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Postgame Quotes: No. 17 Wisconsin vs. Purdue



March 3, 2013

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Final Stats |  Photo Gallery 

Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Purdue
Mar. 3, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

UW Head Coach Bo Ryan

On why Purdue was able to get into the lane:
“They were getting there in the first half too, and they weren’t exactly hitting them. We let guys get to their strong hands, which we had talked about, and those are some tough twos that they made. Not all of them, but when they start getting the drives going, then you start squeezing a little. Then the 3-point shot comes open. They took advantage of those, just like we have against teams.”

On why the Badgers’ offense suffered during the last 27 minutes of the game:
“Those were the most wide open 3-pointers we’ve probably had all year, other than maybe one, when Ben (Brust) didn’t get set. But as far as kick outs, we’re watching Jared (Berggren) in practice knocking those down. You guys watch practice. He has become pretty comfortable with that shot. I can’t believe that he had that many, both he and Frank (Kaminsky). We still need to get more in the paint. I saw that 0-for-12 and I knew that we missed a bunch, but I didn’t know we had missed that many. If you can hit a couple of those while they were making their run and you keep it right there, it helps our guys. But when we got behind, and tried to play from behind, that’s a little bit tougher for our guys.”

On if he thinks Wisconsin was sharp when getting loose balls and hustling for the ball:
“The statement I made after the Nebraska game was, ‘could we bank some of those shots that we made?’ I think when you get some things going, the loose ball maybe is a little closer. They’re very quick. All the Johnsons, their bigs are pretty strong. I thought we got on the floor. We got a few of them, it’s not like we didn’t get any of them. I don’t think that was the factor that gave them their run. On the glass, on the free throw, that’s a bad missed blockout. We were cutting into the lead, they get to the line and miss on a one-and-one, but I saw guys diving and sometimes guys are quicker. The other team might be more athletic.”

On Purdue going on an 11-0 run after Ryan Evans received his third foul:
“It’s a team game. There are five guys out there on the court all the time. We never played with four or three. They hit some shots, but it wasn’t just the guy he was guarding. So you don’t pick up three fouls.”

On if it is a challenge to manage the emotion of the players when it is senior day:
“I’ve said when we’ve been on the other side, there’s no question. I’ve been through a lot of these over the years at different places. We’ve gone in and knocked people off on their senior days. You just never know, but this was something where you’re missing shots. The basket gets smaller, you get a little tighter. We maybe forced a few passes there that we shouldn’t have trying to make the great play rather than the good play. But those things happen as a result of the other team getting some things done. You’re scratching and clawing and some groups are better at scratching and clawing than others. For us to get in that kind of a hole, that’s pretty tough to come back from.”

Jared Berggren

On watching the Senior Day video at the end of the game:
“It’s tough. Just thinking about all the time you’ve put in with these guys and all the memories you’ve made. This is obviously a big part of our lives over the last five years. For it to come to an end playing at the Kohl Center like this is an emotional moment, especially after a loss it’s hard – I think I was hurting more about that. This is a pretty big loss for us. That hurts.” 

On the offensive performance of Purdue:
“We’ve had games like this before where we’ve found ways to come out on the winning side when shots aren’t dropping for us. You’d like to be able to rely on your defense on nights like that when your shots aren’t dropping. Today we couldn’t do that. We’d miss some shots, then they’d come down (and we’d) do a poor job of defending (D.J.) Byrd. He hurt us pretty bad with some of those 3’s he hit. Then you have those floaters that we just gave them a little too much space off the screen-and-rolls and didn’t do a good enough job of squeezing them. They knocked it down and you’ve got to give them some credit.”

On being out-rebounded:
“The numbers show that they did a better job on some of those hustle plays and 50-50 balls and they seemed to get their hands on it. That’s something that we normally take pride in controlling -- getting our fair share of rebounds and those loose balls. Today we didn’t do a good job of coming away with those and that hurt us.”

Mike Bruesewitz:

On his emotions as the game clock ran down:
“Just disappointment. That’s all. We just didn’t get it done. That’s I guess the biggest thing is not coming out and getting it done when we needed to… We probably could have changed a few things here or there, but the shots didn’t go down. Just disappointment, I guess.” 

