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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Illinois



Jan. 12, 2013

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Wisconsin vs. Illinois
Jan. 12, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

UW Head Coach Bo Ryan

On Jared Berggren’s play and double-double:
“He works hard every day and he does things in practice that shows the potential is there. The ball bounces your way a few more times than normal, you put yourself in position for rebounds. Scoring wise he could’ve even had a couple more buckets. A double-double is a stat that’s a nice one to have, but there’s so many other phases to the game. Defensively, the things that he did were pretty good. He made some passes and took care of the ball when he did get in the paint. There’s a lot more to the game than two categories being double doubles. But, we’ll certainly take them.”

On the first half play of Wisconsin:
“I think it was being in the right spot at the right time. We’ve had that happen to use sometimes and it really doesn’t look like we’re not working, so I can’t say they weren’t. That’s why basketball, to be consistent through a season, to be consistent throughout a decade, to be consistent in this game, you just got to know that there are some times that things are just not going to work out. So, you have to try another category where you can reel it in. We were hitting shots. I think that we kind of wrapped up our defense too. John (Groce) is a student of the game, he’s looked at enough tape and he knows that we played well. That’s as well as we’ve probably for a total of 40 minutes against that caliber a team we’ve played this year. Tomorrow, we’re practicing for next. That’s how short-lived a victory like this can be.”

On Mike Bruesewitz defending Brandon Paul:
“He stuck to our rules. We had some things that we were trying to do and I would say he graded out pretty well. I’ll always find a couple things in film for our teaching clips, but he did his job.”

On Traevon Jackson’s play:
“Pretty heady for the most part on some loose balls and things like that. Again, he’s going to have to take better care of the basketball in situations where we don’t want runouts. If we can just get five-on-five defensively, we’re pretty good--we think, we try to be. But, when we get in those scatter situations, we have a tough time protecting the rim. That’s why valuing the ball is so important. He did attack, he did recognize his shot when he was wide open from the top of the key and knocked two of them down from there, which was good because if they’re going to play off on somebody else, you’ve got to make people play. Trae took advantage of what the other team was giving him.”

Illinois Head Coach John Groce

Opening Statement
“I thought that they dominated every facet of the game especially in the first half. The thing that was the most disappointing to me was that their competitive spirit was better than ours to start the game. That is unacceptable; it’s not what we’re about. Today we didn’t have it. Ultimately that falls on the captains and myself. I thought that the captains absolutely did not have their team ready to play. I didn’t like their mindset.

“We had nine turnovers in the game, which isn’t a lot, but three of them were in the first two or three minutes. They had 11 out of 17 offensive rebounding opportunities in the first half. I just thought that their effort level and their competitive spirit overmatched ours. We’ve got to figure it out pretty quick, obviously. We’ve got another game on Thursday. We’ll evaluate the film as best as we can and see what adjustments need to be made in all areas. The one guy I know that played his butt off for the 19 minutes he was in was Mike Shaw. Mike Shaw played like his head was held under water, and that’s what I’m looking for. The other guys did at times, and I’ll let them know tomorrow if any of them did after we watch the film. I don’t know if that’s the case, but we’ll take a look at it and figure it out on the way back, and again we’ve got another one on Thursday. Having said that, I thought (Wisconsin) played terrific. I don’t want to take anything away from them. They made shots, they executed, and I thought they really competed. As I watch them on film, they just get better and better. They deserve a lot of credit, they created a lot of those opportunities in the first half with their terrific play.“

On whether the lack of competitive spirit was because of a lack of rebounding
I think it’s a lot of things. I’m going to answer your question with another question. How do you play the number one ranked team in offensive rebounding in the country this past Wednesday night and then get 74% back, and then have that type of an effort on the glass today? So it’s in there, we didn’t have it today. (Wisconsin) was going after them. I give them a lot of credit; they played well. One thing I’ve learned about being in this league is when you don’t play very well and you play a good team and they play really well, you get the result you did today.”

On what Wisconsin did to hold Brandon Paul to 1 of 11 shooting
“It was a combination of being physically tough against him and then to be honest again not to take anything away from them he missed some that he usually makes. I’d be the first to tell you he typically doesn’t go 5-for-10 from the line. He missed a couple at the rim there where he didn’t finish, where he normally does. So it was a combination of both, but they definitely made it difficult for him and they were aware of where he was on the floor and did a good job of trying to take him away.”

On changing the competitive culture at Illinois
“No question. I think there were only two games we’ve played in the 18 where I felt like we got beat in competitive areas. You can say that’s 16-for-18. I don’t think that way, we should have that all of the time. Execution stuff, we can work on that and we’ll figure that out.  It’s unacceptable not to be physically and mentally tough, it’s unacceptable not to play with passion, effort and energy. Those guys know that, they’re smart guys. They’ve done it about 16 times. Today, for whatever reason, we didn’t have it to start the game and I thought they had it at a really high level throughout and played really well.”

On whether he was worried prior to the game that Wisconsin would make as many shots as they did
You hope not, but they made shots and good teams do that. I was disappointed that we lost (Ben) Brust a couple of times in the first half. What happens with guys that can shoot is if they make one or two where you leave them or you bust an execution deal, then they start feeling pretty good. Then it feels like throwing rocks at an ocean. I thought that certainly happened a little bit. We left (Ben) Brust, our game plan was to take away some threes there. We left him twice early and he made us pay. (Sam) Dekker made some threes. Some other guys stepped up and made some shots. They made plays and good teams make plays.”

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