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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Cornell



Nov. 18, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Cornell
Nov. 18, 2012
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

On Ben Brust’s play:
“I like the way he plays. He plays hard. Sometimes it works against him on trying to be too aggressive with the ball, but otherwise he tracks everything down. He’s got a nose for the ball. He’ll get better finishing on the shots around the paint, too. He’s just a gamer. He goes all out. He doesn’t have a difference of possession whether the score is one way, or the other or time of the game. He just plays hard.” 

On the Badgers’ 16 turnovers:
“We were just making quick decisions and weren’t using ball fakes. You don’t dribble-exchange on double-teams, which we talked about in practice. We got some guys who don’t have a lot of experience. Whether or not it was an inexperienced player turning it over or not, it was an experienced player putting them in position to make that turnover…The other turnovers came with just trying to do too many things too fast.”

On Jared Berggren’s defensive performance:
“Cornell can bring a lot of people down. They have some guys--when you look at them on film--that can penetrate and make counter moves. I thought Jared did a really good job of not allowing too many. The one he did allow I probably spent five minutes talking to him about it. It probably should’ve been 30 seconds. I might have exaggerated. I think it was the whole timeout. He let a guy seal him and dribble-drive to the basket and he did not get around a guy. We discussed that.”

Cornell head coach Bill Courtney

“I thought that Wisconsin played really well tonight. I was even a little surprised, as our players were at their size and how well they defended. They’re just a heck of a defensive ball club. They don’t allow you to get anything around the basket, and obviously they moved the ball very well tonight and made 3-point shots when they needed to. We made a little mini run in the first half, and they came back and hit three-straight 3’s. I think that kind of broke our backs a little bit right in the beginning of the game. Our team fought, but I think we were just a little out matched tonight.

On whether making sure (Jared) Berggren was guarded after his scoring run was discussed between the coaching staff:

“That’s certainly it. Obviously, from the scouting report you know that he’s someone that can shoot the basketball and we closed him out with our hands low. It’s like our guy didn’t expect him to shoot. The entire bench was yelling at him “close him out hard” and he knocked that shot down. He’s a terrific basketball player. He has the ability to do that as well as some of the things he does around the basket, and I just think he’s a terrific ball player.”

On whether Ben Brust was someone he had his eye on coming into this game and if he was a surprised by his performance:

“I had seen it on the tape, but I think what he really surprised me with was his offensive rebounding. He goes so hard and crashes the offensive glass. If you have a small guard on him, he does a great job of getting in there and getting to the glass. I think that was the most surprising thing from Ben (Brust). We thought that we could pressure him a little bit, but he was poised with any kind of ball pressure and I think he played a really good game.”

On Cornell’s defensive strategy throughout the game:

That’s part of our defense, the run and jump defense at the half court level. We were hoping to speed them up a little bit because they’re such an execution based team, such a good passing team, a precision team. We wanted to take them out of some of their stuff and hopefully make them put it on the ground, jump in, take charges and speed them up a little. I thought we were able to do that for stretches, but again obviously going against a hall of fame coach, when you make those half time adjustments it becomes a little different. I thought that they made a great adjustment of rolling the guy to the basket, hitting the center and thenhaving him making great passes also. When you have passing centers that is such a luxury, and it’s a big bonus that Wisconsin has.”

Wisconsin Players

Senior Jared Berggren

On being outrebounded by Brust:
“I’m just sick of it because he’s stealing all my stats -- I’m kidding. As long as we’re closing out the defensive possession, getting the ball, that’s what it takes. A defensive possession isn’t done until you come away with the ball, and he’s cleaning up, so it’s good.”

On Brust having more career double-doubles (2) than him (0):
“That’s one thing I’ve been looking at every game, like ‘alright, I’m going to get a double-double tonight’. I haven’t been able to do it yet, and Ben’s been cleaning up. I’ve got to make it happen here sooner or later. (To Brust) You’ve got to quit stealing my rebounds, here.”

On whether he made a conscious effort to attack the rim tonight:
“I think so. It’s something that we always want to do, especially as a big guy. You want to get to the rim and finish strong. I left a couple out there that I didn’t get to drop early on, so there’s always room for improvement. But you always want to be aggressive and try to attack the basket, and I’ve got to do a better job of finishing next time.”

On seeing Mike Bruesewitz back on the court after his injury before the season:
“We’re obviously happy to have him back. He brings a spark to us every time he steps on the floor. He’s flying around and making things happen. After what he went through with his injury it was definitely something that was a little scary, and we didn’t quite know how bad it would be, but we knew the training staff was going to do a great job getting him back, and he worked hard rehabbing and doing what he needed to do to get himself ready. So we’re happy he’s back.”

On how he responds to double teams in the post:
“It’s something we work on in practice all the time. A lot of times, if we know in the scouting report that a team likes to double, we’ll often do a ‘Sikma’—a reverse pivot where we face the basket so you can see where guys are cutting and where guys are moving to. It’s just a communication thing with your teammates. You’ve got to know where they’re moving to, and see the double, be strong with the ball, find the open man and attack from there.” 

Junior Ben Brust

On how he’s been able to post his high rebounding totals this season:
“I wish I had a good answer for you. Just making sure, once again, that as long as my guy isn’t flying away for a fast break, if I see the opportunity for an offensive rebound I’ll go for it, as long as I can get back. Defensively, I think I’ve got a good read on where the ball’s going to hit the rim, timing, just going after it and grabbing it.”

On making an effort to post up in the second half:
“I just kind of made the cut, had position, the match-up worked out too. It was just through the offense—made the cut, posted up, and got the ball. Nothing really happened from it, but I did get it down there.”

On cutting down on turnovers against the press:
“I mean, looking at it, 16 turnovers is way too much. We don’t get that in two or three games at times. So we definitely have to clean it up. I think we can handle it. We practice it -- so it’s just a good thing that it happened early and we have time to clean it up against some longer, more athletic teams. So it’s definitely something that we’ll just have to do together, and we’ll get better.”

On whether the defense was much better tonight than it was against Florida:
“Percentage-wise, definitely. That’s why there were so many chances for rebounds, because we actually got them to miss shots, compared to Florida. (At Florida) there weren’t a lot of opportunities for rebounds, because we didn’t force them into enough tough shots to have a chance to get rebounds.”

On Ryan Evans’ improved second half performance:
“Ryan is our top returning rebounder (and is the leading returning rebounder in the Big Ten). So he’s definitely capable, and it was good to see him get his confidence up, knock down a couple shots, finish and then get some boards. It’s definitely something positive moving forward. We’ve got a long week ahead of us. We’ve got a game on Tuesday, and then we’re off to Vegas.”

Freshman Sam Dekker

On whether he’s feeling more comfortable with his role:
“I’ve just accepted my role more, and I’m more comfortable coming off the bench—I’m not used to that. I’m just trying to provide a spark, be aggressive, take it to the hole. Pretty much going out there, doing what I’m supposed to do, and providing energy.”

On his first half dunk:
“It was a bad pass by their guy, and I got in the passing lane. It’s something that I usually do all the time, and I’m athletic enough to throw some dunks down, so there was a lot of energy after that, and they took a timeout, so it was a cool play.”

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