On if there was a carry-over after a slow finish to the first half offensively:
“I don’t think there was any carry-over. We had them down and we just didn’t step on their throats when we needed to and then we had a little bit of a shooting drought out there at the end of the first half. They closed the half better than us and went in with some momentum. We kind of gave them life and our inability to close the first half. Started off the second half and they just kind of ran with it from there. We never got it back and kind of tail-spinned. Hats off to them for making shots and making plays when they needed to.”

Ryan Evans

On watching Purdue go on an 11-0 run after he sat on the bench in foul trouble:
“It’s always frustrating when you get into foul trouble, especially on a night like this. They were just hitting tough shots. This game reminded me of our Cornell game my freshman year. Teams that were hitting floaters – those are shots that we like teams to take. That’s one of the toughest shots in the game. They happened to be good at it. If we see them in the (Big Ten) tournament, now we know a little bit more about that and we’re probably going to try and take that away a little bit more.”

Sam Dekker

On taking so many 3-point shots in the second half:
“I wouldn’t say that we were necessarily too reliant, because we have guys that we know can hit 3’s. We’re not just going to pass up looks because a couple didn’t go down. Usually Ben (Brust) is going to hit those. Usually I’m going to hit those. In the second half it didn’t happen. But, also in the same way, from everywhere on the court in the second half I feel like we couldn’t get into rhythm. We didn’t have a flow. Hats off to Purdue for playing a good game, taking us out of our comfort zone and exploiting things that we struggled with. They came out on top.”

Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter

On the job Purdue did on denying Wisconsin’s paint touches and forcing long three point attempts:
“We wanted to try to not let them have rhythm shots and that is easier said then done. We didn’t want them to get the ball in the post. I thought our guys did a good job of taking them out of rhythm and then when they (Wisconsin) had a couple (shots) that were open, I think they rushed them a little bit. Sometimes that happens when you have to fight to get an open one and once you do get them, you rush it. So they had a couple that just didn’t go down for them and we obviously had a couple that did.”

On how Purdue was able to find success offensively, particularly in the second half:
“I thought we gave ourselves some opportunities in transition. We also doubled them in offensive rebounds, they had six and we had twelve. So we fought and were able to get a couple of those extra possessions off of the glass and off of transition. I was concerned that we couldn’t score 50 points. If you watched us play this year and watched Wisconsin, I don’t think that’s an unfair assessment.

I was really concerned if we could get to 50 and we could grind it out, we could hopefully get a victory.  (D.J.) Byrd got into a rhythm and we made better decisions in the second half. We had five turnovers in the second half and that helped us. But I would say the deciding factor is just being quicker to the ball I thought than we have been in our previous games. I think you see that in the difference in rebounding by out-rebounding them by 12.”

On how effective Purdue was at getting into the lane:
“We thought we could (get into the lane). Sometimes with our team, if we try and isolate something and talk about it, that is the only thing they want to do. We felt we had to have a balance. For us, it really starts with our effort. If we can do other things well, it helps us be efficient offensively. For the group that we have, if we can play hard, we can hustle, we can battle, it gives them more confidence to play well.”

On if this game was the most complete game Purdue has played in terms of intangibles:
“Yes, I thought we did a lot of little things. For us, this game was huge, not just because we won at Wisconsin, which is almost impossible to do, but it was how we did it. We didn’t get the lead and keep it the whole game. We got down 13 (points) in the first half, I think we were down 9 (points) at one point in the second half, and we kept battling back. This is the second time we have gotten down by more than 10 and won a game so it’s a real tribute to our guys, just staying with it at this time of the year.”

On how Purdue was able to force Wisconsin into long-range three-point attempts:
“We really talked about (Sam) Dekker and (Ben) Brust and trying to get them out of rhythm. We know Jared Berggren can make shots, but we were going to live with that. That was something for us that we really wanted to be there with Brust and we really wanted to be there with Dekker. That was really our game plan, to not let those two guys hurt us.”

On the significance of Ryan Evans being out of the game when Purdue was able to regain the lead in the second half:
“Him and (Mike) Bruesewitz are very intriguing players because they have good size but yet they can guard quickness. Most guys with size can’t guard quickness. They can guard (positions) one through four and at times they can guard centers. It really gives them an element that a lot of teams don’t have. They just do so many little things. When you look at Wisconsin’s stats, it’s not a normal-type team. But they always rebound, they always defend. The guy I played for called them company men. They just help Wisconsin win games. So we have immense respect for them and how they play."

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