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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. UW-Platteville



Wisconsin vs. UW-Platteville
Oct. 30, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Final Stats

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On the Badgers' defense in the first half: 
“It was alright, they hit tough shots. There were hands in faces and quick releases so that’s going to happen, especially in Division III where they have so many good perimeter shooters, so it’s a little bit different type of lineup that you face. There are going to be some threes that are made and I told our guys that, and we just played through it. And then hit some of our own.”

On Hayes’ performance:
“When you look at the stats and say, wow, for that number of minutes to get that many rebounds, I don’t care if you’re playing a team of three seven-footers or a team of six-five to six-eight guys, he positioned himself well. He’s strong and he finished. A couple times early on he was just a little tight, and that’s what happens sometimes with a guy that’s used to starting in high school and playing right away, and then has to come in off the bench. It’s something you have to learn. He showed that he’s here for a reason, and he’s not going away anytime soon.”

On whether it was tough to find rhythm with the number of different players that played…

“It was the same thing that happened against Carlton, our first game up in Canada. We make a move and I start putting other guys in, and then you lose some continuity. It happens, but in this instance we were able to get it back. I’m still trying to find out who’s ready to grab the minutes. Every coach is at this time. You’ll see a lot of this in these exhibition games, those streaks and runs and then sub-ins. In the second half I thought we settled into a pretty good groove and looked better playing off of one another. Then we will get our scrimmage in and then we start for real.”

On whether the Traevon Jackson took better care of the ball/played well tonight:
“Other than a couple things defensively that he is still working on to overcome, like losing sight of his man and positioning, things like that. But as far as taking care of the ball obviously you can look at his numbers and he did a pretty good job. But you know the heat will pick up with some guys that are really going to get after him with longer wingspans and they’ll be a little quicker. Tonight he did a real good job, I’d just like to see him do that every night.”

On Josh Gasser’s performance:
“He looked fine. He didn’t shy away from anything. He can shoot it better than that, but I think that’ll come. He hasn’t been under the lights too much for long periods of time. Even the minutes that he got up in Canada, it’s not the same. We just hope now in our scrimmage on Saturday he will look even better and just keep progressing.”

Wisconsin Players

Ben Brust
On the team’s performance today:
“Early on maybe some nerves, but that’s why we play these games, that’s why everyone does these games. Got out there maybe a little, but definitely stuff that we needed to do. We needed to get out there and play because we needed to work on some stuff. We need our first game out here and we’ll go back and we’ll go through it and we’ll learn from it and get better. That’s why we play these games. ”

Josh Gasser
On the team’s defense from start to finish:
 “Defensively, the first half we did not play very well. I don’t want to say I expected that, but just having such a young team these are the games that are going to help us out that way. We’ve got a young group of guys and with myself coming back from injury we just need to get more reps defensively, feel each other out a little bit. That’s something we definitely need to improve along the way.”

On how he felt during the game:

Recap |  Final Stats

“I really felt better today. Individually, every week I feel a little bit better so as time goes on, I’ll be hopefully improving.”

Nigel Hayes
On playing in his first game and if he felt more comfortable as the game went on:
“I would say the comfort level wasn’t a problem, but being a freshman, being out there for the first time in front of all of the fans, being out there in the game, it was a little uncomfortable, a little nervousness in me. Which is the reason why I missed the early layup, but then I settled down, got more comfortable and realized I was still playing basketball. Just went from 5,000 fans to maybe 14-15,000. So it’s the same game, I’ve just got to get out there, get comfortable and have fun.”

UW-Platteville Head Coach Jeff Gard

Opening statement:
“Obviously this is a great opportunity for this program to get out here and play against somebody that these three guys think a lot of and obviously with the way the program has evolved. I like the fight. I definitely like the fight in our guys. The first half things got a little tight and I saw some senior leadership step up and keep us calm. Maybe when things were getting tight on the other end of the bench, things were a little bit closer. They’re not always supposed to be this big of a margin as a finish, but I thought our guys hit shots. The second half, talking to coach as well, what a difference when you start making shots in the second half from 3-point range. In the first half I think (Wisconsin) was 1-for-11 and then 6-for-11 in the second half. But I loved the fight and I love the group that we’ve got to move forward with for the WIC play.”

On if he thought the game would be tight up until the end when the game Badgers were winning 46-40 in the second half:
“To be honest, I didn’t look at the scoreboard until the game was all done. Obviously at halftime you look at the stats sheet, that’s how I knew what the score was. Just learning from previous coaches, guys that have been in the business for a while, you don’t worry about the scoreboard. I was just more worried about the way these guys were playing. They were going to take care of business. They knew what they needed to do. We’ll look at the film and we’ll see where we were at and how close we were at that time, and maybe what we gave up and some easy buckets that we talked about, what we needed to do differently.”

On if he is happy with the way his team worked to get the ball:
“I would’ve liked to see us get a few more points in the paint or at least work some shots coming from the inside out. We had to really work for the shots that we got on the outside as it was, but I thought we could have got a few easier ones if we worked the ball in. We talked about that in some of those timeouts. Being on that big run, we talked about slowing ourselves down, working the ball and taking care of things as well. Once you start hitting shots, obviously your confidence grows. When you’ve got scorers out here that’s a big thing.”

On how UW's Nigel Hayes played and how the Badgers are going to play this season:
“I think that’s a better question to ask (the players). They got to play against (Hayes). They got to bang on him hard, tried to. These guys are going to be pretty good. When you’ve got one of the best coaches in the country leading these guys, they’re students of the game and they’re taking the approach that we’re taking: just keep on getting better every day. This programs is going to be really, really good. You’ve got great upperclassmen leading the way and setting the example from day one. I know I’d like to have (Hayes). That’s a fact.”

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