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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. North Dakota



Nov. 19, 2013

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Wisconsin vs. North Dakota
Nov. 19, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On when he became aware that Frank Kaminsky was in range of the UW single-game scoring record:

“I had no idea until the players on the bench pleaded with me to give him one more possession. I just thought back to 1969, when my dad held a grudge against my college coach because yours truly had 43 points and the record by a guy from Temple was like 50 points. With four minutes to go, I come out of the game, and I had to listen to my dad all those years when he got around Coach Rainey. He’d say, ‘Why didn’t you leave the boy in? Why didn’t you let him do it?’ I didn’t really care. So I thought about Frank’s folks. I’m serious. I thought about his folks, I thought about his friends. And it wasn’t like it was a 40-point game. So ‘one more possession’, was all I said. If the team didn’t get him the ball, that was it. And guess what? They got him the ball. But it does come back from being in that position once, and giving a guy a chance to do something that’s pretty special. He earned an opportunity.”

On whether tonight’s final score symbolizes a change in playing style this year:
“It depends on how easy of looks you’re getting and how fast you’re getting down the floor. We got open looks. We got good scoring opportunities. And when they present themselves, you don’t tell the players ‘no, don’t take that shot’. Those are good shots. There might have been three bad shots out of those 59 shots total. There might have been three that I wouldn’t want us to take again. I think a lot of (the playing style) would depend on what kind of shots you’re getting. When you’re shooting around 60 percent and you’re getting good early looks (then the score is going to be high). They were getting good looks too. They were hitting some tough shots, they were driving and they were putting our guys at a disadvantage. I think our guys, with that new rule (where hand checks and arm bars are called more frequently), were a little leery about foul trouble. That plays into it somewhat right now. I think it’s played into it with a lot of teams. Guys aren’t sure, so they’ve got to learn. But if those kinds of possessions present themselves, we’ll take the shots. We just can’t give up as much on the other end.”

On what has allowed Kaminsky to post back-to-back games with big scoring numbers:
“He just keeps working. It’s not going to happen every night, but his consistency of being that post threat and also being a stretch threat makes him valuable on the offensive end. And then defensively, he still has to work on moving his feet and getting in better position and reading and reacting to some screens a little bit better. He’s still working at his game. He was pinning his guy and putting himself in position to receive the ball in the post. Then, when he picked and popped and we drove, Traevon (Jackson), for example, would draw the big guarding (Kaminsky) and kick it out to him. When you’ve got a guard (Jackson) that goes eight assists, one turnover--Sam (Dekker) goes four assists, one turnover--a lot of those were to Frank. I think Sam was five-for-five in the second half, didn’t force any shots. All that helps put Frank into that position to be the recipient—(North Dakota) had to guard some other guys on the court too. It’s kind of hard to double team (Kaminsky) when you have other scoring threats.”

On UW’s play on the defensive end:
“Especially with two freshmen out there, there were a couple screening situations that exposed lack of experience—not reading and reacting to one another. So no, we’re not quite there yet. Also, Duje (Dukan), feet are so important, positioning, reading and reacting. We’ll have to get better.”

Frank Kaminsky

On when he knew this was going to be a special night…
“When those first couple of shots went in I kind of said to myself, ‘I’m feeling it’ I think I said it to Trae once on the court. I just kept shooting and it kept going in.”

On teammates pleading to put Frank back in the game to get the single-game scoring record…
“I heard the crowd boo and I was laughing because I had no idea I was close to a record. I was kind of curious as to why he kept taking me out and putting me back in. But I figured it out right after and it was fun.”

On where this ranks on his games played…
“I think this is top five. I’m not quite sure where yet. I still have a lot of basketball games left in my career, so hopefully we can make some better memories than this one. But this is going to be up there. Not number one. That’s to come…when we win the Big Ten Championship this year.”

On what outside people will think of Frank’s point total and Wisconsin winning a game 103-85…
“They’re probably going to tell us that we played bad defense and gave up 85 points…which we did. We have to get better on defense. We scored a lot of points and we were efficient how we scored. Close to 60 percent from the field. That’s really good and hopefully we can keep that going moving forward.”

On how having such a hot hand feels on the court…
“It’s a great feeling. As a basketball player, you want every shot to go in and when most of them are going in, it’s going to feel great. I can’t really describe it. It’s just an awesome feeling, looking back on the game now and being able to see the stats. It was just an awesome game.”

On Bo asking Frank about a lack of assists…
“I apologized. I said, ‘Sorry,’ but I didn’t mean it.”

On what it means to be the UW record holder for most points in a game and knocking off such good company…
“That’s an awesome thing to be up there. Michael Finley is an Illinois guy. I heard a lot about him when I was growing up. To beat his record is kind of a surreal thing and it’s a great feeling. I still have a lot of games left, too, so maybe it can happen again. I hope it can.”

