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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Presbyterian



Nov. 20, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Presbyterian
Nov. 20, 2012
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan:

On Presbyterian head coach Gregg Nibert saying that was the best passing, shooting performance he’s faced in Division I:
“I’ll make sure I pass that onto the players. That’s quite a compliment. I thought we made the extra pass. I thought we moved the ball well against Syracuse last year, but the problem was we still needed more. This team, it wasn’t the length or the bounce, but the extra pass was there. (With) the (passes) extra sometimes you get a much better look and we recognized sometimes when guys went under screens, when we were open for three--inside outside action. We did move the ball well. They’ve played a lot of good teams since they’ve jumped into Division I, so I’ll make sure I pass that along to the players.” 

On the early-season play of Ben Brust:
“What the (heck) is going on? He’s got a nose for the ball, I said it before. The sample size is bigger and how can a guy do that at his size as many times? The opportunities are there sometimes. Missed shots bounce his way. Where hard work meets opportunity, guys can get pretty lucky. It seems like a lot for the little guy, but it’s not. He’s working hard, he’s got the opportunities and he’s taking advantage of them.”

On the play of Frank Kaminsky off the bench:
“Frank did a better job of zeroing in on some things--stronger with the ball. We’re going to play bigger teams, which we know…You know in our minds we’re always preparing for what’s coming down the road, too. He took care of the precious present. I thought he moved his feet better and I thought he played well. (He) took advantage of his opportunities, was digging a little more, mixing it up a little better.” 

On Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten:
“I know the schools well. Having been slightly recruited by Rutgers, as I was reminded by Bill Foster the former coach, he reminded me I was recruited by Rutgers and said, ‘I think I sent you one letter.’ It was a little more than that. Good schools academically. I thought those are two good schools to play. I think it’s a good Thanksgiving treat for everybody in our conference. I think they’re going to add to our conference and I think that it’ll be good.”

On mix of overall field-goal shooting:
“(Coach Nibert) is limited a bit on his number of players and I think we wore them down a little bit. We didn’t take the first good look 90-some percent of the time (in the first half)…I think [Presbyterian fatique] contributed to the better percentage in the second half. I think a few more times we made that extra pass that I was referring to.”

Presbyterian head coach Gregg Nibert:

“We just came off the Creighton game where they shot the lights out, and we were looking at Wisconsin’s shooting from the three, and we said we didn’t think anybody could shoot any better than Creighton against our zone. I’m telling you, they shot the lights out, they were 16-for-37 (from three) and that was one of the things, where getting in our zone, we didn’t think we could man up with them, and what an unbelievable display of 3-point shooting and passing.

“We hoped we could stay in the game with playing a zone, and to get out there and try to get to the shooters, but they put five guys around the perimeter and they did a tremendous job. Our guys are still learning the zone, and being on every pass, and whenever we made a mistake, they made us pay. We’ve played a lot of good teams in the five years of us being D-I, but that was the greatest display of shooting and passing that I’ve seen.”

On the Badgers’ breaking down their zone:

“Like we said with Creighton, and like we thought a little bit here as we tried to pick our poison, we didn’t want to be chasing around them with our size. We’re a little bit small and have some bad matchups. We’re kind of depleted from a depth standpoint too, and we thought guys would get tired against their passing and movement. We had some bad matchups in the post, and on the perimeter, so we tried to go with the zone and hope like heck that they’d contest every shot, which sometimes they didn’t get contested, because they did a great job at moving the ball. We had two guys on the ball, and when you have two guys on the ball that left somebody open and they found him every time. We knew Ben (Brust) could shoot, but we just didn’t do a good job of getting out there to him, and he had a great night going 6-for-9. We knew obviously (George) Marshall could shoot and those are the two guys who we left wide open, and they were putting up some deep 3s too.”

On the matchup of Wisconsin vs. Creighton on Friday:

“It will be a tremendous game. What Creighton had when we played them, and that’s why they’re great, is they come off the bench and they are good. They bring 3-point shooters to the game, (Ethan) Wragge and a couple of other guys, and they’ve got a complete team of 10 players. What Wisconsin showed tonight is when they come off the bench they’re big. It’ll be a great matchup. I think it’ll be a two to four-point game. It’s who will make the shots, and who makes the plays, and I think it will be a heck of a game against two very well-coached, unbelievable defensive and offensive teams, and teams that aren’t just good with their first five, but they’re good when they come off the bench.”

Wisconsin Player Postgame Quotes

Junior Ben Brust:

On the team making the extra pass tonight:
“That’s exactly what we talked about. We knew we were going to get good looks, but getting a great look is obviously something we did. We got 24 assists, I think. That’s a pretty good ball game across the board, and balanced on the assists effort too.”

On what has fueled his recent stretch of double-doubles:
“I wish I had a good answer. I’ve been playing this game for so long; I kind of just have a knack for where it’s going to be. I watch the angle of the shot, where it’s going to hit the rim, time it and go get it.”

On the team’s rebounding:
“It’ll get different, for sure. Teams aren’t going to be missing that many times later on in the year, which will really limit the opportunities for rebounds. Collectively, we’re going to have to do a good job throughout the year of team rebounding, so far we’ve done that.”

On if he likes playing against zone defenses:
“I’d be lying if I said no. It’s good to have teammates who are going to make the extra pass. But, it was a good game overall for the team. We were one away from tying the school record for threes. If we see zone again we’ll be doing the same thing—moving the ball and getting the better shot.”

On how the team will adjust ahead of the Creighton game:
“We can take some good confidence from this game. It’s been good that we can feel out our teammates and pick up on tendencies of what each other is going to do. Now, it’s just about getting rested and preparing for the next opponent. I know we can play with anybody in the country, so we just have to do this together.”

Freshman Sam Dekker:

On his play off the bench:
“I just try to come on and provide a spark for our team. I’ve never had to come off of the bench before, but now that I’ve done it for the past few games I’ve gotten used to it.  I try to come out and bring energy and create some stuff on the offensive end, and hopefully the defensive end. Especially in a game like tonight when we have a bunch of guys that can be interchangeable, and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come that we can have a bunch of guys come in and we won’t take a dip from having our bench in.”

On how the team will adjust ahead of the Creighton game:
“I think getting that early test from Florida is really going to help us going into that Creighton game because we’ve played a quality opponent already and we know what we have to do to win.”

Sophomore Frank Kaminsky:

On the difference in his game tonight:
“Confidence. I was in a little bit of a slump for the past week, and I just wanted to go out there and bring energy and play with confidence, and it worked out.”

On his play tonight:
“They were in zone the whole game so I just tried to find the soft spots in the zone and make some plays on offense and on defense. It worked out my way and our team played great.” 

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