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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Michigan State



Jan. 22, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Wisconsin vs. Michigan State
Jan. 22, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

On defending Keith Appling
“I thought we did a pretty good job on him as far as trying to get him to have to work for his scores. We fouled him three times in the act of shooting, that doesn’t happen here. I don’t mean here, that doesn’t happen to our teams. That might be more fouling a jump shooter than we get in a season, in one game. So we did not do a very good job on that and Appling took advantage of it, you know with the four-point play and a couple three-point plays, at least one. He’s good with the ball. We knew that, we were trying to get him to shoot a low percentage. I felt we were successful that way, but not enough. I thought what we did defensively was pretty good except for 10 points for Appling on fouls and buckets. I believe, a four-point play and I think two three-point plays.”

Free throw shooting
“I can’t shoot them. It’s a craft. You get good at something. We’ve got guys who are pretty good free throw shooters who aren’t making their free throws. Plus they shoot on their own. Still nothing like the game though, it’s always easy for people on the outside looking in with free throws until you’ve been there and then it’s something about what you’ve got inside, physically and mentally.”

On playing Michigan State
“Look at the games we’ve had. You can have a guy have an off night, we had more than one guy have an off night and it’s a one-possession game. That’s frustrating because you know you had opportunities.”

On the struggles inside
“I think if we make those free throws when we got fouled inside then the points look a little bit different. But it’s hard to score on some of these big, you know you don’t have your other 6’9”, 6’10” that can score. Frankie [Kaminsky] can score with his back to the basket and outside. You know, you miss a little of that. Ryan [Evans] had some opportunities to score inside. Mike [Bruesewitz] had some opportunities to score inside. So if you get a couple of those and you get a couple of the free throws, you get some confidence, you get feeling a little bit better. I just think when you keep clanking them, the basket just kept looking smaller.”

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening statement:
“Well, it was a huge win for us against a team that has been playing really well I thought. They didn’t make some free throws that cost them, but I thought our lack of defensive rebounding almost cost us. (They are a) tough team to cover. They run a lot of good stuff and I’m just proud of my guys. I thought they really started to believe in each other a little bit. We are getting a little bit better. It wasn’t pretty, but you play a team like this, it’s not going to be. To get a win here was a big win for us.”

On his team’s defensive effort:
“I just know that we did a lot of good things. We gave up a couple threes and (Ryan) Evans hit that big three. God, he is the one who hit that one last year that almost brought them back. He would be the one we want taking it and he took it and it shows you a little bit about his character and a little bit about him. So I thought we did a decent job on (Jared) Berggren and a pretty good job on (Mike) Bruesewitz and a pretty good job on (Ryan) Evans. It was a tough, tough game.”

On limiting Wisconsin’s quality 3-point looks in the second half:
“We were over-helping. We wanted to dig down on (Jared) Berggren a little bit, but we had four guys going down there like he was (Kareem Abdul) Jabbar. We didn’t want to do that. We made our adjustment at halftime and that might have been the biggest adjustment of all.”

On Wisconsin’s lack of frontcourt depth with the loss of Frank Kaminsky:
“I think that definitely hurt them some. Watching the Indiana game, he was pretty good. He just gives them that dimension that he can pop and do some things. Yet at other times I worry about us having to go against smaller guys because they are quicker, they can take us off the dribble. I thought we did a decent job of getting some help for our bigs in there. That is one thing that is disappointing, when (Jared) Berggren did go out, we didn’t take advantage of it enough. But (Frank) Kaminsky will definitely help them. This is a good basketball team. They are going to win a lot of games.”

Wisconsin Player Quotes

On free throws:
Mike Bruesewitz: “It’s cost us games before and it obviously cost us one today. We’ve got to get in the gym and just start knocking them down. It’s plain and simple. It can’t be an excuse anymore.”

Jared Berggren: “I’ve got to step up and knock down the free throws and I didn’t do that. It hurts the team, especially in a game like this where we’re struggling to score down the stretch. I don’t know how long we went without a bucket, the last eight minutes or whatever it was, it was frustrating.”

On how difficult it was to score on Michigan State’s defense:
Mike Bruesewitz“They play good defense, they definitely do. They’re athletic, obviously so they can get out and cover a lot of space pretty quickly. We’ve just got to get better looks. We’ve got to move better and do some stuff to offensively offset that kind of stuff. We just didn’t do a good enough job. We had some good open looks, some of them just didn’t go in.”

Jared Berggren: “We’ve got to give them credit, they are a good defensive team. At the same time, we had some shots that were questionable decisions where we could’ve worked it for a better look. There are always things you can improve on. That’s definitely part of it, is our shot selection. Part of it is crediting them for the defensive job they did. We did have good looks that we missed. Tonight was just one of those nights.”

On looking forward to Minnesota and improving on free throws and shots:
Jared Berggren: “We just have to get in the gym and get some extra shots up. We know that we’re more than capable of heating up and getting out of this slump. I’ll be in the gym all day tomorrow getting shots up. Part of it is putting in extra time and getting into a rhythm and part of it is the mental game and not overthinking it at the line. You’ve just got to step up and have confidence, knowing that you’ve done it a million times and knock it down. It was something I wasn’t able to do today but I know it’s something I’ll improve on in the next game and I don’t think it’ll be an issue going forward.”

On the message to George Marshall after the play that ended the game:
Mike Bruesewitz“George made the right play. He made the correct play. He went to the rim, he attacked and I thought that was the correct decision and I told him that. Nine times out of 10, that’s the right play. He just didn’t knock down the free throws. As a young guy, you’ve got to learn that, yeah, that’s a really important play but there were an exponential number of plays before that that put us into that position and we can’t blame it all on one play. Moving forward, we’ve got to do better. We can’t dwell on that. We have to make sure we’re not in those positions where we need those points and are unsuccessful.”

Jared Berggren “We shot 7-of-18 from the free throw line for the game. That’s terrible. We can’t blame it all on one miss. I know I missed plenty before that. Missing some down the stretch is equally as important as all of the misses before that, so you can’t beat yourself up about that.”

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