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Feb. 13, 2010

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Men's Basketball
Wisconsin vs. Indiana
February 13, 2010

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan
On Wisconsin's strong start to the game:
"We started out with a run against Illinois on Tuesday, but you never relax. Our guys didn't relax, we were just beaten by a team that played better that night. When you get that run you have to sustain it. You have to stay after it and I thought we did a good job of that. They chipped away a little bit but we got it back. It's tough when you're playing from behind and we tried to make sure that we didn't make it easy for them to chip into the lead."

On Jason Bohannon's development over the years: "Defensively there's no question that he's improved. We always look for places to hide him and he knows it. When there are certain matchups, we say `okay, J. Bo you got him.' He guards shooters, he guards guys now that can put the ball on the floor.  He was nicked up there for a couple seasons that we didn't tell the media. He had surgery and we didn't milk you guys [the media] for sympathy. He came back from those and now, defensively, he's pretty good. He's stayed true to the rehabilitation and to handling the injuries that he did have. He found the bottom of the net today and his teammates found him open. J. Bo moves away from the ball as well as anybody in the league. There's no question. He moves pretty well."

On Wisconsin's recovery from a loss:
"Our players are astute enough to know that when we go over our clips and everything else, that the things that didn't happen in a game that came out on the right-hand side are things that can be corrected. Those same shots that you don't make can go down the next game. If you don't believe that then you shouldn't be playing the game. We didn't change anything. We just took our opportunities and obviously shot a better percentage. We created some things a little bit better, but those are two different teams you're playing on two different occasions."

On Mike Bruesewitz' tenacity on the glass:
"He's everywhere. But he's been doing that. Coaches are always looking for that consistency.  I think Mike's ready to contribute even more. He certainly showed that today."

Senior Trevon Hughes
On playing after Tuesday's loss:
"Basically it was just having to bounce back and respond to the loss that we had on Tuesday. These are two different teams out there from Tuesday to today. It is always good when shots are going in but at the same time, it always looks good. Jason was feeling it today and we just have to keep finding the open man. It definitely is a good feeling to have somebody on the court who can knock down the open shots. It opens up the court and leaves the driving lane open for Jordan and I."

On bouncing back after Tuesday's loss: We hate losing and we know that losing is going to take us away from our game plan. If we stay in tune to that all 40 minutes of the game, we can do what we did tonight."

On getting the ball into the paint: "We weren't trying to focus on our perimeter shots, but looking at (the stats) it looks like we took 25 (3-pointers) again. But our main focus was getting into the lane, taking better shots, feeding the post and making the best of every possession."

Senior Jason Bohannon
On the team's ability to capitalize on 3-point attempts:
"A lot of them were second- chance points, where we would get the rebound and kick it out and find the open guy or Trevon would penetrate and find the open guy. Those are always the best shots when you get passes from inside the paint and you can step into the shot. I think that our team did a very good job of rotating the ball and that's a lot of the reason why we shot so well."

On Tuesday night again Illinois:
"We started out well and we just needed to finish the game strong. Anytime you get a lead like that, you want to continue to build upon it and tonight we did a good job of that and not letting them get back into the game. We wanted to keep pushing them further and further and that was something that we accomplished. We want to keep doing that continuously throughout the rest of the year."

On traveling to Minnesota: "We play every game like we have a chance. Why wouldn't we have a chance right now? That's the mindset we have. We have to take one game at a time. We continue to focus on our next game at hand. Traveling to Minnesota is going to be tough, but we have a few days of practice that we can focus on getting better. It puts us in the best position to get better every day."

Freshman Mike Bruesewitz
On what he has focused on:
"(I have focused on) just making decisions and being strong with the ball (and also) defensively doing the things that we talk about every day in practice and just keep rebounding."

On his offensive rebounds: "We talked about it. They were the number two rebounding team in the Big Ten but Coach also said that they can give up some offensive rebounds. I felt like when they were in zone or even when they were in man, I felt like nobody really checked me out. I kind of felt like I could just go get it whenever I wanted to."

Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
Opening comment:
"Obviously the game didn't turn out the way we wanted to. Verdell Jones continued to play after being sick with the flu the past couple of days, not doing anything with us. He continued to get IVs while we were practicing yesterday. He was getting IVs all the way up to 10:30 this morning. We have a game like this, you have to find some victories somewhere inside, and for him to be able to battle like that, that's a step in the right direction. The bottom line, I'm looking forward to the day when we can come into this building, and other buildings inside the Big Ten, and really understand that the way we compete, the toughness that we bring, the mindset that we bring, is going to be what get us a chance to win. Those are the things we have to continue to talk about, work on, show and do to give us a chance to compete in these types of games."

On Indiana's defensive intensity and pressuring: "We need to keep the ball in front of us. We did a lot of different things defensively, and all we are doing right now is Band-Aiding. We are putting a Band-Aid on it when we can't keep the dribble in front of us, and that's what we have to continue to work towards because we have done a good job of that at times this year and right now we're not. We have got to get that edge back. That's why we try to do a lot of switching, we played zone, but it didn't make a difference. We have to stay down longer in that stance; our help has got to be better and then we can't over-help, especially against a team like this because of the way they kick out. Our defensive intensity, our defensive on-the-ball energy wasn't even close, which exposed too much help because we felt like we had to stop the dribble. They would just make a pass out to one of their guys that can shoot the ball, which is everybody that comes in for Bo (Ryan)."

On the impact of the first few turnovers:
"We are a quiet basketball team, and we don't have guys that grab each other by the chest in those huddles and pull each other in close and say `Hey, let's get this right.' You can get that from a coach in a huddle; you can get that in a time out, but it has to become more internalized. It's a mental team thing we have to overcome, and the turnovers definitely hurt us early on."

On the lack of physicality: It's a stage we are going through right now. I think our preparation was excellent, but we have got to do a better job. I do not have a group of guys on this team that absorb how important communication is, that absorb how important it is to be just an absolute pit bull at your position and really batter down, get things done and set the inspiration for the rest of the guys. I think that showed up in our lack of guarding the dribble, it showed up in our poor help and it defiantly showed up in our lack of physicality on the backboards. I am extremely disappointed in our lack of physicality and our rebounding. It shouldn't be happening. It just shouldn't be.

On Jason Bohannon: I've said this pretty much every year since Bo's second year here. It's amazing how his players just get better all the time. It's just a microcosm of what they do. He doesn't put them out there until they are ready. They get an opportunity to get their feet wet, so to speak, and then he plays them. You look at the same thing with Hughes, you look at the same thing with Jason. They get glimpses of what they are capable of doing along the way and then they learn that that's what they have to do every time. I think Jason is a great example of that. The thing that was so impressive today was his three's, but over a period of time, the last two years, it's the way he comes off the dribble. He is so good off the dribble and I think because he has become such a multi-dimensional player, it makes his three-point shooting that much better. He is one of the absolute best shooters that I've seen and always gets in the flow of what they are trying to do."



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