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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Illinois



Jan. 15, 2011

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Recap |  Box Score |  Notes |  AP Photo Gallery 

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan


On Jon Leuer's play at small forward: 
He took advantage of his opportunities, not every shot is exactly what I want, but I guess we’ll take what he gave us today. We are always working on trying to improve in every area, and I thought he did a good job. There was maybe one shot in there, two shots, that I think he could have done a little bit better job with. But if you are asking me if I like what he did, yeah he did a good job. He didn’t force much, he guarded well. With the things we do defensively and the things we do offensively, it really doesn’t matter the number of the position."

On how the number of fouls affected the rhythm of the game:
“I think if that was a dance, they would have called it off, there was absolutely no rhythm. If it was “The Gong Show”, they would have hooked us all, there wouldn’t have been anybody left, players, coaches. But I told the officials, I really wouldn’t want that job. I think he thought I was being funny, but I was being honest. How would you like to have to officiate that? I am talking about us and them. That was a tough game to officiate, hard fought, guys getting after it. I’m tired."

On Tim Jarmusz's three-pointer to end the first half:
“It was huge. Coming off Tuesday’s game where it was a little miscalculation, and to hit that one with the clock winding down, I will take one out of two. I would like to have two out of two. Jordan (Taylor) made a great decision, Tim’s (Jarmusz) guy helped, Jordan found him, that was big."

On the team's defensive performance:
“It’s the same things we’ve been doing. Believe me, when I break the tape down and we go over it on Monday, there will be a lot of defensive things that we could have done a lot better. But, as long as they are working, as long as they are working together, as long as they are sticking to our rules, it gives us a chance. If we get away from our rules, we are not very good."

On how Jon Leuer bounced back after the Michigan State game:
“He didn’t let that affect what he was going to do today, he was still going to work his game. It’s just sometimes that your effort still could be there, but the results aren’t. It’s not like you can say, ‘He could have done this better, he could have done that better,’ it is a team. I thought our team played well today overall, especially defensively."

On Keaton Nankivil's play early in the second half:
“Keaton (Nankivil) really doesn’t force anything. He certainly sent shock waves when he put the ball on the floor and went to the hole. I tried to get Keaton’s cousin to tell him to take the ball to the hole more, because I heard that worked for somebody else. Coaches can tell guys things one-thousand times, and Demetri McCamey is one heck of a player, but didn’t he say that his cousin or his niece told him to take the ball to the hole more. Well, he certainly took it a lot today. If Keaton has somebody that can tell him that other than us, we’ve told him. If people crowd you, shot fake and put it on the floor. The problem is when the ball snapped back and out again, you see that once in a lifetime, how about two times in a season and the season is not even over yet. I am hoping he can’t do it three times. That’s the second time this year that the ball didn’t come through the net."

On adding Jared Berggren to the starting lineup:
“He did fine. You are going to start rotating guys anyhow, a lot of times maybe it’s an initial matchup, maybe it’s just some guys need to get on the bench and watch from the bench, and maybe some guys just need games where they need to get their psyche back. When there are guys struggling, you always have to find people to pick them up, just like any business or any organization. Not everybody’s going to have great days, sometimes you need to step backwards to go two steps forward. Jared (Berggren) took a step forward and was in there and did some nice things. He is a much better shooter from the outside than that one three that he took, I just told everybody it was a shot block."

On the aggressiveness of Mike Bruesewitz:
“Well today I think it was because I told him, ‘If you don’t play a little bit better today, I think you are going to have to get a haircut’. He played pretty well. I didn’t really say that, but Mike (Bruesewitz) was everywhere, diving on the floor, offensively good hands against their pressure, he showed me something there. That is the way Mike Bruesewitz played last year, kind of loose, he has just got to slow down a little bit around the basket. He could have finished a couple times there, it’s just everything goes so fast sometimes for him."

On the team's defense on Mike Tisdale:
“We didn’t change anything on how we defended him. Sometimes guys just get hot, sometimes guys get some better looks based on their movement. When somebody has a good game against you or when somebody has a good game for your team, it isn’t always that you have done something different. I know people always like to ask that, well some days are better than others, but we really didn’t change.”