Sam Dekker

On teammates pleading to put Frank back in the game to get the single-game scoring record…
“Trae and I were like, ‘Come on, coach. Let him get 40. Let him put 40 in.’ He kept pulling him and he wouldn’t tell me what the school record was. But then someone told us, so we were like, ‘Alright, let’s get him 45.’”

On when they knew Frank was going to have the kind of night he had…
“In the first half they kind of let him roam the 3-point line, which was stupid. We drove and kicked and found him. He was spotting up and hitting it. I think I hit him on three in the first half. And when they’re not hitting anything, you know he’s feeling it. So we just kept that hot hand and kept finding him. Credit him for all that. He was scoring back to the basket, face-ups, 3-point shots. He was really feeling it tonight and you just have to keep feeding the hot hand.”

On what outside people will think of Frank’s point total and Wisconsin winning a game 103-85…
“I think a good thing about this week, having three games—we can put this one behind us. We have a lot of things we could correct. We have two more games coming up this week, so we’ll put this defensive performance behind us and get better. Things can only get up—this is only our fourth game of the year. We have a lot to improve on and I think we’re going to do that. We can learn a lot from this game and just like I said, put it behind us.”

On Bo asking Frank about a lack of assists…
“He didn’t need any assists because every time he touched the ball it went in, so he didn’t have to pass it. He was open. He was hitting them.”

Traevon Jackson

On teammates pleading to put Frank back in the game to get the single-game scoring record…
“He should’ve had 50, but we didn’t get him the ball enough towards the end of the game. I tried to run some plays specifically for him. 43 is good, but 50 is where it’s at.”

On when they knew Frank was going to have the kind of night he had…
“I was on the wing and I was open. And Frank shot it because he was open, too. It was a good shot regardless. And I looked at him and I said, ‘One more, one more, one more.’ And he said, ‘No, I’m feeling it.’ The he came down in the game, and he never says this, but he came down and said, ‘Hey, run this play for me.’ And he never says that. He said, ‘Run this play for me. Run this play for me.’ So it was sweet to see that. I was happy running it for him.”

On what outside people will think of Frank’s point total and Wisconsin winning a game 103-85…
“We played some bad defense, but credit to them, too. Huff hit 15-for-22. He was hitting some really good shots. The shots that we were making and the other guards—they were hitting a lot of floaters and 2-point jump shots, which is what we give up. Credit to them. We’ll get better from it. We’ll just have to learn from it and move on. And keep getting Frank the ball. He did it once, now he’s got to keep going.”

On Bo asking Frank about a lack of assists…
“He didn’t need our rebounds either because every time he shot the ball it was going in.”

North Dakota Head Coach Brian Jones

On what adjustments can be made when a 7-foot center is making threes:
“Not a lot. And I told coach Ryan this, I felt that if Jackson stays on the floor, he’s a huge key. But if they can continue to establish Kaminsky, that’s going to be the guy, I feel, that’s going to get them over the top and be able to establish themselves deep into the season. There’s no question he’s talented inside and out.

“That’s a tough matchup. With his length, his ability to drive the ball, too. At 7-foot, shot-faking guys and still being able to straight line drive and then score in the post. The last two games that I’ve seen, he’s really come of age and they’ve really shown a lot of confidence in him. The way they shoot the ball already and spread the floor with the other four guys, it makes them that much harder to guard.

“I think when teams like us, you’ve got to pick your poison, but what poison is that? You don’t know. And we definitely didn’t have a whole lot of answers tonight.”

On Troy Huff’s day:
“Well, obviously being a Wisconsin product and being a senior, very proud of him. Because I thought he was focused. We had a group of starters that weren’t really focused this week, prepared fairly poorly in my opinion for a game like this. That’s why we started the second unit, but I’m proud of him because he showed the maturity not to allow that to bother him in his home state, which it could’ve went either way.

“Not starting, he could’ve pouted, he could’ve not performed. But again, that shows his maturity, how he’s matured as a young man. But, just like Kaminsky, he had it rolling. When you’re banking threes in, it’s probably a pretty good day. I’ve seen him do that, he did that last year a couple times, but 28 minutes, 37 points, that’s a pretty efficient night.”

On how much different Wisconsin looked compared to prior meetings:
“Again, I think the key is Jackson. What I’ve noticed on film, when he’s off the floor at Green Bay, they played a typical style that they’re used to, probably play a little bit slower, a little more cerebral. But with him, he forces the tempo, I think he starts that way. But I enjoy watching him play.

“I talk to my staff and players, when you want to try to emulate a program by taking care of the ball and doing things the right way, they’re going to do their way regardless of who they’re playing. If it’s a small team like us or it’s Florida, they’re going to do their job and I think a lot of college programs and players and coaches can learn from this program. I think that’s what’s changed, obviously he’s running a little bit more of the swing offense that he has in the past, but I think that’s geared towards his skill set this year.

“But with Jackson’s ability to guard the dribble, I think that’s one thing that he does is guard the dribble really well. He establishes them defensively and I think he started guarding Huff in the second half. But then offensively, he’s the one that really forces the tempo and gets them to play at the pace I think they want to play at this year.

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