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Postgame Quotes: No. 17 Wisconsin vs. Nebraska



Feb. 26, 2013

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UW Head Coach Bo Ryan

On how Sam Dekker played:
“He got some wide-open looks. He was set, didn’t rush the shots. He got to the free throw line a few times which was good. He let it come to him. His teammates found him when he was open.”

On how the Badgers played as a team and had good ball movement:
“Just look at the number of assists to baskets scored and you know we were moving the ball. For us to be successful offensively we need to be able to make the extra pass. We’re not known to have a guy that can explode consistently. We’ve got some guys makes some plays obviously to the rim, but individual plays. Most of our offense comes from making the extra pass and hitting the guy whose open and picking up assists that way.”

On if he views Ryan Evans method of shooting free throws as a jump shot a long-term solution:
“Precious present, which is kind of important when you’re a team player. He went to that method to help the team. I like that.”

On if he thinks that the team progressed from the previous game against Northwestern:
“You got a team in Nebraska who has got a big man who is a legitimate scorer. That young man has worked hard to improve, so give him credit. They have two jump shooters, two guys who can attack off a bounce. (Dylan) Talley and (Ray) Gallegos, there are not two guys in the league on the same team, if you put them back to back, that I feel, are as good as those two as far as explosiveness. They’ve got a big, they have 3-point shooters, they have an attack guy or two and they play defense hard. I thought we played extremely well to do what we did tonight.”

On if he saw improvements with Sam Dekker’s defense and rebounding during the game:
“Yeah. He did a good job chasing the screens and helping recover. It’s pretty common knowledge now that the first possession he’s out there against Northwestern, he gets under on a screen, we’re pitching a shutout and it’s nine to three. It might have been the quickest substitution in the history of basketball, but it was just to tell him, look what you have to do. When he got back in against Northwestern, he was fine. He only got beat backdoor once, but who’s counting. We have a rule where if you get beat backdoor you are out, temporarily, but you’re out.”

On Jared Berggren becoming Wisconsin’s career block leader:
“It’s not the blocks. It’s the changes of shots and his intimidation factor that he’s there. He doesn’t intimidate because he has a bad haircut. He doesn’t intimidate because he looks mean. He doesn’t intimidate because he has 900 tattoos. He intimidates by his presence, his timing and it’s not just the blocks. Jared’s forte is he gets those blocks without fouling. That is pretty good stuff.”

Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles
“I really questioned my ability to get our guys ready to play tonight. I think that would be easy to observe. They started on an 8-0 run and I thought we’d bounce back and we’d match that and then they go on the next run. You could see every time that they scored it affected our energy level. You just can’t play like that. You have to be more competitive. I thought our two seniors, Brandon Ubel and Dylan Talley came out ready to compete. I’m not sure anyone else was at that level. We were the underdogs by a great deal anyway and I’m not sure we all realized that.”

Wisconsin Players

Jared Berggren
On if this team is playing its best basketball yet:
“I think we’re playing at a high level right now. To win by pretty big margins and if you just look at the quality of the play. Offensively, we’re playing at a higher level. We’re shooting better, which is a big part of why we look so good is just because we’re hitting shots right now. We’re also making hard cuts, being efficient defensively and kind of getting things all on the same page here and playing hard. We’re playing on a high level and hopefully we close things out in the Big Ten and hope for the best as far as getting the help we need to get a piece of the title.”

On becoming Wisconsin’s all-time shot blocker:
“It’s pretty cool. To think about all the good players that have come through here and for me to come out on top of that record is a pretty cool moment. I’m not a guy that’s real big on individual accomplishments and individual stats, but it’s kind of a cool deal.”

“I knew going in that I needed two (blocks) to tie it and three to break it, so I knew that I had two right away. There was one after that that I wasn’t sure if they credited me with a block or not. Then, when I got the last one I knew that I had it for sure.”

Ryan Evans
On if he sees his new free-throw shooting motion as the long-term solution:
“Well it worked tonight, so I’m going to keep it going. It felt good. I think it might have been the first time all season I went 100 percent from the free-throw line, so that’s an accomplishment. It’s a big part of my game, so I feel a lot more confident out there.”

On if the reaction of the crowd helps or hurts him at the free-throw line:
“It’s not really the crowd. I think the crowd helps me, if anything. The fans have been great to me. Our fans here have been just phenomenal over the years and I appreciate every single one of them. It’s something that was kind of in my head and I’m moving forward and out of that. (I felt) real confident out there today in this new technique.” 

Sam Dekker
On the biggest difference in his game since Big Ten play began:
“Confidence. Just knowing my spots, knowing when to attack and when to be aggressive. It helps a lot when these guys have a lot of faith in you. They don’t mind when I put a bad shot up once in a while, because they know that I have the skill and the talent to make that and I’m going to work hard for these guys. The confidence that these guys put in me and the confidence I have in myself is pretty much the reason I’ve been playing better.”

Ben Brust
On the play of Traevon Jackson at point guard over the last few games:
“Trae is a competitor. He takes pride in his play like we all do and he probably took it personal. (He) just wanted to work and wanted to get this team better. Five-to-one assist-to-turnover ratio today, he played within himself, 50 percent (shooting)--he’s just playing good basketball. When he’s playing good basketball it helps this team.”

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