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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. NC State



Dec. 1, 2010

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan
On his team’s defensive performance:
“We’ve seen them attack some teams and make some pretty good decisions. We tried to squeeze the court as we usually do when you’re playing teams that are good off the bounce. That’s what I liked the most, how we cut down the driving lines, and kept Scott Wood pretty much in check.”

On Jordan Taylor’s aggressiveness in the lane:
“He knows what makes a team more effective than not. He’s always had the green light to do that. It’s not like we tell him to take it down methodically, get it into the post. When it doesn’t happen in the game, it’s because the other team took it away from us defensively. Jordan Taylor understands what it takes.”

On shooting well tonight after not doing so the past few games:
“Well, it was a lot of the same looks. We just need to do it more consistently. We had some good runs in those few games where we looked like we shot it poorly. And that’s what you have to do, have more of the positive runs and not the droughts. The guys haven’t panicked, they ran good offenses, got good looks, and the shots went down. We got to the free throw line, which was good. They were very handsy, and the officials were calling it, so we ended up getting to the line.”

On avoiding scoring droughts:
“You have to believe that when you shoot, the next one’s going in. A lot of times our role players get wide open looks, so they have to be in position to score, just like Mike Bruesewitz did tonight. Ryan Evans got to the free throw line tonight. It’s always going to be the same, something positive happening leads to something else positive happening.  When you have negatives in a row: missed shots, missed opportunities, they tend to compound themselves.”

On what makes this team so good at responding from a loss:
“We don’t talk about winning and losing. I don’t use the language. You have to be resilient in this sport. As soon as something happens on one end of the floor, something is instantly happening somewhere else. You have to get back, make the next play, stop somebody, get a charge.”

Senior F Jon Leuer
On his improved and faster start:
“I think in the first five minutes both teams were feeling each other out and it was pretty close. And then we were able to separate from them, and then we got a big run to end the half. We always want to get off to a good start. We feel like if we can play from a lead, that’s to our benefit, because we feel like we can grind teams up with our cuts, and get the ball to the post. It’s hard to come back against us. Tonight we got off to a pretty good start, but the middle and end of the first half were really where we made our run and were being unselfish and getting good shots.”

On the Big Ten winning the Big Ten-ACC Challenge for the second-straight year:
“It means a lot. We take pride in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, and as a conference, it’s something we look forward to. So to win it, it definitely feels good. It builds up our RPI too for the conference, so that’s a positive, and overall, it’s just a good thing for the conference.”

Junior G Jordan Taylor
On the team’s offense performance improving since the Old Spice Classic:
“I think everybody was being more aggressive just as a whole. I think guys were taking more open shots in there. It was just a team effort as far as aggressiveness goes.”

On the satisfaction of the team executing the way it did:
“It felt good. They’re a pretty athletic team. They are young, but they’ve got some long athletes and some quick guards. Their ball pressure probably wasn’t as much as some of the teams we’ve faced, but they were athletic, and it was good to see guys getting off our cuts. We were able to draw fouls, get in the lane, and make plays for each other, which was encouraging to see.”

On his defensive effort:
“We kept guys out of the lane, and for the most part, when they got in the lane, we did a good job of keeping our hands off them and making them shoot over, especially their big guys. I think our bigs did a good job of chesting up. We had a few ticky-tack fouls, I know I had two, but other than that, we played  solid team defense, and they had some quick and athletic guys like I said, and we just kept them out of the lane.”

Sophomore F Mike Bruesewitz
On team’s improved shooting from Old Spice Classic:
“I don’t think anybody shot too well down in Orlando, including us. I think a lot of guys just got into the gym and got some jump shots up. But of course, it’s always nice to come home.”

NC State Head Coach Sidney Lowe
Opening statement:
"There is not much more to say, other than that was just a good old fashion... They play well, they shot the ball well, they executed, and we didn't. We turned it over and missed a lot of shots."

On shots the players were getting:
"We were getting some good looks, we had a couple inside, and we had some guys coming off the ball screening wide open shots. We didn't convert those, later on I thought we started to force some shots in."

"We started showing our youth again as we did in the Georgetown game, some guys trying to go one-on-one. We talked about that at half-time, and we talked about it at our time-out, first thing we do when we catch it is try to go one-on-one. So that was disappointing, that we are not making our adjustments and understanding how you have to play to try and win games."

On how his young players handled coming into the Kohl Center playing a team like Wisconsin:
"I don't think we handled it well, I don't think we handled it well at all. We were tentative, made bad decisions; a couple times we were just not ready to make the pass that was there. I don't think we handled it that well, I might be a little harsh on them right now because obviously this is tough to go in and play against an experienced team. But the guys that were there Ryan Harrow, DeShawn Painter and Lorenzo Brown they continued to play hard right till the end. I expect them to struggle some against guys like this, and I think they'll get better at it, but they could have been a little sharper tonight."

On how well Wisconsin shot:
"We knew they could shoot the ball, just knowing their personnel and watching their film. They are a different team, and that's the one thing, the adjustment our bigs had to make. When they get penetration, their bigs will pop out, they spread you out to shoot the ball. Several times they caught our centers down in there going for a rotational block shot and they kicked it out to their guys. They shot lights out, so we knew they could shoot the basketball, it wasn't a surprise."

On how young of a team NC State is:
"It causes problems for anybody, but for a young team in particular as I told our guys you've got to be really paying attention to detail. We have to be patient, and we really have to communicate and know their personal. That's a lot for a young team, when they are running the back screens and the cross screens, UCLA back screens and they pop out. The bottom line is when you get a team that can execute and read as well as these guys do, they are just tough to beat, especially for a young team that can just be a nightmare. Late in the game we started doing something, it was real simple, and we started getting open looks, because we had a guy who was reading the situation. Scott Wood, he got a shot, then two shots, dropped one down to Jordan, but it was simple when we were reading. They do it constantly, they just read everything, and they don't take poor shots and that's a sign of not only a well-coached team but also very disciplined players that are disciplined and understand how to play the game, and they do that well."

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