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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Oral Roberts

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"We shot a lot of threes. And boy, a couple of them were halfway down. We talk about it all the time: some nights they’re not there so you have to find other ways to manufacture points. So we definitely shot more free throws. I though we were cutting hard away from the ball in streaks pretty well. That got us to the line. It’s one of those where they call averages averages for a reason. Because they take multiple scores and percentages and put them together and divide by the number of games, so the percentage we were shooting from three, you know there’s going to be some games where that’s not going to happen."

On difficulty finishing out the game:
"They got hot and they earned it. They played hard. It wasn’t coming easy. Our guys just kept banging at them, kept taking it inside. We didn’t finish on some of the post moves in there, but still, look at the difference in the paint and points off turnovers. That’s a good sign. The only way you’re going to be on the left-hand side is if you have those kind of numbers when you’re shooting the three the way we were."

On making Glover take a lot of jumpers:
"We stat that all the time. That is more than anybody else has had against us—tough twos fading left and we made him go right. Then he cooled off a little bit. But you have to find something, make him do something different. I thought physically in post—on those two lobs that they got were on our guards—we could have gotten into them a little better like a defensive back in football. And having played that position, it’s kind of instinctive to go into a guy, get the outside hand up and knock it away. But it’s easier said than done. I thought they hurt us with two buckets there when they got it down inside single digits going over the top. We’ll have to do a better job of that."

On happiness so far and what to expect when going down to Cancun:
"Well whether happy or not, the team’s going down the same way: bussing to Chicago and flying directly. Those were the six on the schedule. Three in a short burst here at the end. Record says what it is. We know Saint Louis is better. I pretty much thought that Saint Louis would do what they did tonight to Bowling Green. It’s tough for these teams to travel where there’s only one day in between. But Oral Roberts showed that maybe they were a little mentally fatigued. They’re competitors, so when they look up at the scoreboard and see the score the way it is, it’s like, ‘Hey, there’s not way these guys should be doing this to us.’ And then they start playing. I’m sure coach Sutton would tell you the same thing. They were moving better. They were getting some better looks, better screens. Defensively they did some things to us to take away some of the stuff we were getting, so you have to give them credit for making the comeback the way it was. Couple stretches there where a couple of those threes go down, it’s that feeling again. It’s that little spacing that you can get on teams that maybe gets them to think twice about some shots or what they’re doing. But they didn’t go down so they were staying right with it. They didn’t change their philosophy."

On how defense played:
"I thought we played better on some things. They didn’t get a lot of stuff going to the rim. They got a lot of pull-ups and then hit some threes after we helped a little too much. It’s kind of early—you look at stats on [D.J.] Jackson and [Bobby] Word and you say, ‘Well it’s not that we were saying let them shoot threes.’ But boy, once in the first half they hit a couple of them and I was like, ‘We better stretch the defense a little bit.’ And you stretch the defense and then attack dribble is a little more effective. And the post was a little more open. So you pick your poison and fortunately we held on long enough that the clock ran out and we were ahead."

UW Player Quotes

On the team’s ability to win with in variety of different ways:
Josh Gasser
: “Shots aren’t going to fall every game and it’s nice to have a guy like Frank (Kaminsky) who you can get the ball to and can score it well. Sometimes when shots aren’t falling, we’ll just call a play and get him the ball in the post and make plays that way. The good way to score is to get to the free throw line, get the ball as close to the basket as you can and hope that he’ll make a play and we’ve been pretty successful with that so far.”

Traevon Jackson: “This was a tough week. Thank god we got through the week. A long tough, tough week, but to see Frank (Kaminsky) really get in to his rhythm this week was huge. We need him. We needed that inside presence. To go forward from here, we can always shoot threes, we know we can all do that, but to see him really grow into his own down there has been huge, so that’s been good.”

On how Oral Roberts got back into the game in the second half:
“They’re just a good team, you have to give them some credit. (Shawn) Glover made tough shots. He made some big plays for them and a guy like that is hard to stop when he’s feeling it. Unfortunately, he got in to a little rhythm there and there’s a few minutes where we made mistakes offensively and didn’t get stuff going that way, but we were able to come out with a resilient win against a pretty darn good team in our third game this week so I’m pretty happy about that.”

On what it’s like to have Josh Gasser back on the floor this season:
Jackson: “It’s huge. Definitely another guy that can break down the defense. We know that Josh can get his shot off at any time. He’s one of the best finishers I’ve ever played with, especially for a guard position. He rarely takes it in to the hole where it doesn’t go in. It’s amazing. Sometime it’s just like there’s no way the shot is going in and it’s goes in all the time. So it’s really good to see him come back and take strides.”

