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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. UW-Stevens Point



Nov. 5, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. UW-Stevens Point
Nov. 5, 2011
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Ryan Evans and Jared Berggren:
"They're getting there. Defensively, there are things you have to play, and you have to get in the mix and read and react to situations. I've said it before, the timing of the three front-line guys has gotten to be pretty good because they've learned how to play off of one another. The front line needs to get more repetitions, and that's what these non-conference and exhibition games are for. I think offensively we did some nice things, but defensively a much better job of reading and reacting in the second half."

On the backcourt, with Traevon Jackson and Ben Brust getting experience:
"They performed very well. Trae has gotten more comfortable with what he knows to be the absolutes, like, in this situation this is what you do. He's picked things up quickly. Ben has gotten better defensively, which a lot of times when you look at programs, guys have a tough time being on the floor because of defensively and they miss their assignments. Those two guys are going to have opportunities."

On the Pointers and Dan Tillman specifically:
"It seems like every time we play one of these games, there's always a guy that gets hot. The main thing is that at halftime we said, `We need to do this, we need to do that,' so obviously it changed. But, if you let a guy do that for 40 minutes, it's on some of the closeouts and some of the reads. Again, that's what I'm talking about with some of the guys without experience, teams have systems, and you've got to disrupt the system. We did a much better job of taking that away in the second half. Because who doesn't want to come in here and light it up? To his credit, he got to the line and made some plays."

On Jared Berggren being aggressive tonight:
"Yeah, he was. With his feet, reading and reacting, our help, our recover, certain screens, it's all going to hopefully progress in the year when we take the DVD, take the clips out and show him what he could've done here, where he needs to be on this exchange, how he needs to close on a shooter, if we switch, so all those things are going to come in time."

On the key to winning the turnover battle:
"We're Wisconsin. We don't accept anything else."

On Jordan Taylor's night:
"Jordan wasn't looking to do anything tonight other than run the show, the shots were there, and that was a great job of orchestrating the offense. You didn't see him force, and you didn't see him do anything other than get his teammates good shots."

Senior G Jordan Taylor

On Jared Berggren and Ryan Evans:
"I didn't notice anything that I haven't known for a while. I guess it's more you guys seeing them for the first time. I've been with them for three years. It's just them stepping into new roles. They know what they're capable of. They are both really good players and they're getting the chance to show it now."

On Ben Brust and Traevon Jackson:
"They are both a little bit different guards. Ben is deceivingly quick and fast. He's flying out there at all times and he can fill it up really fast. Trae (Jackson) can, too, but Trae also provides a defensive element that maybe we don't have. He's a big, physical, strong guard. Ben, all of last year we saw, we knew the way he used to light us up on scout team a little bit sometimes. So we knew that. Trae is a welcome element to the team that we are ready to have, step in and get some good minutes like he did tonight."

Junior F Jared Berggren

On his improvement from last year:
"Just continuing to grow as a player. You just try to improve every single day and work hard. All off-season you work on your strength, you work on your shooting, everything we've done. Then, in the first few weeks in practice here, trying to apply everything the coaches tells us and continue to grow as a player, be aggressive, and contribute any way you can."

On starting with Ryan Evans:
"I think neither of us are going to make a huge deal about starting or coming off the bench. It's not a big deal to us either way as long as we're getting opportunities to come in and contribute to the team and as long as we're winning, I think we're both happy. However, it is nice to have a little bit more time out there, an increased role a little bit and show what were capable of. I think we're pretty happy with what we were able to do tonight. Hopefully, we can keep improving, growing from here and show some good things this year.

Junior F Ryan Evans

On what led to the team's off-season development:
"I think just being in the gym with this guy here (Jordan Taylor). We've got an All-American. He's helped us along quite a bit. We've been in the gym consistently since we got here. It's nothing too new. We've known we could do this kind of stuff but, with Jon Leuer and Keaton Nankivil leaving, we know we need to step up a little more. Jordan has been here all along for us, though."

On starting with Jared Berggren:
"Jared can speak for himself, I like to be starting. I'm going to keep it real. It's more opportunity and we're glad to have that. In the past years we liked to play roles and that type of thing but we obviously do want to be starting and helping the team along with Jordan."

UW-Stevens Point Head Coach Bob Semling

On the opportunity to play Wisconsin:
We're grateful to the University of Wisconsin, Coach Ryan and his team for having us down here in this exhibition game. It means so much to our players, their families, our program and our fans to have this opportunity. We wanted to honor the Badgers and really compete and push them. I think we did that in small segments, but we just couldn't sustain it for long periods and that's obviously a credit to them. They are not the kind of Division I team a Division III team likes to play, although we're grateful and proud of this. They don't overlook their opponent if it is a Division I or Division III, it does not matter. Those kids are so grounded, they're so tough, they respect their opponent and they play the game so hard. It's just a tough team to play as a Division III opponent because of their style.

On Wisconsin's backcourt:
I believe they're ranked as one of the top backcourt groups in the country, certainly in the Big Ten, and they are just going to add to that now with Ben Brust. I heard a lot of good things about his game, and he certainly looks like he is ready to step in and even take that backcourt to another level. I think the future looks really bright with Jordan Taylor leading that group and couple of really good, young guards that are feeding off of him.

On Jordan Taylor:
I think that's just Jordan Taylor knowing that this is a game that he wanted to try and help his teammates first, and it's a game that if he wanted to score he could have scored. He was really trying to involve and distribute the ball. He was so good coming off high ball screens and driving and kicking it to shooters and dishing it. A baseline quick rip and drives and dishing it to cutters down the lane, so he was a facilitator and that was the beautiful thing about his game; he can play any role. If he wants to score I'm sure he can score.

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