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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Penn State



Jan. 3, 2013

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Wisconsin vs. Penn State
Jan. 3, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

UW Head Coach Bo Ryan

Were you impressed with your seniors play during the last couple minutes of the game?
“The aggressiveness of moxie, I really was. We struggled a little bit at guard. I’m making some decisions there, so the front court bailed us out. For most years that I’ve been here it’s been the other way around, with being able to make some plays and do some things. That’s what we said before, we have to get tested like this in these kind of games. We have to get the guard play up a little bit, make better decisions and make free throws, that helps too.”

On what he thinks about the Badgers shooting 50% from the free throw line:
“We do these games, free throw games, we do these things, it’s a mental thing that has to be overcome. I’ve said it before, I’m not changing my story.”

On if Wisconsin had good looks from the 3-point line:
“Other than two, I’d say two in the first half were bad threes, the other ones were really good looks in the first half. I thought in the second half, still 90% of them. What’s going to happen when we hit those at our normal percentage? That’s encouraging to be able to look at those stats, and say okay, we can do better than this.”

On how comforting it is to know Wisconsin only had four turnovers:
“That’s how we practice. We do a lot of passing drills. We do a lot of ball handling drills, and we shoot free throws too, but taking care of the ball is something very easy to convince players in our program that it helps you be successful because of our track record with it. The new guys coming in understand that, they value the basketball, and in practice, because each possession counts. So do we keep it to four every game? No, but I certainly like the way our guys, in their minds, have convinced themselves that taking care of the ball and not making bad plays, making good plays, are the way the game should be played. It gives you a chance. If we didn’t do that tonight, we don’t have a chance.”

On if he is seeing areas of progress with his point guards:
“Up until that last four or five minutes, I thought yeah. What’d they have, one turnover until then? When I say that, it doesn’t mean it could be because they’re getting rid of it as soon as they get it. No, they made some good passes and it might not have been the pass that lead to the open shot, but it was the one that lead to the pass that the guy hit the open player. I thought we did a great job at finding the open guy and making the extra pass again. This team does that as well as any team I’ve had up to this point, looking for that extra pass.”

Wisconsin Player Postgame Quotes

Senior forward Mike Bruesewitz

On who he thought was the key factor down the stretch:
“I think we have to give a lot of credit to Ryan [Evans]. We had about six minutes there where we couldn’t put the ball in the bucket and then Ryan came out and got one of two from the free throw line. And then he came out and hit a big turn-around jumper and it kind of got us going. We got some rebounds and we got the ball in middle and found Berg [Jared Berggren] for some ridiculousness that happened there for a while. So yeah, we were able to control the glass. I think that was the biggest thing. And we knocked down free throws in the last three minutes.”

On replacing lost point guards and whether the veterans feel an obligation to put up numbers:
“Yeah. Earlier this year I said we were an old team, and we were. Then I got hurt and then Josh [Gasser] got hurt, and then we became a young team. So we’re kind of going through some growing pains obviously. But as a front line, we have to pick some stuff up and fortunately – I’ll say it—I think Berg [Jared Berggren] is one of the best Bigs in the country. And it helps when you have that. It was pretty obvious tonight—he was the best player on the floor. And if he continues to do that, it’s going to be a good thing and it’s going to take a lot of pressure off of the guards. And that’s not to put a lot of pressure on Berg or anything. I just believe in him that much. He’s like The Hulk. He just doesn’t turn green—at times. It’s pretty scary.”


Senior forward Jarred Berggren

On his big dunk:
“We do some stuff kind of similar to that in practice with the chair drills, but not exactly. But my teammates just found me in a good spot and made it easy for me.”


Junior guard Ben Brust

On free throw shooting and 3-point shooting:
“I think we were stuck on 49 or 48 for a while. And I think there was a stretch—I know I missed two free throws and that’s inexcusable—and we had some decent looks. But they didn’t go down. But even if it doesn’t, that’s why we play defense. And we could have gotten a couple more stops. But once we kind of broke through off that, Ryan got us going and Jerry [Jared Berggren] kept us going.”

On feeding Berggren the pass for his big dunk:
“I was scared to be honest. Because I was putting the ball on the five-man’s hand with a guard coming fast at him low. But he did the Earl the Pearl and then took it from there.”

On the seniors coming up big down the stretch:
“Going into Big Ten play, not a lot of our younger guys have had experience and that’s where it was key. And if they score that much—it kind of just happens like that—they’ve had experience, they know what it’s like. Also, I remember there were some key rebounds that Mike [Bruesewitz] grabbed at the end—got fouled on a couple. So just overall senior leadership at the end. It’s good to have and we’ll be using it going forward.

Penn State Head Coach Patrick Chambers

On if there were any positives to take away from the loss:
“I’m not into moral losses anymore. We just have to learn how to finish and play on the road.”

On what it means to finish a game:
“I would say 15 turnovers is too many. I thought we got good shots. We got the ball in the right position but we have to get used to being in tight games. Look, it is great to come here and be in a tight game. But we need to take the next step and we need to earn the respect of the league and this would have been a great start, but unfortunately we are going home with a loss.”

On how the play of the Wisconsin seniors made the difference in the game down the stretch:
“(Mike )Bruesewitz, I love that kid. He is a beast. He hit a huge three and makes his free throws. Senior. (Jared) Berggren, he is a handful. He is as good as advertised, and he was last year because he can do so many things. He is so talented, so gifted and he makes you take tough shots on the defensive end too, he is a very good shot blocker. Those guys did a great job and Ryan Evans made a huge 15-footer, did some good things. So to have seniors at home, it helps. But it is a learning experience for us.”

On Ben Brust developing a more all-around skill set:
“I think he has developed his overall game. He is not just a 3-point shooter anymore and he is extremely good at shooting threes, we have seen it all year long, but now he goes off the bounce a little bit, he has made some good decisions. He had four assists. So anytime he touched the paint, something good happened. He is really evolving into a very nice player and he is tough. He is a tough kid. Let’s not forget that intangible. That is what helped this team and they are all tough. So you know what you are getting into when you come here.”

On learning to play without guard Tim Frazier:
“The last four games we have learned to play without Tim and we are a pretty good team. I thought we would be pretty good this year with Tim and as you can see we have the chance to be very good. But even though Tim’s down, I think D.J. (Newbill) is doing a great job. I mean that is not his natural position. I think he is proving a lot of people wrong. I would like to cut down on some turnovers, but first Big Ten game, on the road, he handled himself very well.”

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