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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Indiana



Jan. 20, 2011

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Jordan Taylor’s confidence level and play this year:
“Wquinton Smith said that? Well he guards him every day, which you know. He’s a bright young man who takes advantage of the opportunities that are presented to him. I didn’t think he really forced anything, but he also wasn’t afraid to attack and make some things happen. But Jordan, as people are finding out, is a pretty good player and he’s been very instrumental in putting us in the position that we’re in right now. We’re definitely going to need him to continue to play like that, that’s for sure.” 

On what the turning point of the game was:
“Just stay the course. They hit some tough jump shots—they’re a very good jump shot shooting team and when they’re stroking it like that, that’s when we needed to be a little tighter. We didn’t do that. We had just practiced some things that didn’t exist and the guys had to come to the bench and take a look. What we were doing with some of the screening situations, and they stayed the course and eventually Indiana hit a streak there when the shooting percentage went down quite a bit.  And you don’t hope for that, you have to stick to your rules and just stay the course, and our guys did. 

On the importance of Wisconsin’s five and-one opportunities:
“Well, they get a foul on the other team, they get a personal foul on the individual, it gets you closer to two bonus free throws, and it makes a statement that we’re taking it to the rim or we’re going to get it off of an offensive rebound or pump fake. So it obviously gives your players the feeling like they’re getting closer to the basket and taking higher percentage shots if you get a foul out of it also. And-one3s are really crucial in games, and also trying to prevent the other team from getting them is important. It was a tough game and was very physical.” 

On his thoughts of Indiana after the game:
“They’ve got players that have played in these environments now. They’ve had possessions where it’s not new to them anymore. It’s just like Penn State, Michigan, Indiana, teams that you look at on paper and you go ‘well, don’t look at them on paper, look at the experience and the guys that they have and how athletic they are.’ If they’re making jump shots like that, they’re pretty good. And that’s what they’re trying to do. They almost had us, they almost had Minnesota, and their guys are out there playing just as hard as everyone else’s teams are. The Big Ten is just going to be like this. We said it in October and we’re saying it now, it hasn’t changed. Tough every night out.”

On Indiana’s ability to make jump shots:
“That’s what I mean by jump shots. We had to attack and pull up quick jumpers. We had guys trying to get their hands up on them, but when those are going down, that’s tough. And also a couple times early they got past our guys and we didn’t do a good job of stopping them from getting to the rim. So you don’t need an assist on that, you can get to the rim for a layup. And we gave up a few of those early and that doesn’t put a smile on my face or anybody on our team either.” 

Senior F Jon Leuer

 On the changes they had to make to get to the free throw line in the second half:
“I think we were attacking the basket more and just trying to finish at the rim instead of settling for jumpers. I know a couple of times I faded away from some shots. The main thing was attacking the basket and being aggressive, and we did.” 

On he and Jordan making 26 of the 30 points in the first half:
“It’s just a matter of us making the right reads as a team. We’re trying to be unselfish and work the ball around. There were some possessions in the first half where Jordan (Taylor) was just feeling it and we just had to get him the ball. He pretty much carried us in the first half. It’s just a matter of finding guys when they’re open and finding who’s hot. The more we can do that the better it is for our offense.”

On the three-point play he made as the shot clock was winding down at the one minute mark: 
“I knew the shot clock was winding down and I was thinking about spotting up but when I saw Jordan (Taylor) penetrate, I just thought, go to the rim and try to get an offensive rebound. He made a great play to shuffle it over to me and I knew the shot clock was winding down, so I just turned and got pretty lucky and threw it up. I went up strong so I got fouled and luckily it banked and went in.”

Junior G Jordan Taylor

On how physically and mentally taxing the game was tonight:
“I don’t know if it was any more taxing than any other Big Ten game. Yes, we were playing from behind, but any game, whether playing with the lead or from behind is a tough game. We were trying to dig in and make stops and play good defense on the other end. Every game is going to be physical. Jon (Leuer) made some huge shots for us down the stretch and kind of put them away, but it was a team effort.”

