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Although the UW Dance Team starts practicing for football season one month in advance, individual basketball games take more time to prepare for. In addition to the traditional fight songs, the dancers also perform dances for "taped time-outs", or short jazz and funk routines to popular music. The dances are usually choreographed and taught by members of the UW Dance Team, which allows individuals on the team to showcase their creative talent. The dancers will usually perform 7-8 taped time-outs and 2-3 halftime routines throughout the basketball season. The halftime routines are often the same routines that the dancers compete with throughout the year at UDA College camp and the UDA National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, Florida.

On a typical basketball game day, the dancers arrive an hour and a half before the game starts to review their routines and mark their places on the basketball court. After setting formations on the court, performing a music check, and reviewing their dances, the team returns to their locker room to stretch and put on their "game faces", or the little tattoo W's, on their cheeks.

As the UW Band starts playing, the team takes the court. The dancers are split into two halves, with each group performing at opposite ends of the court. The dancers perform fight song routines to the beat of the UW Band to generate Badger spirit and get the crowd excited for the upcoming game. The dancers also cheer and lead the crowd as the Badger Basketball team starting line-ups are announced. Afterwards, the team meets at one end of the basketball court to perform the fight song "Hot Time" while the crowd stands and claps along. The dance team sits on one end of the court to perform sideline chants and help lead the crowd with the cheerleaders. During timeouts, the dancers perform fight song routines with the band along with their taped time-outs. The dancers will often change into costumes for taped time-outs to further enhance the style of the routine. The dancers and the crowd look forward to and enjoy these performances.

During halftime, the dancers and cheerleaders take center court to help lead the crowd with the band in the "singing of our time-honored Varsity", our school's alma mater. The team then returns to opposite ends of the court to perform fight songs until the start of the second half. During the second half, the dancers continue to perform, generate Badger spirit, and help lead the student section in another Badger tradition, "Space Badgers". During Space Badgers, the infamous "Bucky pyramid" is built on the court with the cheerleaders as the crowd claps in time with the music and waves their hands in the air. The dance team continues to cheer for the Badger Basketball team throughout the game and brings the game to a close with our University's school song, "On Wisconsin". What a great time to be a Badger! Go Red!

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