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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Michigan



Jan. 5, 2011

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan
On the team's supporting cast:
“When you say supporting cast, we have a team. All the individuals on the team are trying to contribute. There are so many things in the course of the game that you have to be cognizant of that involve all five players at the same time. When opportunities arise, when you have guys that are always ready to help, you will always have guys come off the bench and make an impact. In practice, everybody goes hard after each other. It’s nice to see guys get noticed, because I always think they are contributing, even if it’s in ways other people might not recognize. There are a lot of contributions out there from everyone.”

On Jordan Taylor’s increased aggressiveness in the second half:
“We talked about certain things we needed to do, but Jordan knows. Jordan’s one of the smartest guys around. It wasn’t anything particular, maybe just a nuance here, an angle there. They played off him a bit, but he was open on those threes, and he’s still proving he can hit those.”

On Jordan Taylor’s energy:
“Jordan is that kind of a person, that kind of a player, which is why he’s put in situations where you can trust him to do things, because he’s done them before. He works hard in practice to try and get better, both on the offensive and defensive end. Jordan’s a guy who is easy to cheer for. The fans can also feed off of Tim Jarmusz taking half the skin off his elbow and diving 15 feet on the floor. I think it got loud on that one as well.”

On putting Michigan away down the stretch:
“They’re going to get better as the year goes on, but they have young guys that are playing loose. Sometimes being young isn’t always a disadvantage, they seemed pretty relaxed. We hung tough, we got them to miss some shots while we were scoring, and it’s tough playing from behind, especially on the road. They know how to shoot it, they know how to pass it, and that’s why they’ve won some games, even with their youth.”

On Rob Wilson’s play:
“It was disappointing to see him pick up those two quick fouls. It broke his momentum from getting into the flow of the game. In all fairness, he didn’t get the help that he needed on the quick curl. So we corrected that and made a change in behavior in something that wasn’t going our way.”

On Brett Valentyn’s contributions:
“We like the things we’ve been seeing in practice from him. It’s about opportunity, it’s about timing, and he’s never wavered on what he brings every day. Brett is a great example for all those young guys, in that he’s worked hard and gotten a chance to play some. It only happens through hard work and dedication.”

Senior F Jon Leuer
On teammate Keaton Nankivil:

“We need someone that can give the type of production he's been giving us in the last few weeks. It's huge. He's really starting to find his groove right now, and he's starting to knock down shots for us, and that opens up whatever Jordan doesn't penetrate. It brings a lot of stuff up for us, and we're starting to get a good rhythm offensively.”

Senior F Keaton Nankivil
On playing against Michigan's zone:

“I think we did a good job getting the ball in the paint early, and then we came back in the second half. Against any zone you typically shoot from the outside. I couldn't tell you off hand how many outside shots we took against their zone tonight, but I think it did make a little bit of a difference for us.”

On the importance of winning games after a loss:
“Coach Ryan's a player. He's not going to let a team that he coaches lose twice in a row if he has anything to say about it. I think, for us too, it's a very business-like atmosphere and we expect to win every game. So regardless of what happened during the last game, or what's coming up in the future, we're always going to approach every game and try to win.”

Junior G Jordan Taylor
On taking the same number of shots early in the second half as he did the entire first half:

“I think it's just things that came to me a little bit (not a coincidence). I'm just trying to be patient and let the game come to me, and at times, I think when you start trying to force things, it just ends up bad. So I just keep trying to find my teammates, especially when Jon (Leuer) and Keaton (Nankivil) were playing the way they were, they were being aggressive and assertive. So if I get one point and we win by 20, I really don't care, I'm just trying to take what comes to me.”

On the fans feeding into his energy on the court:
“I think that's part of basketball. Anytime anybody knocks down shots, the crowd gets off of their feet. I don't think anybody had that (energy) to start the game, so we just have to do a better job of having that from the jump and not having to rely on the spurs to get us over the hump. We have to have a consistent kind of energy throughout the game.”

Michigan Head Coach John Beilein
Opening Statement:

“Our effort in both halves was very good. We didn’t quite execute as well in the second half and Jordan Taylor was terrific in the second half. It wasn’t anything schematic that we did offensively in the first half to hold him back, he just didn’t shoot the ball as much, and he was very unselfish. I’m sure Bo Ryan must have said something to him at half time since he came right out and got us right away. Terrific player and hard to guard since he’s such an assist guy and shoots it from so deep so effortlessly. Once we got behind, it was really hard to come back on them. We tried zone, we tried man and they got a couple extra possessions when we went zone that couldn’t let us get it under six. We just couldn’t get it to that point where we could get back and make it a one or two possession game. From there on out the lights are out usually here with three or four minutes to go down four because they are not going to miss foul shots and they’re not going to turn it over. That’s why the game ended up the way it is.”

On Wisconsin shooting:
“If you look at they’re stats, it’s incredible, they’re not inflated and that they have so many guys shooting. Jordan Taylor is shooting 38 (percent) the other guys are shooting 40s. It’s just really hard to guard all those guys when they have four shooters on the floor. It’s a little bit like we would like to be but we’re just too young. They just play with such great poise and experience in passing down a shot that’s probably a 30-percent chance to take a 50-50 shot. They are just really good with all that poise. We didn’t have it a couple times today and you just can’t make those mistakes.”

On Darius Morris and fouls:
“In the first half Darius Morris got in foul trouble right away. He got that first foul so I gave him a quick rest since I had a feeling he was going to get that second foul and they were going to attack that, and sure enough he went right back in. That continues to be a problem for us in our young guys. It took him out of his rhythm and I think it was very difficult for him in the second half after sitting the entire first half. He had some great assists but I’m sure he had some plays he’d like to have back.”

On the team's poise tonight:
“It’s going to come and go at different times. We only had 10 turnovers. I saw in the first half we took three really bad shots. In the second half there were a few times when guys were open, just open and we just didn’t see them. I don’t know if that’s a situation of, will not see them, or cannot see them, or just learning to see the whole court and how fast things move. I’m talking about a poise that’s got to be at a very high level and understand what stacks up against other things. We had really good looks when they were making their run. Tim Hardaway Jr. had two great shots and looked like they were down but went in and out. It’s a lot of freshmen stuff, not that seniors don’t have a shot that goes out, but it’s a lot of freshman things that will evolve as they play.”

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