter. When he gets hot, you better watch out. He hit those first few shots in the first half and we said, ’We’ve got to keep feeding him.’ Find the guy that’s grooving at that time. I was able to see him out of the corner of my eyes a couple times and find him and he hit some shots. He was a little upset about how he shot in the second half, but when you’ve got a shooter like that you always have to give him the green light and have him keep it going.”

On Ben being solid, but flying below the radar so far this season:
“Ben is one of those guys that’s not going to always pass the eye test for some people. But he’s always one of those guys that’s going to get it done day in and day out. Last year he didn’t always get the shine either, but he led our team in scoring, hit some of the biggest shots of the year and really paced us offensively and got things going for us. And again he’s doing that this year. He’s usually been the guy to open up the game for us hitting a big shot or making a hustle play and getting boards. He’s one of the hardest working players on that court day in and day out. A lot of people don’t notice that, but within our team and within the realms of the locker room we definitely notice that and look to him as one of the main leaders of our team because he’s been here and he knows what it takes. He’s got a lot of wisdom to share with us.”

On being 11-0:
“It’s cool. It’s a great thing. Obviously you don’t want to be 0-11. It feels good. You’re trying to win every game and when you have a chance to do that, it feels good, it feels rewarding. But we have a lot of work to do and we have some stuff to shore up that we struggled with tonight. But we can’t let those struggles keep reoccurring because, come Big Ten time, those will really stick out worse. So the more we can correct and the more we can get down pat, the better we’ll be.”

On what the team needs to improve moving forward:
“I just think that we have to have a constant flow offensively and defensively. Our first four minutes tonight, we’re something that we shouldn’t have had. We came out flat, didn’t take the good shots, had a couple turnovers. Defensively we were letting them get some good looks that we shouldn’t have allowed. We’ve gotten into a couple of those funks early this year. Granted they aren’t real long ones, we snap out of them. We’re trying to limit that as much as possible because we’re going to be playing much better teams down the road here and we’re not going to be able to luck out with some of the plays that have been happening. When we play a team like Ohio State and we get in one of those funks and they go on a 10-, 12-0 run, it’s really hard to snap back from that stuff. We just have to be able to have a constant 40 minutes of hard work and staying sharp and staying focused. The more we stay focused, the better 40 minutes we’ll have.”

Senior G Ben Brust

On early rhythm shooting the ball:
“I don’t know where that went in the second half. It would’ve been nice to keep that rhythm. Sam did a good job on two of them. He caught one out of the rim, shot-faked and found me underneath on the baseline. Drove across the lane on one. So just a product of having some good offense -- driving, kicking, finding guys. Shot the ball pretty well early and that kind of died off for us in the second half. But felt good early on.”

On being 11-0:
“It’s definitely something that’s been good. There’s no denying we’ve had a good start, being 11-0, but we still know that it’s going to get much, much harder moving forward. The Big Ten is just something different. What’s been great about this start is we’ve been challenged many different ways. High scoring, low scoring, neutral court, away game, home game, ranked team on the road, ranked team at home. We just have a lot of different things that we’ve been able to do. And that’s been good, but you have to remember that it all resets come January. But we’ve got to finish out what we have here.”

On what the team needs to improve moving forward:
“We have a lot of different pieces on this team from freshmen to sophomores to juniors to a couple seniors. With that there’s been some experience, but not as much as we’ve had in the past, so that means every day in practice we have to be out there working, ready to learn from each other, learn how to play off of each other because that’s something you gradually get over time. We just have to keep learning and getting better in practice every day.”

Milwaukee Head Coach Rob Jeter

Opening Statement:
“First of all, you can’t spot the number four ranked team in the country 20 points in the second half and think you’re going to have a chance to really cut into a team like Wisconsin. They’re so disciplined, and we saw first-hand tonight that all five guys can make shots. I mean, the way they were shooting the ball in the first half was impressive. But I think for us, the game’s really summed up in that we were really trying to make everything happen in one pass, one play, and as a result, we gave up 28 points off of 19 turnovers. That really sums up the game right there. We just didn’t have the opportunities that we needed to, to give yourself a chance against a Wisconsin team. If you turn the ball over that many times and give up 28 points, that’s hard to overcome when they were shooting the ball the way they did the first half.”

On trying to get the ball inside:
“I think Kyle (Kelm) did a nice job, 17 points. Matt Tiby had 11. It’s just who we are, but you’re right, it is difficult to shoot over a guy that looks like he’s still growing. I’ve seen him in high school, talking about Frank (Kaminsky).  Yeah, it does make it difficult, but you still have to go after these guys, and I thought again, some of our decisions into the post caused more problems than once we did catch it. It was more of our passing into the post rather than once we caught it. We’ve got to get back to making sure we can get better deliveries.”

On whether or not this is the best Wisconsin team he’s seen:
“It’s hard to say. They’re talented. It’s very hard to say. They’re poised, they’re confident. That’s difficult to say. I know they’re very good, obviously being ranked, but I don’t know if I can say they’re the best. They’re one of the best teams, one of the better teams that Bo’s had at this time.”

On his team’s turnovers:
“It happens in this building. I’ve been in here a lot, and for whatever reason, teams come in here and they get sped up a little bit. But it’s not the point of being sped up, I think you really want to get the ball inside and attack, and they do a nice job of helping and recovering. And they’re long, and a lot of our passes were deflected. It’s just amazing that the way they defend, they do give you jump shots on the other side of that ball screen, but no one has figured out a way to make any of them. I watched the Florida game. They made them earlier, and then they couldn’t make anymore. I think we made a couple tonight. I think that’s what’s more special about what they do is you just don’t make that shot on the other side of the ball screen. The way it presents itself on tape, it’s a lot different seeing it in person.”

On defending Ben Brust’s shooting:
“Well, some of them were help and recover shots. We got overextended, got ourselves in long closeouts, and it’s too late. I think the first two that got him going were the ones I was more upset about. He basically just stared us down, just looked us over and shot it. Those are the ones you have to eliminate from him because if you’re going to have long closeouts, then you’re going to give up some of those shots, because he’ll just step further back.”

On Wisconsin’s willingness to make the extra pass:
“That, and the fact that their dribbles are to the basket. They’re downhill, and it’s only one or two.  From where they catch the ball, it’s usually one dribble that can get them to the front of the rim, and the defense either has to step up or they’re going to get layups. When you step up, that creates the extra pass. It lends to that, the extra pass, and it lends to how they attack downhill rather than wasting dribbles side to side.”

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