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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Kennesaw State



Nov. 12, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Kennesaw State 
Nov. 12, 2011
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On the Badgers' 3-point shooting, and the ball movement that led to it:
"They look good when they're going down, that's for sure. But they were good shots. They were all foot-planted, facing the rim, shoulders squared--you tend to shoot a little bit better percentage than 33%. If you hit 33% of your threes, one out of three, that's better than 50% from two. So when they go down they look good. But I thought our guys, excellent extra pass like you mentioned. Their zone, or their man-to-man, when they close out, somebody else is open. We had 23 assists on 30 baskets. That's good ball movement--unselfish."

On today's balanced scoring attack:
"I never read too much into one game. I know they were a little shorthanded and their coach is new and he's trying to install a system. Our guys look for each other though--they're not selfish. So as long as they keep showing that. Defensively, they helped each other. But again, it's 40 minutes of basketball and you never take too much from it one way or another. But I certainly liked the way we responded with the different lineups. Sometimes you sub like that and everything gets disjointed. But I thought the gears were really meshing no matter who was on the court."

On the game Ben Brust played today, especially him turning down a shot to make an open pass at the end:
"Yeah, that's our cover-uncover drill that we do. And if you're covered, you've gotta find the uncovered guy, and he did. Ben--I blinked when he was on the left wing and when I opened my eyes, he was at the basket laying the ball up. I've gotta see that again. I might have to slow-mo my DVD machine at home. He was good with the ball for the most part, made a pass that he'd like to have back--a couple of the guys did. That's a little uncharacteristic of us that way. Ben played the way he's been practicing."

On pulling Evans early in the game and how Evans responded:
"He maybe needed to watch #2 (Markeith Cummings) from a different angle and refocus, maybe get back in. And once I start doing my substitutions, there are certain patterns that we'll get into during the year based on how guys are responding. So he just happened to be the first sub."

On Evans's defense on Cummings when he came back in:
"Ryan did a very good job of making him work. Because that young man's a player. We've got him on tape doing some things, shooting-wise, where if he got started--I think we gave him a few too many free throws around the basket, obviously. We need to clean that up a little bit. But Ryan had him for 20, 22 minutes, and I thought he did a pretty good job."

On holding KSU to 31 points today:
"Well there were a lot of possessions in the game today. Sometimes you can score in the 30s or 40s and there aren't many possessions. There were plenty of possessions in this game. I'm sure their points-per-possession will be low, and to us that's always the most important thing. But again, this is their first game with a new coach and new system. I think we did a pretty good job of forcing them into maybe taking some shots they didn't want to."

On possible redshirts for Jarrod Uthoff and George Marshall:
"Both (Jarrod) and George have talked to me. Jarrod was, then he wasn't, then he was--it's not a headache here. He's okay no matter what he does. So he's still contemplating. And you'd expect that from a 4.0 student out of high school. George, I think, is still thinking. Today was one of those, they put the stop sign up for Jarrod in the second half. And they just want to watch and see, get another week of practice. No matter what they decide, it'll work, because they'll make it work." 

Sophomore G Josh Gasser

On knocking down so many 3-pointers as a team:
“We are an unselfish team and we’ve got a lot of guys on the floor that can hit shots, so we were just making the extra pass out there. They were defending shots pretty well, closing in on us, so we were just making the extra pass and fortunately knocking them down. So as long as we keep doing that we should be alright.”

On holding other team to 8 at halftime:
“We were playing good defense and really forcing them into the low block. We wanted them to take tough jump shots. They didn’t really get anything easy and that’s what we were looking for and they didn’t get anything going to the hoop. We were just playing some good team defense and they have some pretty good scorers over there and we held them in check for a while. [We] forced them into tough jumpers they might not be used to taking or not anyone wants to take those. So anytime you hold them to that, it’s good for yourself.”

Sophomore G Ben Brust

On knocking down so many three’s as a team:
I didn’t know he (Josh Gasser) was 4-4 until a little bit ago, he was killing it. We made extra passes and knocked down shots. If we are going to be that open, we are going to hit them.”

Senior G Jordan Taylor

On five guys having double figures:
“We’ve been saying for a while now that we have a lot of guys who can put the ball in the hole, and guys who have been waiting for their opportunity to step up. This year there is a lot of opportunity for a lot of guys. It’s just exciting to see unselfish play and everybody knocking down shots, it just kind of shows what we are capable of.”

On taking fewer shots:
“I think teams are kind of shading to me or closing out pretty hard and like I said, we have a lot of guys who can score. It’s not Coach Ryan’s system or it’s anybody’s personality on our team to take a contested shot, especially when you’ve got guys like Ben, Josh, Mike, Ryan and Jared who can shoot the ball the way they can. It makes no sense to take a contested shot when you can get it to them for an even better shot, because they are going to knock them down.”

Kennesaw State Head Coach Preston Lewis

On defending Wisconsin’s three ball:
First of all our urgency and defensive intensity was not the best, and that is part of changing a culture when you take over a program, and I hope you understand that. I tried to tell our guys and I know with my experiences that they are one of the best shooting teams late clock in the country, probably the best overall and it was kind of indicative with some of the three’s that Brust knocked down, couple of the three’s Jordan Taylor knocked down, a couple of the three’s Gasser knocked down. Also what I think is very indicative of Wisconsin is they are great at making the extra pass and we were able to see that with the 23 assists. Actually their turnovers were a little bit high, but he wanted to get some different guys in the game. Once again we’re going to learn from it, get better from it and hopefully get ready for Monday night.

On Wisconsin’s defense:
When I go back and look at this film, if I don’t kick the TV in, I’m going to go back and look at the number of open shots. We probably missed five or six layups, we missed some easy shots in the sweet spot, but going back even more I tried to tell our group that once you get below that Big Ten logo it’s going to be very hard to score because they do a great job of rotating and getting underneath and putting their bodies in between you and the basket and that showed itself with about three or four charges they got on us.

On trying to get his team to make the extra pass like Wisconsin:
Absolutely, that is all I’ve ever been around in my 13 years as an assistant, whether it was at Notre Dame, whether it was at Florida, whether it was at Penn State, we had guys that made the extra pass because this is a we game and not a me game. If it was a me game I’d tell them to go play golf or tennis, but it’s a we game and once again we’re going to learn from it. I think one of the things you can do in a situation like this when you’re a group of young guys being around a new coaching staff is you can put your head in the sand or you got to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, I’m much more pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get ready to go because we have a quick turnaround here preparing for Auburn on Monday night.

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