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Dec. 5, 2009

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Dec. 5, 2009

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan
On the importance of coming back after the Duke win...

"Here's a key in that game: they ran a half-court offense. You want to know the best part about that game? We had to guard every possession. There were quicker guys in some spots. The key about that game is that if you look at all the stats, that's a solid game. The best part was it wasn't a rag-tag game. We had 10 turnovers and I thought we had 20 because you know how I am. They key is that we stayed disciplined in our lanes, in our positions defensively and limited them to very few at-the-rim-type shots. When you ask to come back in this way, the best part was our discipline."

Do you expect that your team can be that disciplined the rest of the year, no matter who you play?
"Well, there will be teams that will be bigger, stronger. Everybody knows that. But again, we always coach the game of basketball, not the opposition. They key is that for us, we are respecting the game of basketball and playing it like it should be played. So, I would say 80 percent of the time we did that. Can we do that all the time? You always try. The other teams are trying too. But now we go to a true road game, an in-state school. We all know what these are like. Our guys get a day to catch up a little bit then they're in the weight room at 6:45 a.m. Monday morning, getting ready for Green Bay."

On the performance of his guards...
"Well 9-12 for Jordan and Jason Bohannon. Then Pop (Trevon Hughes) with that spark in the second half really helped him. He didn't seem quite as in sync in the first half as he can be. They were getting into him a little bit. They were using some quicker guys on him. You have to remember his match-up in the last game. He was guarding a bigger guard. And Rob Wilson, he did a nice job at guard. Guard play was pretty solid. They didn't get beat very much off the dribble, they helped each other and for the most part, other than some lapses there by Trevon, they took care of the ball."

On how Bohannon, Hughes and Taylor used their strength to get so many rebounds...
"Well when you shoot 29 percent, there are a lot of balls coming off the rim to where guards could get them. Our guys understand that everybody stays to rebound on the defensive end. We're not looking to leave anybody. Our guards stay in to rebound. That doesn't surprise me with the number of rebounds available in that game because maybe they weren't shooting it that well."


UW Player Post-game Quotes
Trevon Hughes
On the Badgers' guard performance overall...

"We just have to make plays and get in the lane. Jordan (Taylor) did a good job again getting in the paint and making plays today. He finished well. He was 5-for-6 and his turnover ratio was great and so was Jason Bohannon's. I turned the ball over a little bit today. I was probably a little too nonchalant with it. We needed our rebounding today. Our big guys did a good job on their big guys and blocked out and we (the guards) had to help them to get the loose balls."

On the guards' ability to produce scoring opportunities...
"It's important to have confidence and everybody believing in one another and we're getting the open look this year. This year our shots are actually going down for us. We take repetitions and take a lot of shots in practice and we know each other's movements. I think this year we have a better team bond than we did last year."

Jason Bohannon
On what was important to do in the game after the Duke upset...

"To not let up. No matter who comes in or wherever we go, every team is capable of beating anyone. They came in and played offense and they played a lot of defense and worked the shot clock for 30-plus seconds in each and every possession. When we are on defense for that long, we pick up a lot of different things and that helps us quite a bit."

On hitting three 3-pointers today...
"It feels good. You just have to have confidence in your shot. The shots were there against Duke and the shots were there again today and they happened to fall today. If my shots aren't falling, I'm trying to contribute in some other way and that's how any other person on the team is."

On potentially being ranked...

"It really doesn't mean a lot to us. We like to stay focused on one game at a time. We have to get to where we want to be in March and get to where we want to be come the Big Ten season. We have two really big games coming up. We have to go up to Green Bay next week and also Marquette. We just have to take one game at a time."

Jordan Taylor
On moving on after the Duke upset...

"I think it's always hard to come back and practice the next day after a win like that, but we have a coach who puts a lot of emphasis on what's next. So that's what we are used to doing at this point."


Grambling State Head Coach Bobby Washington
Opening statement...

"One of the things that we definitely try to do with everything that we've had to endure this year is just make sure our kids play hard. I hope that that is something people could see today. We have to learn to continue to play harder and continue to keep the Grambling fight while we're playing. And that's one of the things that we know we can control with all the things that have happened this year; there have been a lot of things that have been out of our control. As long as I know my team is playing hard, we execute, and we're trying to run our system, I know we'll be okay in our league. Wisconsin, what can you say? It is what it is. Coach Ryan does a great job. He's always done a great job and he'll continue to do a great job. They're big, they're strong, they're talented, and they continue to run their system. He's going to be right where he needs to be in the Big Ten to be in contention to win it. I think that's something that you can definitely see."

On yesterday's travel day...
"We were in Shreveport (Louisiana) and were going to Dallas and there were some mechanical problems with the plane. Those are one of those things we can't control. We didn't get to Dallas on time to meet our connecter that, I believe, was taking us to Chicago or right to Madison. So we had to work it out. I tell these guys all the time, `All you guys want to play in the NBA. All you guys want to play overseas.' I used this example the: Miami Heat played at Denver Nuggets. They didn't do well. They had to do interviews like this, and then they have to drive to the airport, get on their charter plane, which still takes a while to load up all the bags and things. They get into LA at three, four in the morning, they get a little sleep, they have their shoot around and things. It is a business, and then they have to come out and play. I said, `Well, welcome to Division I basketball. Welcome to the real world.' No excuses. It happens when you fly. It's just something you have to deal with. Anytime you get on the hardwood, you have to be ready for business. That's it."

On the difference in play coming into the second half...
"Well that's what took me a long time to come in here. It was like the first three minutes, the first four minutes; we didn't come out to compete. Like I said, that's why it took me a while to come in here. I had to lay into my team; because that's one thing we're going to do. We're going to compete. `If you don't want to compete,' I told them, `go home. At Christmas time, pack your bags and go home.' That's always been a staple of teams I've had, regardless of what we've had to go through, we're going to come out and we're going to compete. It's all about respect. Of course, Wisconsin did a great job, a phenomenal job with the program and things of that nature. We're trying to get there, and the way you get there is you have a system where you always compete. There's nothing less. We just didn't hit shots, and of course Wisconsin's big bodies. After a while those big bodies lay on you and we have small bodies and it wears you down. I think that's what happened, but once again, they did a great job. It always seems to happen with the talent level Wisconsin has and we have; you can hang for a little bit, but then the superior talent and skill starts to show."

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