On the lift Wquinton Smith gave them: 
“Q’s great. He does that to me every day in practice, so to see him go out and do that to another team was a big lift for the whole team. I love watching him. He made some huge plays; got in the lane and got their defense jumping around. Those are things he can do and he’s just been waiting to get his chance. He got it today and he really came through. That shows the type of player and person he is that he can be ready all the time and come in cold and play the way he did.”

On what Indiana did offensively to give them trouble: 
“They’ve got some players on their team. Every team in the Big Ten has players. We knew they had players coming in. They were spreading us out and getting some switches. We made some mistakes defensively, we felt like, but you have to give them credit, they were making some shots, some tough shots. They got it going early and we didn’t really match their intensity on the defensive side of the ball. They have good players and when you let good players get going, they’re really going to hurt you.”

Senior G Wquinton Smith

On how hard it is to be ready when you don’t know when your minutes will come:
“You just have to keep your head in the game, every game. Coach Ryan tells us to always be ready and contribute when you get in the game. That’s what I always try to do. I know everyone, if you’re on the scout team or anything, has to be ready. You don’t know when you’ll be put in the game.”

On the progress he’s seen in Jordan Taylor while practicing against him everyday:
“Jordan has really progressed over the past three years. He’s gotten more confident with his shot and it’s gotten harder to guard him in practice. I get a little more frustrated sometimes. I know if I’m playing my best against him, I’m helping him get better. Against all the Big Ten guards, he’s on his own. He may be the best guard in the Big Ten. You can tell his confidence is there, and that’s mainly what the game’s about.” 

Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

Opening Statement:
“Well, we’re disappointed because we came to win. I think every man in our locker room felt that we could, felt that if we executed our game plan that we’d have that opportunity. We certainly knew the challenge in front of us because you’re never ever going to get Wisconsin to give you anything; you’re going to have to beat them. They are at the top of the list with programs that never beat themselves and we knew we were going to have to play very well. We had a lot of really good things and they had a lot of very good things. It was a very good Big Ten game and they made some timely baskets. They got to the foul line more than we did, especially in the second half obviously.

As disappointed as we are, we have a short turn around. We have to turn right back around and get ready to play. It’s very important that we make our corrections, that we get better physically, mentally, that we don’t rationalize this defeat, that we’re not happy playing close, that we remember why we came to win and why we felt we could win and get ready to go play a very hungry Iowa on Sunday.”

On Indiana’s second half progress:
“I don’t think there is any doubt that we’re getting better. I think our guys were very confident today in the way they played and the way they attacked the basket. You can’t come to Wisconsin and play teams like this the way they want to play. It’s not business as usual when you play that way. You can’t beat Wisconsin that way. They have a system, they have a plan, they have a way they win and they don’t deviate from it. You can’t come in and fall prey to that or you have no shot in the game. I thought our guys really executed in the way we wanted to attack, the way we got out and pushed the ball, the way we wanted to open the court.

Us not winning the game was certainly not from a lack of want to, will, desire, energy or things of that nature. They just made some big plays. I thought a back-breaking play was Jon Leuer’s play as the shot clock was winding down when he banked it in and got the foul call. We had done almost everything right on that possession but that was a tough one. We continued to battle. I don’t think there’s any question that these guys were close and that they believe they can win a close game, but we have to do it.”

On Jordan Taylor:
“I think one of the keys to Bo Ryan’s success is that these guys in the program never get ahead of themselves here because he’s had the seniority, he’s had the leadership, he’s had guys that play but they had to wait their turn. This way they understand what he wants, they understand they can’t come out and turn the ball over, they understand they have to get to the rim. I think Jordan Taylor is not only one of the premier guards in the league, that’s obvious,  I think that he’s one of the premier guards in the country.”

It’s not just that he played great tonight. He’s an outstanding player. He’s got all three facets of the offense when it comes to scoring. He can get the rim with anybody, he’s got a great shot fake, he’s got that mastered, he’s got the mid-range game and he’s certainly got the 3-point game. They run so many pick-and-rolls and they run pick-and-rolls like when Devin Harris was here. I think there’s a reason for that, because Jordan is so good at it. He defends hard, he’s tough, he’s strong and he’s a cut above. There’s no question he’s one of the premier guards in the country.”




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