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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. UNLV



Dec. 10, 2011

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Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Wisconsin’s rebounding today:
“I definitely liked the effort. Again, sometimes it’s where the ball is bouncing, whether or not teams are taking long shots, are missing shots or making them. The fact that they did not have an offensive rebound in the first half, I thought our guys did a good job getting bodies on people. That team is pretty athletic, pretty bouncy, and they’re a very good rebounding team. It played to our advantage. We got some offensive rebounds because there were enough of them to go get. When you’re not making shots there’s enough opportunities. We battled them in there on the glass. I can take that.”

On Wisconsin’s defense:
“I’ll tell you, they’re working extremely hard. A friend called me yesterday and said, ‘You need to tell your guys to stop working so hard on defense. They’re not shooting the ball real well.’ I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘You’re expending all your energy down on the defensive end.’ I don’t think so. Defensively, we locked in on some things, we recognized some strengths of theirs, our players listened. Coach [Gary] Close did a great job with the scouting report. The guys stuck to our rules 90 percent of the time. Their recognition of the help-recover, they’re doing some things that are making it tough for the other team to get comfortable. That’s the main thing.”

On Wisconsin’s ball movement:
“Yes [I was pleased], especially how well they were playing the ball, a lot of hands and a lot of straight arms, so to speak. It’s very difficult to be able to turn a corner or gain an advantage as an offensive player if you’re not getting that little edge. What happened was, because people were helping and taking that away so much, Ben [Brust] was moving away from the ball and finding soft spots, and he’s really good at that. He moves better away from the ball than anyone we have. As a result, he gets wide open looks.”

On Brust’s lack of making shots since BYU:
“Well, the UNLV coach was an assistant coach at BYU. There might be a connection there. But you’re right. That’s how shooters are. There’s no question you want players to be consistent, you want people to shoot 40 percent from three-point range every night. Some nights it might be 0 percent, some nights it might be 100 percent. He does stretch defenses. He does need to be guarded. He causes an asterisk in scouting reports, as everybody knows. There are guys we play all the time that do the same thing to us, we just need to find them. He’s really helped us, and defensively, he’s not the liability that he was last year.”

On Brust being a fearless shooter:
“He knows he doesn’t bring a pretty face to the court when he comes in. He knows his role. I don’t mean that literally. He’s got energy, he’s got a good bounce to him. He’s pretty heady. I just questioned his last three. When we get the offensive rebound, our rule is, on a kick-out, those are the easiest 3’s to hit. I allow our shooters to shoot them. Time and score is also a factor. I think he does that in his sleep, though. When he caught that he was only thinking one thing.”

On what kind of test this was against UNLV:
“Their only bump has been against Wichita State, a pretty good team. Coach [Gregg] Marshall there coached at Winthrop. A player from Wichita State had eight 3’s. UNLV has lost two games to two individuals who have a combined 15 3’s. I don’t know if you could ever find that in the history of 3’s. UNLV is that good that it took a player getting hot for us to end up on the left-hand side. That’s a good team. That team is not ranked, which I’m very surprised about. And plus they’ve had to travel. Now they go home and fly to Chicago again. That’s quite a schedule they have.”

On Jordan Taylor’s play tonight:
“His shot wasn’t going, but he did get fouled shooting a three. That’s what the defense gave us at the time. They weren’t giving us very much. Both teams were very stingy. You have to credit UNLV’s defense, they’re tough to score on. Jordan will be fine. He’ll just get ready for the next one. Another short turnaround.”

Sophomore G Ben Brust

On his last 3 of the game:
“I didn’t hesitate. I probably should have. Coach (Bo Ryan) always preaches to shoot the kick-outs, so I shot the kick-outs.”

On practicing his shot in his sleep:
“Well, I hope mine was a little prettier than coach’s [Bo Ryan’s imitation of his shot.] The past three games, a lot of them [3-point attempts] felt good, they just weren’t going in. You’ve got to have shooter’s amnesia, just keep firing and let it go and shoot out of it.”

On finding soft spots to knock down shots:
“Well, sometimes you’ve got to be aware of when your teammates are driving. Sometimes they see inside-help, sometimes they don’t. You just kind of got to feel it out and find open spots. You’ve got to get in the vision of your teammates so they can find you. You just kind of got to be out there moving and trying to see what’s out there.”

Junior F Mike Bruesewitz

On taking being outrebounded offensively personally:
“Yeah I think we kind of took it personally. It just kind of felt like we need to get back to controlling the glass because that obviously results in wins. If you look at stats a lot of times, teams that outrebound and win the battle of the boards, they usually win. Offensively, we just had guys go to the glass, and the ball bounced our way a little bit today. We had some guys get their hand on it and get the tip. Stuff like that, guys being able to run it down. It was just a good team effort.”

On opponents’ frustration of being held to low-scoring offense:
“A little bit [sensing opponent’s frustration.] They’re a very talented team. They score close to I think 80 or 90 points a game. That’s not the first team we’ve faced that’s done that. I think that’s something we need to continue to do is hang our head on defense, keep those high-scoring teams within our point threshold and make sure we can take care of business that way.”

Senior G Jordan Taylor

On what’s making the team so good on defense:
“I think a lot of things. I think guys’ just willingness to kind of play together and pick up for one another;  running out to shooters. Uniquely, this team at the three, four with Mike (Bruesewitz) and Ryan (Evans) spot being able to guard. They can guard a lot of guards, and at the same time they can guard big. I think that makes us pretty versatile defensively. Other than that, just buying into all of our rules and stuff.”

On being double-teamed:
“They did a good job of doing that or whatever they were doing. It worked obviously for me individually. Like you said all year long, we’ve got a lot of guys on our team that can step up and Ben (Brust) did that today. As far as the other thing [on if being double-teamed will be the norm], you just got to keep working, trying to improve every game. That’s what I ‘m going to do, but as long as we’re winning games. If we win the rest of our games, and I go 0-10 and we still win, that’s cool with me, I guess.”

UNLV Head Coach Dave Rice

Opening Statement:
"I'm really disappointed with the way that we started the game. I'm not pleased at all with our execution on either end of the floor. We regrouped at the half; we came out and looked like we were supposed to look in terms of our aggressiveness. There's no excuses, we've just got to play better and execute better; we've got to get tougher."

On the team starting the game with a lack of energy:
"We need to start games much better with a lot more energy, particularly on the road at a place like Wisconsin, where they're 152-12 under Coach (Bo) Ryan. They're big, they're tough, they're strong; we need to be more aggressive and play with more confidence at the start of the game."

On the team's inability to stop sophomore G Ben Brust:
"It's a big concern. Brust was 7-for-7 (from the three-point line). It's all part of the learning process, but it's inexcusable. It's my fault. We need to do a better job at contesting three-point shots. That was one of the keys to this game - to make sure that we got to shooters. We did not do a good job of that. Even though they were 10-for-26, we cannot allow one guy to take over the game the way Brust did."

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