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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Virginia



Nov. 28, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Virginia
Nov. 28, 2012
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

On offensive production and flow:
“I thought we got some good looks. If we just could’ve controlled the ball a little bit better when we were making our drives. I think we didn’t fight through contact the way you need to when you’re playing in a grind game like that. I think [Traevon] Jackson will be better. This is the firt time this year we were in this kind of a game. It’s like last year when Trae was on scout team, he’s playing against Josh (Gasser) and guys like that a little more experienced. I think he learned some things. If we get to the rim stronger with ball and shoot a better percentage -- and we did not do that -- it’ll be corrected. Ben (Brust) had a few drives there and just didn’t finish strong." 

On decision to start Treavon Jackson:
“Performance. The way it should be in this world. He’s stronger and in this type of game he’s stronger with the ball. He’s going to be ok and George (Marshall) will be ok too. Defensively [Jackson] showed in the last two games against Creighton and Arkansas that he’s a stronger defender. He’s a strong young man. Thicker. I don’t need to go too far back to talk about a guy that was pretty strong. Maybe not that tall, but pretty strong. That’s where Trae is right now, he’s a little bit stronger with the ball.”

On inability to get to free-throw line:
“You like to get there. I think sometimes teams might give up certain shots from the perimeter. Sometimes that’s the way they design their defense. We do that. To open things up you’ve got to hit some outside shots. Plus, if you play with a lead you tend to get to the line a little bit more. Several of their free throws came from us trying to play catch up again.”

On the play of Atkins and Mitchell for Virginia:
“Mitchell and Atkins on the glass and how tenacious they were defensively. Those guys played extremely well. Because, you know Jesperson, Harris and Nolte can shoot it, so sometimes you concentrate on certain things. I thought those two guys just willed their team to winning.”

On success of the two Virginia bigs against Wisconsin’s senior frontline:
“Every once in a while in a couple of those situations a guard ended up on them, because of how we had to hedge on a shooter. So, it wasn’t just our frontline. It’s just that those guys had a nose for the ball, went after it and got it. That’s why they’re playing. It’s their job. They did it better than we did. So, no, I’m not surprised. We told our guys, ‘Hey, these guys worked for position’…they did their job. It’s a good thing when you have guys like that.”

On Tony Bennett’s job of preparing his team:
“I know what he’s experiencing. We all know, or anyone who’s coached in an area and then gone back. It sure is a lot better when you can come out with a [win]. I remember the first time we played Temple, and [we won]. The cheesesteak was better. So, whatever Tony’s having for dinner, I’m sure it will taste better. But, you know this is 40 minutes of basketball that puts you into position of, ‘Ok, where do you go from here?’ So, I’m sure he’s happy he got it. I know they’ve got work to do to go back and get ready for whoever they have next.”

Senior Jared Berggren

On if Virginia physically outplayed Wisconsin:
"There were so many opportunities where there were loose balls and it seemed like every time we were close to getting a big stop, the ball would bounce around and end up in their hands. Those were just toughness plays that we didn't make tonight and we've got to get back and get better at moving forward."

On defending Darion Atkins, Akil Mitchell in the post:
"They didn't do anything out of the ordinary or that we hadn't seen before, but like I said before, they just kind of out-toughed us tonight. Those are two good players, two hungry kids who work hard and they got the best of us tonight. We've got to do a better job of playing tougher and playing with more heart next time."

On if Virginia's defense took Wisconsin out of its offense:
"We knew they were a defensive team. They showed that tonight. We got some good looks and we knew what they were going to force us in to. In the post they came down and doubled a little bit, or at least showed help. We had some kick-outs off of that. We could've done a better job of moving the ball and moving bodies when they did help down in the post. We just didn't execute as well as we needed to."

On the growth of the team and how the game, loss will help:
"It's got to help us grow. If we don't grow from this it's going to be a long season. There's a lot we can take from tonight and learn from. It's still relatively early in the season, but at the same time we've taken some bumps here that we've got to learn from and have to turn the page moving forward."