Wisconsin Players

Senior F Jon Leuer
On whether or not it was hard to get into a rhythm with all the fouls called:
“I don’t think it was an issue really in the first half. It seemed like we had a good flow to the game going. Not until late did it get to be a lot of fouls called, but they were calling it both ways. It’s the players’ job to adjust to how the refs are calling the game. Regardless of how they’re calling it you have to adjust and find a way to win and we did that.”

On coming out more aggressively this game than against MSU:
“I don’t think it was any different than I’d usually like to play. Obviously I didn’t have a good performance against Michigan State. That definitely was motivation to come out and help the team more. I felt like, after Michigan State, that I let my team down by not being aggressive and making good plays and good reads. I felt like tonight I did a better job of that but it was a team win. It was a total effort from everybody. That was good for us to get back on track and hopefully we can string some wins together.”

On both teams attacking the glass today:
“Anytime we can get offensive rebounds it seems like it really hurts the opposition. We get the ball back out and we can work our cuts and work our offense. We wanted to start doing a better job of that because the past couple of games we’ve started to let that rebound mark slip away. We know that’s really important and anytime we can get those second-chance points, it’s big for us.”

On going at the basket today:
“I think anytime I don’t fade away and get something going at the basket to finish at the rim it helps my percentage. You have a better chance of getting fouled and overall it’s a better shot.”

On changes in the starting lineup:
“We had a bigger lineup today and I think Jared (Berggren) did a good job and Keaton (Nankivil) did a great job. It worked out for us so hopefully we can continue to be successful with that group.”

Junior G Jordan Taylor
On the last possession of the first half:
“Tim (Jarmusz) is a good shooter and they know that, so they aren’t going to let him get free a lot. I was trying to get in the lane and make a play. (Demetri) McCamey kind of ran off of Tim a little bit and I saw him open, hit him, and Tim hit a big shot. It’s always good when you can go into the break with a lead. It’s a big momentum builder and a big confidence builder, especially in a manner like that. It was a big shot. We are pretty good when we lead at half. I don’t know the record, but anytime you have a lead at half you kind of have an upper hand.”

On the first couple of minutes of the second half:
“I don’t think we were doing anything differently. I think shots just started to fall. Keaton (Nankivil) hit two big 3’s, and we were just being aggressive. I think the ball just started to fall our way. Shots weren’t falling against them at their place and we weren’t shooting very well in the first half, so I think it’s just all about staying aggressive and eventually things will start to go your way if you stay positive and stay confident.”


Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening Statement:

“If you're going to win here, you've got to play good. And you've got to have somebody be special. I didn't think we played real well. We hung in there in the first half, we took the lead, and then they hit the big 3 (to end the first half). I think that basket and then them going into the second half with a 12-2 run obviously was the difference maker. Now you're chasing the remainder of the game instead of seeing if you can keep it close and find a way to beat them at the end.

“(Jon) Leuer definitely was the guy that was special tonight. They went with the big lineup, allowed him to go inside a little bit. Whether it was maybe a little bit of a mismatch, we just didn't do a good job fronting him in the post. I thought that as the game went on, he was the key to the game. Every time they needed a basket, they were able to go to him, and he was able to respond. You have to put some pressure on him. If you don't, obviously you just do what we did at the end and just keep fouling him.”

On the team's offense during their recent road games:
“We've shot well most of the games. We shot pretty well in the games we won. When people take things away, you have to be a little more patient and work a little harder to get open shots. And it just seemed like we were always in a hurry, that we were always in a panic. Hopefully going back home will be a nice cure for our shooting, but it's not going to be easy there against the teams coming in.”

On the high number of fouls and free-throw opportunities in the second half:
“I told the officials it was a tough game. We both play hard, we both are aggressive. It was a tough game to officiate, and I guess they just felt like they didn't want to get it out of hand, so they just had to keep calling fouls. Once you call a couple, you've got to keep calling them, because we're (the coaches) yelling, or the fans are yelling here. It got a little bit out of rhythm, though, there's no doubt about that.”

On the team's attitude after losing two road games this week:
“We lost two games. But you can't get too high, you can't get too low, it's a tough league. Wisconsin lost to us and lost at Michigan State, and they came back and won. You're just going to have to keep going and keep making plays, and hope that one time you can go on the road and get an upset.”

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