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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Iowa



Feb. 6, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

Final Stats |  Notes

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Iowa
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Bo Ryan

On what the keys to victory were tonight:
“It's obviously a combination of a lot of things. Both teams were playing so hard, we both made some mistakes at crucial times. Shot selection became a little scary, but we just hung on, hung on, and hung on some more. To close that gap when we were down nine to get it into the first overtime, that was really gutsy by our guys. They’ll say it, they didnt quit, but Iowa didnt quit either. We made some shots and gave ourselves a chance.”

On what this win means for the season:
“Anytime you can get a win in the Big Ten, or in a conference game, especially when, I think, Iowa's a tough matchup for us. Some teams match up better against others teams, but their depth and their ability when they get it going from three, fortunately, they had some guys who weren’t shooting it real well tonight. I think it’s because of our defense, but they played pretty good D too. If you look at the shooting percentages, it’s not like the offenses were overpowering. So we'll see what it does for us, we only have Michigan at 11 (a.m.) on Saturday.”

On Sam (Dekker)'s three-pointer:
“He was wide open, and he stayed loose over on the bench. If you watched him while he was sitting over there, bouncing his legs and staying ready. Because I said to both him and George (Marshall), you’ve got to be ready. There were so many timeouts, and then checking the video. That was easier than practice, we had more breaks there than we get in practice. There was more dead time in that last 45 minutes than probably any game I've been involved in. A lot of dead time. But Sam struggled with a couple other things defensively that he’s working on. It’s just when Mike (Bruesewitz) is in there, throwing his body around, making hustle plays, Ryan (Evans) was getting some things done. For those seniors, Jared (Berggren), it’s your game.”

UW Players

Ben Brust:
On what team can carry forward from coming back down nine points and winning in double overtime:
“We came together and we were talking about how we can do this. We just got a stop and a score, stop and a score and then we were right there. From that point on it was just a grind fest – whoever could get to the loose balls and whoever could make a play. We were able to come up on the left side, which was good.”

On the team’s mentality following late turnovers in the game:
“We came together and we told Ryan (Evans), ‘We’re going to get it back.’ Even with Jared (Berggren), we said, ‘We got to get this one back.’ We just did it as a team.”

Jared Berggren:
On if the team’s free-throw shooting benefitted from a carry-over after shooting so many against Illinois:
“When we were having some struggles at the line, I said it seemed contagious, where maybe one guy missed and then guys started thinking too much and putting pressure on themselves and then ended up with more misses. It’s just kind of one of those things that you get things rolling a bit and then you realize they’re free throws – easy shots, easy shots in basketball. They’re supposed to be automatic. Then you just take the mental aspect out of it a little bit and realize don’t make it harder than it is.”

On Ryan Evans’ turnover late in the game:
“That’s kind of one those things, like I said, where we had some opportunities and thought we were kind of closing them out and thought we could seal the deal. Then, we made some mistakes and let them back in it. I had the one (turnover) later, where they threw it to me and then I landed on the sideline. There were some dumb plays down the stretch where we were just fortunate to make enough plays to come out and win.”

Sam Dekker
On his 3-pointer in double overtime:
“Berggren got it and I was yelling at him, ‘Get me the ball.’ Luckily he saw me. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, wondering if I should swing it, but I just thought I’d put it up right away. Good for me it went down. Good for the team too.”

On how important it was to end Iowa’s three-game win streak over Wisconsin:
“They’ve had our number three in a row. It’s a taste that we didn’t want to have anymore. They felt confident coming in here, they thought they were going to beat us and they thought they had our number. That time in the second half it looked a little bleak there when we went down nine, but our guys rallied together and fought back. Props to [Jared Berggren and Ben Brust] for leading that way and leading the charge.”

Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery

On if he wanted his player to miss the free throw on their last free throw shot in double overtime:
“No. I told him to make it. We discussed missing it. That’s a tough call. There was 5.2 (seconds) left. You make it, you foul. Now he has to make both. That’s a tough call. We had our two big guys in there to try to get a tip or get a rebound. I told him to make it.”

On playing his reserve players in the second half:
“It’s interesting because that’s kind of how our season has been going. Every game there are different people that seem to click and that’s who I go with. I’m playing 10. I think most coaches would prefer to have a core group of guys that they just go with, but with our team we have such a different mixture of skills that when we get that lineup that’s on the floor and they’re clicking we just stay with them. Sometimes it’s a big lineup. Sometimes it’s small. Sometimes it’s our starters and sometimes it’s our reserves. The group that started did a pretty decent job. We went to the bench and they struggled. We put the starters back in, they got us back in the game. Then in the second half it was our subs. I think it’s a good thing to have, but it’s kind of unique because what ends up happening sometimes is you get on this stretch and you don’t have guys that are in roles they are normally in and ready to do something.”

On if he thought his team should have finished the game with a win in regulation and not go into overtime:
“We had two breakdowns immediately. A breakdown on the inbounds play. (Ben) Brust hits a 3-pointer and then a breakdown on the back cut, and (Melsahn) Basabe fouls (Ryan) Evans. You can’t give them an and-1 there. You have to foul them. You’re shooting 40 percent from the line. If he back cuts, you have to foul him before he shoots it. See if he can make both, probably only going to make one at best, and it’s a different game. So that was unfortunate because that changed everything because that made it a one-possession game very quickly.”

On his emotions after the game:
“I don’t get that emotional one way or the other. I just don’t. That said, I want it for (the players). I’m hurting for them. For me it’s a very business-like approach. If we had won in double overtime, if we had won on Sunday, if we had won at Purdue in overtime. Nothing changes for me. It’s on to the next game. It’s locked in, getting these guys ready to play the next game. I fully recognize that for them, the emotional ups and downs are going to be a little bit different.” 

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