Ben Brust

On the flow of the offense early in the season:
"We took a lot of shots, but we missed a lot of shots. The opportunities were there, but it was just a matter of knocking them down or not."

On final possession where he tried to draw a foul:
"I made the wrong play. It was open right away and then just caught it in no man's land a couple of times. I should've attacked, get fouled or scored and stopped the clock." 

On the run made by Virginia after Wisconsin took a 36-31 lead:
"It was 36-31 and then next thing you knew, in the snap of a finger, it was 36-36. Everything we built for kind of went away. There was opportunity there. I think they got an offensive rebound and then they hit a three to tie it up. (We've) just got to finish the possession and get the rebound and maybe it's a different story."

Virginia head coach Tony Bennett

On his emotions following the win:
"I have so much respect for this program and what Coach Ryan has done. I tried to prepare the guys, that if they wanted any chance at this game, they would have to be so tough-minded and sustain their defensive possessions, and be sound with the ball. I think they (Wisconsin) went up five or six, and I've seen a lot of teams just fold at that point in this environment, and I was just so pleased to see our guys answer quickly and then remain tough-minded. I know Wisconsin probably didn't play its best game, but I thought we had something to do with that. I thought we did a great job on the glass."

On whether his father, Dick, was here tonight:
"No. We came and shot some free throws late last night, and he met us. It was just neat to see him, and he said something to the guys. I don't even know if he watched it (the game). But I know he's proud of the guys, and we just wanted to try to define Virginia basketball a little more in a place where good basketball is known."

On what allowed his team to come away with a win tonight:
"Our goal was just to stay in front of Wisconsin all game. We're probably not going to outshoot them from three, but (we tried to) make it hard for them and contest them. We knew we couldn't take away all their threes and also take away the lane, so we just wanted them to earn their looks, to `one-and-done' them, or at least limit them. That's the stat that I'm the most pleased with, that we kept them off the glass from what they've been doing. So I think we were stingy on the defensive end, and then some guys made some plays, whether it was second-chance points or just hitting some big buckets. You need that in this environment to come away with a win."

On Joe Harris' performance:
"Joe had a terrific game. Joe took a step of faith to come to Virginia. I was recruiting him at Washington State, and I said `we're trying to start something at Virginia', and it's so rewarding to see him with that kind of game. He played with a great purpose, guarded well, and that last possession--to hold them without getting a shot--or at least late in the shot clock, was significant."

On what the key was to beating Wisconsin on the glass:
"We worked hard on block-outs preparing for this. When they run their offense, their spacing is one of the best that I've seen. They space the floor so well because their `fours' and `fives' can shoot it. They get spaced high and wide, so maybe they're not quite on the glass as much. So they were a little bit further away to get to the boards. I'll look at the tape, maybe it was just good fortune, but that was an emphasis of ours--to check and hold them if they were coming, or otherwise gang-rebound with all five guys."

On whether his team grew up tonight:
"I don't know if we were more composed or not tonight. It's just little steps at a time. I think it helped that we took a trip to Europe this summer. If you would have watched us play against Delaware this year or George Mason, seen us turn the ball over against some teams that pressed us, you'd probably see the youth. In this setting, I think we did grow up a little bit. We showed some poise, and we've got really unselfish guys. I think our guys know that this is how we have to play to have a chance." "

On his emotions following the win:
"My dad has shaped my career, there's no question about it. I've watched him and been so proud of his accomplishments, and to be able to come in and to be able to at least put some quality basketball on the floor, here, I know that would have meant a lot to him. Part of me wishes he would have been able to come, but it's probably better this way, who knows what he would have done. There are some great memories here with the players that I got to know, and the times with my dad. It's amazing what Bo has done. The years of Sweet 16s and conference championships, this program is built to last. For us to come in and do this was good."

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