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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Bowling Green



Nov. 21, 2013

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Wisconsin vs. Bowling Green
Nov. 21, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On whether his team is good at finding the open man and sharing the ball:
“I wouldn’t say it’s too early to make that assessment, because it’s true. The numbers will tell you that, and if you watch them play and practice, which you do, that’s an area where we know it’s a strength at this point. But we know there are always different types of teams that you’re going to play – bigger, stronger, maybe smaller, quicker. But so far that’s a strength.”

On whether he anticipated the offense being this balanced through five games:
“It’s what we’ve seen – in practice, up in Canada, when we chart our practices. If you stop one guy, are we going to have that type of team? I don’t think that’s the case. The offensive efficiency, those numbers are speaking for themselves, to this point.”

On how Frank Kaminsky played in his first game since his 43-point explosion:
“He wasn’t forcing anything. I think when he found out that the guy he was playing against in there was coming at him, he was going to make him guard and make him move his feet. Frank didn’t do as much of that in the game against North Dakota because they didn’t have a big guy like Bowling Green has, and they have more than one. They were taking it at him, making him expend energy on the defensive end and his opportunities weren’t there as much. He passed up a couple because the guy was flying at him. He’d give a shot fake, put the ball on the floor, and made some good decisions that way. At least he got an assist in this game. Frank handled it well. He stayed within himself.”

On the defensive performance:
“I don’t know if we’re a little leery on the fouling situation or not, but that’s not an excuse. That’s what all the coaches are going through now, adjusting to the rules and moving your feet and getting in position and doing things better. We talk about it all the time, how we have to get better.”

On the play of freshman guard Bronson Koenig:
“Just look at his production. Defensively, a couple times he got exposed, but it’s not like the other guys aren’t getting exposed at times. He’s learning to adjust to college. He’s producing. He’s a player.”

On Wisconsin’s more up-tempo start to the season:
“We’ve always tried to push the ball, and then if you don’t have it, you run half-court offense. That’s never changed. Most of the guys who have seen my teams play, from the ’80s on -- Platteville, Milwaukee, and here -- they know if we can get something in transition we’re going to take it. If not, then you’ve got to guard because we’re going to try to get a really good shot. Somebody told me a really long time ago that that’s how you’re supposed to play the game. We’ve been able to get some buckets (in transition), but maybe it’s because the other team is adjusting to the rules too, defensively, about taking charges, rotations, hands. I don’t get too high, never get too low.”

On whether Kaminsky has done a better job of being assertive offensively:
“Yes, but I also think it’s because he’s looking to draw some contact and get to the free-throw line, because everybody’s trying to do that now. He’s better. He’s a year older, stronger. Mentally, he’s picked up some things. He’s in a system where he can use all of his abilities. That’s why he came here.”

UW Player Quotes

Josh Gasser

On the status of his knee and whether he was satisfied with the defensive performance…
“The knee feels great. Today was probably the best it has felt. It was obviously part of that, but it was just good to get back up and all’s all right. I definitely don’t think that we’re happy at all with our defensive performance. How many points did they have? 64, that’s still just a little too much. Too many points in the paint, too many uncontested layups, just easy buckets that we’re not accustomed to giving up. We’re still working through some things, I think it was better than the last game, but still not where we want to be.”

On sharing the ball, and having so many scoring threats…
“It’s just good to have unselfish guys, everyone contributes and brings something different I think, which is a good thing. We moved the ball out. We got some good inside action with Sam (Dekker) driving to the hoop and everything. You know, stats like this, is when we’re at our best, when we have everyone contributing, everyone moving the ball, playing unselfishly, so that’s something we need to keep doing.”

On Bowling Green’s press and whether that is something that needs to be worked on…
“Yeah, definitely. When teams press you’ve got to kind of make it in your favor, get through it and get easy buckets off of it. We kind of got rattled a little bit, got a couple of turnovers, you know 10 turnovers is a little too much, definitely that press kind of took us out of rhythm but at the same time it was late in the game so we were trying to move the ball a little bit, get to the free throw line, get easy buckets. I don’t know if it was just the press but again, we need to keep being strong with the ball and making good decisions on pressure, because teams are going to pressure us all year long big time, so we need to just keep getting better at that.”

