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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Marquette



Dec. 3, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Wisconsin vs. Marquette
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Dec. 3, 2011

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

On what he saw from Jordan Taylor and what they were doing to frustrate him:
“First of all there is a lot of attention paid to what he does and rightfully so. He gets that from the other teams. Sometimes maybe you get in a position where you try to over create and overdo things, but he is a player. If you look at some of the things that we do to guys who have certain credentials and then you try to take those away, it’s how that player reacts in the moment and unfortunately when you’re playing in foul trouble you do tend to play a little differently. So you need to stay out of foul trouble. Two charges and two reach downs which are very uncommon, but on the two calls where he was called there was a pile of people and he comes out of there with the two fouls. You can’t be in a position to have that happen to you as a player. You know you use your body, chest up, we always talk about reaching up with our hands, not down. Two of them were there and he’s a point guard, he was trying to make a play, just like we take charges. He got two charges on him. So be it.”

On it being a normal Wisconsin defensive effort just not making shots:
“I think we had some pretty good looks. We know our weaknesses, we know our flaws, we know where they are and we’ve always said we’ve got to hit shots especially from the perimeter in order to free up some stuff going to the basket. We got some points in the paint, but it wasn’t from second-chance opportunities. That is where they got us on second-chance opportunities. It’s kind of like the game there last year, we had the lead, we had the lead, we had the lead they made a push at the end kind of how we made a push but when you’re digging that long, I always tell our guys stop digging. Pull yourself out of the hole and we didn’t quite do that.  We definitely need to shoot better than that to have a chance, but that is two pretty good teams this week. You shoot a little higher percentage, you have two more shots go down, two or three more shots and it’s a different story. This is how these games went, now we see how the next game goes. We’re not going to change anything we are doing it’s just that we have some guys that are streaky offensively, we really do. I think everybody has seen that, in which we kind of do.”

On what he will learn from his team when he sees how they respond to the two losses:
“We’ll see, but we played two really good teams, two highly contested games. There wasn’t a whole lot of being nice to the other guy the past week. I like some things that I saw, that I’ve seen this week. I think those things are going to benefit us later. This was a heck of a challenge and the next one will be a heck of a challenge. I saw some things I really like and I saw some things that we know we have to work on, but I’m not trading them.”

Senior G, Jordan Taylor 

On if opposing team is focusing on taking him out of games:
“As a team, we have plenty of guys capable of making plays. We’re more worried about doing all the things right, as a team, that we need to be doing.” 

On how frustrating it was at the end of the game when Marquette kept making key baskets:
“Darius Johnson-Odom made some tough shots down the stretch, Todd Mayo did too, but it was just a matter of us letting them get comfortable and doing things they’re used to doing. We’re good at taking guys out of their comfort zone, and we just didn’t do that.”

Sophomore G, Josh Gasser 

On how he feels after losing the rivalry game:
“When we lose a game, I’m always frustrated. When we play an in-state team, on our own court, and we didn’t take care of business, it’s frustrating. It’s a game that we didn’t win. It’s frustrating no matter who you play and you can’t get a win. When it’s a rivalry, it’s a little more frustrating, especially when we know we didn’t play our best game.”

Marquette head coach Buzz Williams

On the defense and the win:
“As I’ve said I think that’s the key to the level of success that we can achieve as a team this year. I think in prior years we have proven the level of success will be dependent on our defensive efficiency. You think about the success that Wisconsin has had specific to us and our three years of playing. In late clock situations they have been as good as any team in the country and I think they are even better this year then they have been because all five guys can score from anywhere on the floor. So I thought that the ten consecutive stops that we had after they brought it to within one was absolutely critical. The guys that we had on the floor admit that run was a collection of guys that have never even dreamed of playing in a situation that they were in. For us to win in this type of environment against a hall of fame coach with the winning percentage that they have had here at the Kohl Center, it’s not just one or two  guys, or just the head coach, it’s the totality of everyone in the program, whether their names are typed in the program or not. It takes all of us, we’ve all been locked in on that. Our staff did a perfect job on preparation, our guys did a great job in absorbing it all and we were able to execute, for the most part, from start to finish.”

On the stats not portraying the result of the game:

“None of that (the stats) trends towards even close to success for us. It takes all of us. Junior’s (Cadougan) not playing, DJ (Darius Johnson-Odom) gets two fouls in the first half, Jae (Crowder) gets two fouls in the first half then Jae gets his third foal. I put Jamail (Jones) in, Jamail gets hurt.

We’re third in the country in assists. All of that though is not because we’re really good. A lot of that is because we play an 86-possession game. So when you cut that down and turn that into a 66-possession game, number one, you’re not going to have as many assists and number two, a lot of our assists come in transition or come off penetration. How Wisconsin plays defensively, their rotation is not your typical defensive rotation, so the number of assists that you create for others is going to be down. You have to be able to finish on your own. For the most part if it’s off penetration you have to finish against [Jared Berggren] and [Frank Kaminsky] between the ball and the basket. That’s extremely hard to do. I think that having 17 offensive rebounds is critical because it’s so hard to score on them on your first shot opportunity because they are so big and they are so fundamentally sound in how they play defensively. You have to have some guys running at it to negate all that on second and third-chance opportunities. We missed some of those that could have come back and bit us.”

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