Frank Kaminsky: “I think that Josh brings more leadership to this team. He’s vocal out there. Even though he’s vocal, he lets his play do the talking most of the time. He gets into the lane and finishes well, like Trae said, for a guard. It’s great to have another player like that back on the floor.”

On hitting 6-of-6 free throws in the final minutes of the game and how confident the team is at the free throw line:
“Yeah, we’re all good shooters and you’ve got to be tough minded at the end there.  We all want to take the shot, so it helps having guys who are not only capable of doing it but also confident in their ability to do it. That’s really good. I said to Ben (Brust) and Trae that as guards, we’ve got to call for the ball, be strong with it and once we get to the line, knock them down and we’re all confident in our ability to do that. So it’s definitely something once Big Ten season rolls around, there’s going to be a lot of tight games, back-and-forth games at the end, so we have to make sure we’re able to do that.”

Jackson: “I think it’s more like a competition with us. We take advantage of it. We practice these things in practice so to see us come down to it in a game like, ‘I want it, no I want it,’ so when we get up there it’s like, ‘yeah I got 2-for-2, what’d you get.’ So it’s healthy competition though because at the end of the day we’re getting better and why not get extra free throws in there.”

On it being the second time in the Bo Ryan Era that the team has gone 6-0 and if they are happy where the team is at:
Gasser: “It’s great to be 6-0 , to start that way, but being happy, that’s kind of a different thing because we know that we can play a lot better, especially on the defensive end. That’s something that we definitely need to clean up. We’re scoring pretty well, but we’re giving teams too many easy looks. They’re getting to the rim a little too easily, so we are obviously ecstatic that we are 6-0, but we’ve got some stuff to clean up and we’re going to get back to work and hopefully get better.”

Jackson: “A lot has been put on this week in terms of three games in five days, but at the end of the day, there are no excuses in terms of our defense. We know what we are capable of doing and we’re playing against teams, once conference comes around and in these next upcoming non-conference games that we have to stop the ball regardless of how much we score. That’s what we’ve got to hang our hats on if we want to accomplish the goals that we want to accomplish as a team.”

Oral Roberts Head Coach Scott Sutton

Opening Statement:
"I’m proud of our guys. Because when we got down 17 early in the game, it could have gone either way. It could have been a 30-, 40-point loss. I thought our guys really battled a lot and did a great job to get back in the game. And we put ourselves in position. You’re down four points with two or three minutes left and we just needed to get a couple key stops and have some good offensive possessions and you never know what’s going to happen.

Playing our first game without Obi [Emegano], our leading scorer, I really didn’t know what to expect, so I was pleased that we fought. We shot the ball extremely well. Probably the biggest difference in the game was our turnovers. And Wisconsin is not a team that forces a lot of turnovers. We were rattled early and had some costly turnovers and then giving up 12 offensive rebounds—and they converted 15 second-chance opportunities and we only got two out of it. Those are probably the biggest keys in why we got beat or reasons why we got beat. I have so much respect for coach Ryan and he’s a great, great coach. This has a chance to be really, really good and they’ll be better next year."

On what to expect without leading scorer:
"I think our guys got rattled. And Obi’s (Emegano) not only our leading scorer, but he’s our best defender, he’s our leader. He has a great calming influence over our guys. We missed that. We missed it the other night against Saint Louis. It’s a tie game with nine minutes left and we end up getting beat by 17 points. And that’s kind of what happened tonight to start the game. We need to get off to, obviously, a much better start than we did. But again, you get down 17 to a great team in front of 16,000 fans and, I’m pretty proud of our guys to fight back like they did."

On Wisconsin’s ability to score in a variety of ways:
"I told our guys, ‘They’ll be the best offensive team we’ll play all year.’ To be able to have five weapons on the floor at all times that not only can shoot the ball, they can drive the ball, they’re smart, they play well together and they’re just very, very efficient. If you told me we would hold them to seven 3-pointers when they’re averaging 10 per game and hold them to 30 percent, I’d say we did a heck of a job. But they can score in different ways like you said. They can drive the ball. I was really impressed with [Frank] Kaminsky. And even his backup that came in—those are good players. As they get better defensively, and believe me they’ll get better defensively, this will be a team that has a chance to go a long ways in March."

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