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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State



Feb. 4, 2012

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Wisconsin vs. Ohio State
Kohl Center -- Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Bo Ryan Quotes

On if he liked the shots Wisconsin got from outside, going 5-of-27 on 3-pointers:
"Sure did. You can take an overlay of the shots. Space between the defenders, things like that, I thought we did a great job of touching the post by our dribble -- a post feed and kickout. Our shoulders squared and feet looking at the basket, it had to be at least 90 percent of those. I can think of maybe one, possibly two, that weren't those type of 3's. When we're hitting them, we can look pretty good on the offensive end."

On the decision to have Ryan Evans and Mike Bruesewitz defend Jared Sullinger:
"We did not play him differently by assignment, by scouting report or anything else. It's about execution. Some of those teams that doubled him paid big time. It's tough to say that we changed what we were doing. The instructions were the same."

On if he takes pride in how hard it is for opposing teams to win at the Kohl Center:
"We take pride in how hard we play, that's what you have control over. The results after the game is done you can't change, so you have no control over an end result. Our guys take a lot of pride being a good team, home or away. Some years maybe you've got some weakness, you're not quite as consistent in some areas, things like that. As it's been said many times, it's hard to be consistently at the highest competitive level."

Senior G Jordan Taylor

On what happened the last 2:30 of the game:
“We were down when we had the ball. I think I had my turnover and then (William) Buford’s three was a pretty key sequence in the game going forward. It was kind of a big momentum swing, but we just didn’t execute.” 

On bouncing back from this game:
“It’s not over. I mean the race is still there. It’s obviously a big disappointment when you have a chance to fight back the way we did and score the way we did today.  It’s still not over so there is no time to mope and feel sorry yourself. You have to go and try to beat Minnesota on Thursday. They have a good team, and they are playing well. It’s definitely no time to feel sorry for yourself.” 

Junior F Mike Bruesewitz

On defending Jared Sullinger tonight:
“He got the ball early, got a couple easy ones, got himself going, hit a couple tough fadaways and that was kind of the key. We have to limit his touches and make sure he didn’t get the ball as deep as he did, but we’ll get him next time.”

On 3-point struggles and if he was happy with shots:
“Yeah, definitely. Everybody was getting open looks, we just have to knock them down. We did a good job of moving the ball. Jordan (Taylor) did a great job of getting us into position. They were trying to take him away on ball screens, and he did a good job of getting rid of the ball when he needed to and making plays when he needed to. We just have to knock shots down when we’re open.”

Junior F/C Jared Berggren

On whether the plan to guard Jared Sullinger changed:
“The plan never changed, it was to try to limit his touches, and I think we did such a bad job in the first half that the second half looked a little bit better in comparison. The second half we did a little better job a couple times. We forced them into a lob, and we got some backside help and forced them into a couple turnovers that way. It was a little bit better execution, but the plan never changed.” 

Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta

On OSU’s defense down the stretch after Mike Bruesewitz hit the late three:
“We told our guys through that stretch, we were playing with fire and we had a let up there and they were scoring pretty easily on us. The thing that we told them was, you have to stick to what we’re doing and I thought Aaron [Craft] up on the ball was tremendous and guys were giving the support that we needed. We talked about it in one of the timeouts—a couple possessions where it got to eight on the shot clock and the only guy that was defending was the guy guarding the ball and that was probably the biggest difference—keeping those guys moving and active.”

On whether his team surprised him by how much damage they did inside:
“Forty points—yah, they did. I hadn’t looked at that. I thought Jared [Sullinger] hit a couple early and had a good mix of off the lane, in the lane, around the basket. I don’t know what happened on the layup when it was the easiest shot he had all day and missed that one. I will say we didn’t go in the game saying, “We got to throw it in every time.” One of the biggest things was just the spacing we had when it did go in.”

On William [Buford’s] 3-pointer at the end of the game:
It was designed, and we felt like with Jared [Sullinger] coming under, [Josh] Gasser was going to stay home and help, and Will came up and drove his legs. It was obviously a big-time shot. I’ve got great faith in William and that was a big, big time shot for us.”

On how significant the win was:
“Well, I’m going to state the obvious: it’s a great win. I think when you look at Wisconsin basketball, it has stood the test of time. How many times we, and a lot of other teams, have come in here and gone home without a win—it definitely is a good win for our program. But with that said, we’ve got eight more Big Ten games to win, and they’re going to all be just like that. And I told the guys, “Let’s enjoy this until we get back and we’ll get ready for the next one.’”

On how he felt about Wisconsin shooting the three, especially when they weren’t going in:
“I was nervous because, percentage-wise, we wanted to make sure we were guarding guys and if you remember what happened in here last year… I’m going to change my answer—I was nervous as hell every time they let it go because of those guys making those shots and they have great form. They had good looks, they just didn’t go down for them.”

On if today was as happy as he has ever been after a win:
“I was happy, I don’t know if I was like an elated state. Let me say this, I wanted to let [Ohio State] know that I was happy with their performance because we put a lot in to coming up here, and I thought that with this team, and the Columbus people keep hearing this, we’re still learning. When I watch them practice for three days and we have three good days of practice and we come in and we play and we win, that excites me from the standpoint that I think our team is getting better. But for these guys, William Buford was 0-and-3 in here, and it was something—I was 0-and-6. So, yeah I was happy—it beats the last six times I was here."

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