Sam Dekker

On toughness to scout Wisconsin based on its balance…
“When they look at pre-game scouting reports and they see six guys in double figures here, five the first game, we have almost a different leading scorer every night. You kind of have to approach this team as in who are we going to take away today and who are we going to focus on, but there are always going to be two, three, four other guys who are going to be able to hit a big shot and make a play. We have four or five guys that on any given night could easily lead our team in scoring, and lead multiple teams in scoring. Yeah, so it’s probably tough to scout against us and we’ve got to use that to our advantage that we have good balance and we keep sharing the ball because, we can all fill it up and when you see box scores like this you can see what type of unselfish team we have that we can pass the ball around and get everyone else their looks.”

Ben Brust

On whether he can remember a time that UW had this many scoring options…
“1995? I mean there have been many teams during Coach Ryan’s years, but since I’ve been here, my freshman year I remember Josh (Gasser), Keaton (Nankivil), Jon (Leuer), Jordan (Taylor), there were a bunch of guys who could put the ball in the hole. But this group has a lot of guys who put work in and have made sure that when they get the opportunity with an open look they’re going to knock it down. It shows right here, I don’t have to say anything, the proof is in the pudding and it was very similar to St. John’s when we had many in double figures and I think that will help us because we have a lot of guys who can score and pass the ball too to get good looks.”

Bowling Green Head Coach Louis Orr

Opening Statement:
“To God be the glory for the things he’s done, doing and going to do. I thank him for being good to me and being good to us. I told our guys going in we had to play a solid game. We had to play and compete for 40 minutes and not have lapses. We couldn’t get into a tag game with Wisconsin.

I’ve been very impressed with their ability to score in different ways. They are just a tough team to cover. I thought for the first 12-13 minutes, we were right there. It was 23-22, eight minutes to go, and then for the last eight minutes in the first half, that was the difference in the game. We stopped scoring, we couldn’t stop them, they shot 55 percent from the floor.

We got away from getting the ball inside. I thought we did a good job getting the ball in. I thought we scored a decent amount of points in the paint, 18 of our 28 in the first half. I thought we kind of got away from that.

Wisconsin, they are just a tough cover. They are a tough, tough cover. They spread you out. They hit threes. They play off the dribble. They post every position, and you have to worry about a 7-footer that can shoot threes. It’s a team that you have to guard and it’s not easy. But I commend our guys. They didn’t quit in the second half. We pressed some, we kept battling and fighting. You have to guard and you have to try and take advantage of your size more when you play Wisconsin. It is just hard to do. They are a tough cover. They are a very, very versatile team.”

On what makes Wisconsin so tough to defend and how the team is so willing to share the ball:
“The ball finds the open man. Going in, one of my other concerns was, they are a good 3-point-shooting team at all five positions, but they are also very effective off the dribble. So if you have to get in a help situation where there are rotations and you are in the scramble mode, the ball has a way of finding the open man. With them spreading you out, with their ability to shoot the three, it makes them tough to cover off the bounce. With the new rules, I think our guys, it is just tough getting in foul trouble and they get into the bonus so quick. It’s tough, especially when you have to guard guys outside the three. But they share the ball. They have guys that are versatile. They have good chemistry. We tried to play a little zone, throw them off, change the rhythm a little bit, but then you have to deal with them knocking down threes. For us, it’s a good learning experience. You want to win every game you play, but I don’t think we will play a more versatile offensive team all year than Wisconsin. We just have to grow from it.”

On if he anticipated such a balanced scoring effort from Wisconsin tonight:
“I knew they were a balanced team. I watched enough film. We knew that everyone on their team was a threat. That comes with their offense. They run the swing offense. It’s a five-man offense. That is the way they play. That is what helps make them dangerous, because you have to guard everybody, and even their guys off the bench, they shoot the ball very well. I expected it to be balanced. We didn’t focus on one guy. The big thing for us was to try and contain the dribble penetration so we wouldn’t have to get in rotations, playing great team defense and just trying to contest shots as best we can and make them make shots over us.”

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