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Badgers welcome freshmen to UW-Madison at ResFest

Oct. 17, 2013

MADISON, Wis. -- What better way to say, “Welcome to the UW” than with a big bowl of ice cream?

Fourteen Wisconsin student-athletes served ice cream-filled welcomes to incoming freshman at UW Housing’s ResFest event at Dejope Hall on Oct. 9. After serving ice cream, football players answered students’ questions and led the group in “Jump Around” to conclude the evening.

Football players Matt Johnson, Brady Kelliher, Carl Miller, Nate Paup, Andrew Endicott, Connor Senger and Aidan McNamara, UW track and field and cross country athletes Sara Grange, Jessica Spera, Amelia Berendt and Angela Boushea and women’s crew members Emily Bongiorno and Erica Csuy and Amanda Morris all welcomed the opportunity to interact with the freshest faces on campus.

Freshman kicker Andrew Endicott was one of several freshmen that took the initiative to welcome his fellow students.

“It was awesome,” Endicott said. “I was honored that some of us got to welcome in the freshmen and say a few words to them about how great their support is.”

Originally from California, Endicott was also excited about the opportunity the event provided to meet new people.  

“Wisconsin puts on a lot of great events that makes meeting people easy,” Endicott said. “Not knowing many people, these are great opportunities for me to meet new people that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet.”
Sophomore thrower Angela Boushea shared Endicott’s sentiments.

“I know what it is like to be fresh meat on campus so I was hoping I could brighten their day,” Boushea said. “Events like ResFest demonstrates how Wisconsin Athletics rolls out the red carpet to not only our visiting teams and fans, but extends a warm welcome to our new freshmen on campus, as well.”

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